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When Cartoon Network USA aired of Pokémon the Movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction on November 8th, 2014, about five minutes' worth of footage was cut to make the movie short enough to air in the allotted time slot.  This page documents those cuts.

It is assumed that this removed footage will be restored for the DVD release.

Cut - 5 seconds

This shot of Yveltal and Xerneas staring each other down before Xerneas starts to glow and get all deux-ex-machina on us is too hot for TV.

Cut - 12 seconds
After the Rocket-Dan are revived they have a little bit of banter before ending the whole thing with their catchphrase Ii kanji!  Apparently the uncut version of the dub has Team Rocket spewing out some rhyming nonsense that has nothing to do with anything.

Nyasu:  "It's beautiful nya"
Kojirou:  "Ah, the three of us..."
Musashi:  "...seem to have been reborn!"
All three:  "Somehow, this makes us all..."

"feel great~!"
The dub returns at the end of this pan shot.

Cut - 3 seconds
Back in the Diamond Ore Kingdom, our heroes react to seeing Mega Diancie making a new Sacred Diamond.

Cut - 1 second
This shot of Mega Diancie after she sets the Sacred Diamond in place is one second longer in the uncut version.  Which is kind of weird because it's only a two-second scene to begin with.

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