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When Cartoon Network USA aired of Pokémon the Movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction on November 8th, 2014, about five minutes' worth of footage was cut to make the movie short enough to air in the allotted time slot.  This page documents those cuts.

It is assumed that this removed footage will be restored for the DVD release.

Cut - 8 seconds
Some establishing shots of the cafe where the Rocket trio ends up kidnapping Diancie are removed.

Cut - 12 seconds
There's a brief conversation where Diancie tells Satoshi that he sure does like to eat.  The music in the dubbed version has a noticeable skip where this cut takes place (between Ash's "Eat all you want. There's plenty" and Bonnie's "'Kay, I'm gonna get some more.").

"Satoshi, you sure do eat well, don't you?"
"Eat well and sleep well...that's the secret to being full of energy."

"Pika Pika" "Denene!"

Cut - 12 seconds
There's another twelve second cut after Diancie and Eureka leave to get some more snacks, and there's another edit made obvious by the way the music skips in the dubbed version.

"Diancie has really good manners..."
"...and really seems like a princess, doesn't it?"  "You can say that again."

"They sure do have a lot here, don't they?"
"Yup!  Take as much as you like!"

Cut - 5 seconds
The shot of Hitotsuki hanging around outside the clock tower where the Rocket-Dan have taken Diancie is a few seconds longer in the uncut version.  The shot of the flour bag that was used to bring in Diancie is removed as well.

This shot is a second longer in the uncut movie.
Throwing the flour bag on the floor.

Cut - 4 seconds
The shot of Millis flying up to her father's airship is four seconds longer in the uncut version.

Cut - 31 seconds
In the single longest cut made to the entire movie, Millis scolds her father about how much chocolate he's eating.  The TV cut of the movie cuts away as soon as the dialogue tells us that the two are related ("Diancie's fine, Dad." "Excellent work.")

"Good job, Millis. Would you like some chocolate?"
"Dad, aren't you eating too much?"
"But they just came out with this new mint chocolate. I ordered it all the way from the Houen Region. And on top of that the cocoa used to make the chocolate is supposed to be good for your health."

"The addition of cocoa..."
"What I'm worried about is your body, Dad!"
"OK, OK, I got it."

"Down the hatch!"

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