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The first volume (left) and the last (right)

Den-geki! Pikachu (電撃!ピカチュウ), or literally "Electric Shock! Pikachu," is a Pocket Monsters comic written and drawn by Toshihiro Ono (お のとしひろ).

The series started off in the April 1997 issue of the magazine CoroCoro Comics Special and finished in its December 1999 issue. Those chapters, as well as a bonus chapter printed in the spring issue of Hyper CoroCoro, brings the series' chapter count to nineteen. Four graphic novel collections were eventually released.

Den-geki! Pikachu is a series that primarily adapts select episodes of the weekly Pocket Monsters (1997) TV series. The comic was published in CoroCoro Comics Special, a magazine only released once every two months, and so the comic was never going to be able to cover every single episode. A large number of TV episodes were therefore either skipped entirely or had certain elements incorporated in other stories.

The series is probably most well known for its depiction of its female characters. The women in Den-geki! Pikachu are usually drawn with extremely large breasts, wearing revealing clothing (if they're even clothed!), and are drawn in a number of sexually provocative poses. The overwhelming majority of these were changed for the North American release.

The manga is written / drawn by Toshihiro Ono (お のとしひろ). Mr. Ono also did an adaptation of the first Pocket Monsters movie, Pocket Monsters The Movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back!"

The series was eventually released in the United States under the titles "Pokémon The Electric Tale of Pikachu!" (Volume 1), "Pokémon Pikachu Shocks Back" (Volume 2), "Pokémon Electric Pikachu Boogaloo" (Volume 3), and "Pokémon Surf's Up, Pikachu" (Volume 4).

Titles Den-geki! Pikachu (電撃!ピカチュウ)
Author / Artist Ono Toshihiro (おのとしひろ)
Publication CoroCoro Comics Special
Hyper CoroCoro (Spring Issue)
Publication Date CoroCoro Special April 1997 Issue
Number of Chapters 19

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