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Dogasu's Backpack | List of TV Episodes | Pokemon Sunday

Pokemon Sunday

On October 10th, 2004, TV-Tokyo debuted a program called Pokemon Sunday.  The show, which airs on TV-Tokyo Sundays at 8:00am, is the successor to the Pokemon Encore and Shuukan Pokemon Housoukyoku series that preceded it.  Like the shows before it, Pokemon Sunday is a sort of variety show featuring reruns of old episodes as well as a number of episodes involving live-action elements.  

Unlike Shuukan Pokemon Housoukyoku, the live action episodes of Pokemon Sunday actually have a sort of common structure among them.  Instead of random episodes with something like the guy in the Kimori suit running around playing soccer with kindegarten classes, Pokemon Sunday features a group of people called the Pokemon Research Team.  During each non-rerun episode, the team goes out and investigates questions submitted to them through the show's website.  The show also features a number of segments, including one where Becky (a semi-famous musician in Japan who was also the voice of Hitomi in Rekkuu no Houmonsha Deokishisu) sings Pokemon-related recipes to the audience.

So far, no Sunday-specific animated specials have been produced, but it's still possible that some will appear in the future. 

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Pokemon Sunday

    001)  "It's the Southern Island!  Everyone Gather!!" (ENCORE)
        (Minami Shima da yo!  Zen'in Shuugou!! (ENCORE))
        "A Way Off, Day Off"
    002)  "Pokemon Research #1!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 1 Tama!)
        Description:  Kimori researches the newest game, Pokemon Emerald, particularly the game's new Battle Frontier region.
    003)  "Pokemon Research!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi!)
        Description:  Kimori and Robert go to various Chinese restaraunts in the Tokyo metropolitan area to find out what the best type of niku-man (a steamed bun filled with meat) is.
    004)  "Pokemon Research #2!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 2 Tama!)
        Description:  Kimori and Robert go to the zoo to investigate animal poo.
    005)  "The Whirlpool Cup!  The Big Battle at the Coliseum of Water!!" (ENCORE)
        (Uzumaki Kappu!  Mizu no Koroshiamu de Dai Batoru!! (ENCORE))
        "Dueling Heroes"
    006)  "Pokemon Research #3:  Let's do Research on Popular Calendars!!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 3 Tama:  Ninki no Karendaa o Risaachi se yo!!)
        Description:  Kimori and Robert head to the Kagurazaka shopping district of Tokyo to find out what the most popular calendars are.
    007)  "Satoshi vs. Kasumi!  The Whirlpool Cup's Final Battle!!" (ENCORE)
        (Satoshi VS Kasumi!  Uzumaki Kappu Saigo no Tatakai!! (ENCORE))
        "The Perfect Match"
    008)  "Pokemon Research #4!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 4 Tama!)
        Description:  Azarashi no Tama, the hero of a people who live near a river by Tokyo, is discovered.  However, the beloved mascot has gone missing, so Golgo-Shochou, Red-Hakase, and Sonansu work together in an attempt to track it down.
    009)  "The Storm on Cycling Road" (ENCORE)
        (Arashi no Saikuringu Roodo" (ENCORE))
        "The Bridge Bike Gang"
    010)  "Pokemon Research #5!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 5 Tama!)
        Description:  "How does Santa Claus deliver all his presents?"  As Robert investigates, a big panic occurs in a kindergarten class!
    011)  "The Rocket-Dan and Delibird" (ENCORE)
        (Roketto-Dan to Deribaado!" (ENCORE))
        "Dues and Don'ts"
    012)  "Pokemon Research #6!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 6 Tama!)
        Description:  "Why do we say 'achoo!' when we sneeze?"  Also, why is the noise made by Japanese people when they sneeze diffferent from those of other people?
    013)  "Goodbye Fushigidane!  The Adventure at the Orchid Residence!!" (ENCORE)
        (Sayonara Fushigidane!  Ookido Tei no Bouken!! (ENCORE))
        "Bulbasaur...The Ambassador!"
    014)  "Pokemon Research #7!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 7 Tama!)
        Description:  Robert and Kimori try to determine what the best type of massage is.
    015)  "The Five Eevee Sisters!  The Tea-Party Battle!!" (ENCORE)
        (Iibui 5 Shimai!  Ocha-Kai de Batoru!! (ENCORE))
        "Trouble's Brewing"
    016)  "Pokemon Research #8!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 8 Tama!)
        Description:  "Why does water freeze during winter?"  The group visits an expert and tries a number of experiments involving freezing various things.
    017)  "The Parting with Pikachu...!" (ENCORE)
        (Pikachuu to no Wakare...! (ENCORE))
        "Hoenn Alone"
    018)  "A New Land!  A New Adventure!!" (ENCORE)
        (Aratanaru Daichi!  Aratanaru Bouken!! (ENCORE))
        "Get the Show on the Road"
    019)  "Pokemon Research #9!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 9 Tama!)
        Description:  The gang investigates the meaning behind the Japanese phrase neko ni koban.
    020)  "Pokemon Research #10!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 10 Tama!)
        Description:  "What is the world's most spicy food?" The gang goes to Korean, Indian, and Mexican restaraunts in an attempt to determine what the most spicy food is.
    021)  "Sonansu!  That's Right?!" (ENCORE)
        (Soonansu!  Sou nansu?! (ENCORE))
        "The Wayward Wobbuffet"
    022)  "Pokemon Research #11!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 11 Tama!)
        Description:  "What kind of place is the PokePark?"  Kimori and Robert do a thorough investigaton on the Pokemon theme park that just opened up in Nagoya, Japan.
    023)  "Pippi and the Moon Stone" (ENCORE)
        (Pippi to Tsuki no Ishi (ENCORE))
        "Clefairy and the Moon Stone"
    024)  "Pokemon Research #12!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 12 Tama!)
        Description:  "Why can you hear sound coming from a telephone?"  Golgo-Shochou and Red-Hakase investigates how sound can travel over long distances.
    025)  "Metamon and the Mimicry Girl" (ENCORE)
        (Metamon to Monomane Musume (ENCORE))
        "Ditto's Mysterious Mansion"
    026)  "Pokemon Research #13!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 13 Tama!)
        Description:  "Do the kappa from Japanese myths really exist?"  Robert investigates the various legends on the mythical creature, and when he finds someone who claims to have seen a real live kappa, Robert heads toward Tokyo...
    027)  "Aim to be a Metamon Master!  Imite's Returns!!" (ENCORE)
        (Mezase Metamon Masutaa!  Imite Futatabi!! (ENCORE))
        "Imitation Confrontation"
    028)  "Pokemon Research #14!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 14 Tama!)
        Description:  "Why do we cry?"
    029)  "Nyasu-sama's Island!?" (ENCORE)
        (O-Nyaasu-sama no Shima!? (ENCORE))
        "Meowth Rules!"
    030)  "Pokemon Research #15!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 15 Tama!)
        Description:  Robert and the gang return to the PokePark for another investigation.
    031)  "The Battle of the Radio Tower!  Go Through the Airwaves!" (ENCORE)
        (Rajio Tou no Tatakai!  Jikuu o Koete! (ENCORE))
        "Air Time"
    032)  "Pokemon Research #16!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 16 Tama!)
        Description:  The gang visits inventors to see how they come up with new ideas.
    033)  "Protect the Egg!  The Life that was Born Inside the Storm" (ENCORE)
        (Tamago o Mamore!  Arashi no Naka de Umareta Inochi (ENCORE))
        "Hatch Me If You Can"
    034)  "The Mysterious Country of the Unown!" (ENCORE)
        (Fushigi no Kuni no Annoon! (ENCORE))
        "Address Unown"
    035)  "Bangirasu and Yogirasu!" (ENCORE)
        (Bangirasu to Yoogirasu! (ENCORE))
        "Mother of all Battles"
    036)  "Pokemon Research #17!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 17 Tama!)
        Description:  How did kids play in the olden days?
    037)  "Kasumi!  Get the Blue Badge!" (ENCORE)
        (Kasumi!  Buruu Bajji o Getto se yo! (ENCORE))
    038)  "Pokemon Research #18!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 18 Tama!)
        Description:  Actor Degawa Tetsurou gets a problem sorted out.
    039)  "You Can Speak to Pokemon!?  Pokemon's Language, Pokemon's Feeling!" (ENCORE)
        (Pokemon to Hanasemasu!?  Pokemon no Kotoba Pokemon no Kimochi! (ENCORE))
        "The Poké-Spokesman"
    040)  "Pokemon Research #19!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 19 Tama)
        Description:  Information about the newest movie, Myuu and the Wave-Guiding Hero, Lucario.
    041)  "Pokemon Sunday Special Live Broadcast in Tokyo Big Site!"
        (Pokemon Sandee Nama Housou! in Toukyou Biggu Saito"
    042)  "Pokemon the Movie!" (ENCORE)
        (Pokemon Za Muubii! (ENCORE))
        "Lights, Camera, Quacktion!"
    043)  "Pokemon Research #20!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 20 Tama!)
        Description:  "What is a Trolley?"
    044)  "Movie [The Glittering Starlit Camp] (ENCORE)"
        (Eiga [Pika Pika Hoshi Zora Kyanpu] (ENCORE))
        "Camp Pikachu"
    045)  "What Different Kinds of Colors are There?"
        (Iro tte Nan Shurui arun desu ka?)
    046)  "The Joi-san Who Hates Water Pokemon!?  Kasumi's Fury!" (ENCORE)"
        (Mizu Pokemon Girai no Jooi-san!?  Kasumi no Ikari! (ENCORE))
        "The Joy of Water Pokémon"
    047)  "Do You Understand the True Character of this Shinging Ball?"
        (Kono Hikaru no Tama no Shoutai wa Nani ka Wakaru?)
    048)  "Pokemon Research #23!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 23 Tama!)
        Description:  Robert and the gang go to the Ibaraki Prefecture's town of science, Tsukuba.  There, Robert investigates the possiblity of controlling the weather the way the pokemon, Powarun, does. 
    049)  "The Playoffs for Japan's Number One Pokemon Quiz Master (Part One)"
        (Pokemon Kuizu Masutaa Nihon-Ichi Ketteisen (Zenpen))
    050)  "The Playoffs for Japan's Number One Pokemon Quiz Master (Part Two)"
        (Pokemon Kuizu Masutaa Nihon-Ichi Ketteisen (Kouhen))
    051)  "Yadoking!  The Symbol of the King!"  (ENCORE)
        (Yadokingu!  Ouja no Shirushi!! (ENCORE))
        "A Crowning Achievement"
    052)  "Pokemon Research #24!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 25 Tama!)
        Description:  "The riddle of good luck and bad luck."  Robert is asked to investigate this question by a child, who reasons that if one doesn't have good luck, he cannot do things like win the lottery.  As Robert investigates factors such as the constellations and blood type, he comes across twin brothers who seem to have the same amount of luck...
    053)  "The Forest of Kimori!  Protect the Colossal Tree!" (ENCORE)
      (Kimori no Mori!  Kyoudai Ju o Mamore!! (ENCORE))
      "Tree's a Crowd"
    054)  "Pokemon Research #25!"
        (Pokemon Risaachi Dai 25 Tama!)
        Description:  "Why does popcorn pop?"  In order to find this out, Tim goes out to discover the truth for himself, using a super slow-motion camera to view the popping in progress. 
    055)  "The Big Race of Blazing Pokemon" (ENCORE)
        (Hono'ono Pokemon Dai Reesu! (ENCORE))
        "The Flame Pokémon-athon!"
    056)  "The Big Pokemon Hot Air Balloon Race!!  Pass Through the Storm!" (ENCORE)
        (Pokemon Kikyuu Dai Reesu!  Arashi o Koete! (ENCORE))
        "The Big Balloon Blow-Up"
    057)  "Robert is Cool?"
        (Robatto tte Sugoi?)




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