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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Pokemon Kids

From now until April 22nd, 2019 Sony Music Labels, Inc. is hosting an open casting call for elementary school aged children to become a "Pokemon Kid," a group of children who will join singers Sachiko Kobayashi and Shoko Nakagawa in performing the ending theme to the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. The name "Pokemon Kids" was also used back in 1998 for the group of kids who sang parts of the original Kaze to Issho ni.

Below are translations of the promotional material for the event posted on Sony's website.

Applications are now being accepted for the "Pokemon Kids 2019" to sing together with Kaze to Issho ni!

We're looking for a group of "Pokemon Kids 2019" to sing along with Sachiko Kobayashi and Shoko Nakagawa on the song Kaze to Issho ni, the ending theme to Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, in theaters Saturday, July 12th.

Those who pass the final auditions will be able to join the recording of Kaze to Issho ni this May as well as participate in events related to the movie and its music.

We're waiting for your entry!

Apply Now (Japanese Only)

Song Information
Kaze to Issho ni, performed by Sachiko Kobayashi and Shoko Nakagawa
Single on sale Wednesday, July 10th 2019

Movie Information
Ending Theme to Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

In theaters Friday, July 12th, 2019
Visit the official site at

What they're looking for

Boys and girls who are just starting the first year of elementary school up to those just starting their sixth (as of Monday, April 1st, 2019)

Those who can attend a final audition on Saturday, April 27th 2019 in Tokyo.

Those who can attend the recording of Kaze to Issho ni in Tokyo this May as well as the press events afterward in the event they end up passing final audition.

Those who can appear on any TV, Internet, or other type of media event both during and after the screening process.

Those who can sing the song Kaze to Issho ni.
How to apply

Enter the required information and upload two photos (1: face picture, 2: full body)
※Please do not alter the photos with any photo editing apps, etc.
※Since the applicants will be minors they will need the approval of their parents or guardians. Accordingly, these parents or guardians should be the ones to apply on the child's behalf.

Entry Period

Please apply by Monday, April 22nd 2019 at 12:00 noon JST.

Judging Process

1) First Stage (Written Portion)
Entries will be accepted until Monday April 22nd 2019 at 12:00 noon JST.
※Those who make it to the next stage will be notified between Monday, April 22nd 2019 12:00 noon and Thursday, April 25th at 23:59 JST via the e-mail address provided on the entry form.

2)  Final Stage (Interview, Practical Skills Test)
The final stage takes place on Saturday, April 27th 2019
※The final stage will take place in Tokyo. The location will only be given to those who pass the first stage.
※Any travel or accommodation fees that may be incurred will be paid by the applicant.
※Applicants will be asked to sing Kaze to Issho ni during this audition.
※Applicants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

After being accepted

Those who pass the audition process will record Kaze to Issho ni sometime in May.
※The recording will take place in Tokyo. The location and time will only be given to those who pass the final stage. The recording day is scheduled to take place on a Saturday or Sunday (but could also take place on a weekday).

At the bottom of the Japanese version of the page is a bunch of legalese about Sony Music Label Inc's intention to protect the personal information provided to them.

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