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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Pocket Monsters The Movie "I Choose You!"

Satoshi (サトシ) / Ash Ketchum

Japanese VA:  Rika Matsumoto (松本梨香)
Pokemon on Hand:  Pikachu


A boy who aims to be the world's number one Pokemon Master. He often acts before thinking but he has a good heart.

Comment from Satoshi's voice actor, Rika Matsumoto:
I've been waiting for this! The 20th anniversary of the Pokemon movies! I've been playing Satoshi all these years wishing for Pokemon to become a staple of families throughout Japan and I believe that this year, at long last, that dream has come true. I'm truly grateful to Pokemon for allowing me to continue (playing Satoshi) for these 20 years. Thank you!!

Souji (ソウジ) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Kanata Hongo (本郷奏多)
Pokemon on Hand:  Lucario


A boy Trainer who's aiming to be a Pokemon professor. His favorite phrase is "I'll give you some advice..."

Comment from Souji's voice actor, Kanata Hongo:
I was super happy when I got offered a part in a Pokemon movie since I've been loving watching them ever since I was a kid! I'm honored to have a part in this 20th anniversary film and hope that it can be enjoyed not only by children but also by the people in my generation who are crazy about Pokemon. I'll do my best to make sure that you like Souji by the time you finish watching this movie.

Makoto (マコト) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Shiori Satou (佐藤栞里)
Pokemon on Hand:  Pochama


An energetic and strong-willed girl. She appears to enjoy going on adventures but in reality...

Comment from Makoto's voice actor, Shiori Sano:
I remember going to the movie theater to see the first Pokemon film. Being a guest voice actor in a Pokemon movie is like a dream come true! And on top of that, this year's movie tells the story I saw on TV when I was a kid of how Satoshi and Pikachu first met...I will do my best to in my performance of Makoto, who maybe even acts more like an adult than I do.

Bonjii (ボンジイ) / TBA

Japanese VA:  Arata Furuta (古田新太)
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A


A researcher who's been chasing after Houou for a long time. He's the author of "Houou is Life."

Comment from Bonjii's voice actor, Arata Furuta:
When I received the offer for a part in this movie I thought "I wonder if I'll be playing a pokemon?" but it turns out that I got a role as a human! I think I've been able to guide Satoshi and his friends toward Houou all while being careful not to get in the way of their adventure. I will do my best so that the children who love Pokemon as well as the adults who are crazy about it will get fired up by this movie.

Joy (ジョーイ) / Nurse Joy

Japanese VA:  Shouko Nakagawa (中川翔子)
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A


A young woman who heals pokemon at the Pokemon Center.

Comment from Joy's voice actor, Shoko Nakagawa:
I'm extremely happy to play a role in the 20th movie since the Pokemon movies have given me so many memories over the years. I want to heal everyone with my kindness and love just like the Joy that everyone knows and loves. I will do my best to make sure that lots of people see this year's Pokemon movie, which is filled with things both old and new!

Cross (クロス) / TBA

Japanese VA:  TBA
Pokemon on Hand:  Gaogaen


A boy who believes that strength is everything and whose goal is to be the strongest Trainer.

Marshadow (マーシャドー) / Marshadow

Japanese VA:  Kouichi Yamadera (山寺宏一)


A mysterious pokemon who emerged from Satoshi's shadow as if it was responding to the rainbow feather.

Comment from Marshadow's voice actor, Kouichi Yamadera:
Even though I've been allowed to act in the Pokemon movies ever since the first one I still feel something new each and every single time. I left the show Oha Suta, which started at the same time Pokemon did 20 years ago, but I'm happy that I was still able to play a role in the 20th Pokemon movie. I believe this is a special celebratory film filled with the thoughts of so many different people and so I hope you'll have high hopes for it.

Houou (ホウオウ) / Ho-Oh

Japanese VA:  N/A


It's said that it appears with its rainbow-colored wings shining bright in front of Trainers with a pure heart.

Species:  Rainbow Pokemon
Height:  3.8 m
Weight:  199.0 kg

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