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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters (2023)


Halo (ハロ), also referred to by fans as "Hello," is the second opening theme to the Pocket Monsters (2023) TV series.

Lyrics: Botchi Boromaru & yama (ぼっちぼろまる、yama)
Composition: Botchi Boromaru & yama (ぼっちぼろまる、yama)
Arrangment: Botchi Boromaru (ぼっちぼろまる)
yama with Botchi Boromaru
(yama x ぼっちぼろまる)

Romanized Japanese
English Translation
さぁ  進め 雲つきぬけ
Saa susume kumo tsuki nuke
Come along now, pass through the clouds

言 えなかったあの言葉を
Ienakatta ano kotoba o
Whenever I remember those words I couldn't say
思 い出しては 潜った
Omoidashite wa mogutta
I feel like I'm sinking into the ground
不 確かに泳いでいく
Futashika ni oyoide iku
I'll swim ahead aimlessly
雲 かき分け 青い空へ
Kumo kakiwake aoi sora e
Wading through the clouds toward the clear blue sky

い つかさ 振り返んだ
Itsuka sa furikaenda
Someday when I look back
あ の真っ赤な夕焼けを
Ano makka na yuuyake o
At all those bright red sunsets
一 切合切 焼き付けて
Issai gassai yaki tsukete
I'll burn them into my memories

届 かない 世界の真理も
Todokanai sekai no shinri mo
Knowing the truth of a world you can't reach
あ の子の 気持ちも
Ano ko no kimochi mo
Or what your friend's feeling
わ からないままでいい
Wakaranai mama de ii
It's not a big deal if you don't know these things
虹 色になれ
Niji-iro ni nare
Just become as colorful as a rainbow

さぁ  進め 雲つきぬけ Saa susume kumo tsuki nuke Come along now, pass through the clouds
つ まずいて ふらついて
Tsumazuite furatsuite
You can trip and stumble
ふ んばって もっと遠くへ
Funbatte motto tooku e
But plant your feet down firmly and then go even further
さぁ  走れ 僕の未来へ
Saa hashire boku no mirai e
Come along now, run toward my future
長 い長い旅路 その果てに
Nagai nagai tabiji sono hate ni
It'll be a long, long journey
君 を思い出す
Kimi o omoidasu
But at the end of the day I'll remember you
い つか 握手かわして
Itsuka akushu kawashite
So let's shake hands
笑 おう
And laugh out loud

太 陽で照りついた
Taiyou de teri tsuita
The sun beats down on the concrete
焼 けるようなコンクリート
Yakeru you na konkuriito
Making it hot to the touch
機 能性重視スニーカーで
Kinousei juushi suniikaa de
But if you put on a pair of sensible sneakers
飛 行船みたいに空を飛ぶ
Hikousen mitai ni sora o tobu
You can fly like an airship

い つかさ ふざけあって
Itsuka sa fuzake atte
Someday we'll be goofing off together
ふ たり 歌った 夢の歌
Futari utatta yume no uta
With the song of dreams the two of us used to sing
ずっ とポケットに入れたまま
Zutto poketto ni ireta mama
Stuck in our back pockets the whole time

さぁ  歌え 星の先へ
Saa utae hoshi no saki e
Come along now, sing beyond the stars
嬉 しくて 悲しくて
Ureshikute kanashikute
We've been happy, we've been sad,
何 千回 泣いた日々を
Nanzen kai naita hibi o
We've had days where we've cried a few thousand times
さぁ  誇れ 虹の先で 
Saa hokore niji no saki de
Come along now, feel good about yourself beyond the rainbow
話 したいことがあるんだ
Hanashitai koto ga arun da
I have something I have to tell you

(ハ ロー ハロー)
(Haroo haroo)
(Hello hello)
時 計の音
Tokei no oto
The sound of a clock
(ハ ロー ハロー)
(Haroo haroo) (Hello hello)
ビ デオ止めて
Bideo tomete
Stop the video
(ハ ロー ハロー)
(Haroo haroo) (Hello hello)
歯 磨きして
Ha migaki shite
Brush your teeth
(ハ ロー ハロー)
(Haroo haroo) (Hello hello)
眠 りについた
Nemuri ni tsuita
I fell asleep
(ハ ロー ハロー)
(Haroo haroo) (Hello hello)
元 気ですか?
Genki desu ka?
Are you OK?
(ハ ロー ハロー)
(Haroo haroo) (Hello hello)
元 気だろうな
Genki darou na
You seem fine
(ハ ロー ハロー)
(Haroo haroo) (Hello hello)
君 の歌と
Kimi no uta to
Let's set out
一 緒に行くんだ
Issho ni ikun da
Together with your song

さぁ  進め 雲つきぬけ
Saa susume kumo tsuki nuke Come along now, pass through the clouds   
つ まづいて ふらついて
Tsumazuite furatsuite
You can trip and stumble
ふ んばって もっと遠くへ
Funbatte motto tooku e
But plant your feet down firmly and then go even further
さぁ  走れ 僕の未来へ
Saa hashire boku no mirai e
Come along now, run toward my future
ま だまだ 遠くまで
Mada mada tooku made
It's still a ways off
さぁ  夢の 続きを見て
Saa yume no tsuzuki o mite
So let's see how this dream plays out

きっ といつか 大事にしてきた
Kitto itsuka daiji ni shitekita
One day those rainbow flowers we cared for so much for
虹 の花が咲く Niji no hana ga saku
Will blossom
ずっ と 失くさないように
Zutto nakusanai you ni
So to keep from losing them
歩 こう
Let's walk ahead

光 りだした 虹の先で Hikari dashita niji no saki de A light shining at the end of a rainbow...
夢 見つけた
Yume mitsuketa
That's the dream I saw

Translation Notes:

The song's title was first revealed on October 20th, 2023 after the airing of that's night episode of Pocket Monsters (2023), "Rivals in the Dark Night." The show's official X (Twitter) account posted comments from the song's artists, yama and Botchi Boromaru.

Translations of those comments are below:


“When I was a kid I really loved the Pokémon movies and would watch them over and over again, crying because of how emotional they made me feel. I wasn't the type of child who would cry easily and yet when I watched these movies I'd find myself being moved by things like the bonds between Pokémon and humans and the music they'd use. I still feel the same way now, even as an adult, and when I think of the Pokémon video games I think of how soothing and peaceful and full of excitement they make me feel.

I'm really honored to get to be in charge of this new theme song. I hope the song helps lessen any worries or agitation you might be going through and lets you remember, even if just a little, the bright spots and excitement of your day to day life. Botchi Boromaru-san and I put everything we've got into making this song and so I hope it's enjoyed far and wide."

- yama

幼い頃、ポケモン映画が特に好きで何度も見返し ては感動して泣いていました。


“For me, Pokémon has always been by my side, whether it's been through the video games, of course, or the card games, or those little toys that used to come in snack boxes, or the stuffed animals, or whatever else. The cartoon series was something else I enjoyed a lot; I would tape the show every week and then watch it back over and over, and when my elementary school would have karaoke competitions I'd sing the show's opening and ending themes. I'd also draw my own comics where Pikachu was the main character and enjoyed showing them off to my friends.

So with all this in mind, the fact that the day's come when I actually get to sing the theme song to Pokémon is something I couldn't have even dreamed of! If someone had said this to me when I was in elementary school, before I had even started learning how to play the guitar...well, I'd probably look at them like they were out of their mind. I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say this is the probably the biggest thing I've ever done in my life.

"Halo" is a song created with a lot of care put into it, and when were were making it both yama-san and I would think back to those times when we were kids as well as what we're like as adults now. We hope you enjoy!!!"

- Botchi Boromaru

ポケモンはゲームはもちろん、カードゲームやお 菓子のオマケ、ぬいぐるみといった形で小さい頃からずっと一緒にいてくれた存在です。特にアニメは毎週録画して何度も見返して、小学校のカラオケ大会では オープニングテーマやエンディングテーマを歌いました。ピカチュウが主人公の漫画を自分で書いて、友達に見せたりしていました。

そんなふうにずっと好きだったポケモンのアニメの主題歌を歌える日が来るとは夢にも思いませんでした!まだギターを始めてすらいない小学生の僕に、このこ とを伝えても意味不明すぎて伝わらないことでしょう。そのくらい、自分の人生で一番大きな出来事といっても過言じゃないです。





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