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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Songs

Show Window

Show Window is going to be one of the vocal songs produced by Okazaki Physical Education for Pocket Monsters The Movie "Coco."

Lyrics: Okazaki Physical Education (岡崎体育)
Composition: Okazaki Physical Education (岡崎体育)
Arrangment: Okazaki Physical Education (岡崎体育)
Performed by: Okazaki Physical Education (岡崎体育)
SME Records

The lyrics you see below are transcriptions I did by ear from the movie trailers. Due to the speed at which the song is being sung and the fact that Japanese is not my first language there may be some inaccuracies in what you see below. Thank you for your understanding.

Once the lyrics are officially released I will post them here and make any necessary corrections.

Romanized Japanese
English Translation
カ モン エブリバディ
Kamon eburibadi
C'mon, everybody
色  とりどり
Iro tori-dori
It's filled with color
ニ ヤニャしちゃう 世がパラダイス○○
Niya-niya shichau yo ga paradaisu ○○
Let's smirk, the world is a paradise (????)

カッ コいい カワイイ
Kakkoii kawaii
It's so cool, it's so cute
こ こでは誰もが○○
Koko de wa dare mo ga ○○
Nobody here can  (????)

エ ブリバディ
心  ドキドキ
Kokoro doki-doki
My heart is pounding pounding
ウ ズウズしちゃう 世が楽しいファッションワールド・ゴ―
Uzu-uzu shichau yo ga tanoshii fasshon waarudo goo
Let's be eager, the world is a fun fashion world so let's go
Show Window 映る
Show Window utsuru
Reflected in the show window
キ ミから世界を変えて行け オッオッオー
Kimi kara sekai o kaete yuke OoOoO~
Le's change the world starting from you, Oh~oh~oh

Translation Notes:

Part of the song can be heard in this trailer:




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