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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokémon Shock

The Pokémon Shock prompted TV-Tokyo to put Pocket Monsters on hiatus while they worked to figure out the root cause of the phenomenon that sent over 700 children to the hospital. The staff's feelings about the incident are pretty well documented, but what about the fans? How did the anime fans who watched the episode but didn't suffer any adverse effects respond to the show getting taken off the air so suddenly, with no sign of when (or even if) it will return?

Luckily, the letters section of the anime magazines released at the time can help provide us a glimpse of what fans were feeling back in late 1997 / early 1998. I've been lucky enough to track down some of these old magazines so I'll be going through the magazines I have and translating what the fans who wrote in to them had to say.

Click on a magazine cover to see what's inside.

March 1998

Animedia (March 1998)
アニメディア 1998年3月号

Released Date:  March 1st, 1998

This issue contains a ton of fan letters reacting to the show, a fan art gallery, and a special section dedicated to the Pokémon Shock incident.

April 1998
Animedia April 1998
Animedia (April 1998)
アニメディア 1998年4月号

Released Date:  April 1st, 1998

The April 1998 issue has an amusing letter about how the Pokémon Shock incident helped her find out what her co-workers really think about her. A fan art gallery with more letters begging for Pokémon to return to the air is also featured.

Animedia (May 1998)
アニメディア 1998年5月号

Released Date:  May 1st, 1998

Coming soon!




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