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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Cast / Staff Reactions to the end of Pocket Monsters Mezase Pokémon Master

Special commemorative image signed by Kunihiko Yuyama

After the March 24th, 2023 airing of the final episode of Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokémon Master, "The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master," a lot of the show's cast and crew took to social media to voice their appreciation for the show that's been a part of their lives the last 26 years or so. I thought it would be a shame of those messages got lost to time and so I've archived as many of them as I could find on this page.

All messages below have been arranged based on the series in which the cast/staff member either started out in or was most active. If you know of any other message from the Japanese version's cast / crew that I'm missing out then please let me know.

Pocket Monsters (1997)

March 24th, 23:58 JST: Satoshi's voice actor Rica Matsumoto (松本梨香) makes a quick tweet the night the episode airs:

Rica Matsumoto


"Satoshi's journey isn't be continued!

March 26th, 21:12 JST:  Rica Matsumoto took to Twitter again to post a rather long-ish thread with her thoughts on recording the final episode:

Rica Matsumoto

人生は、嬉しい方の涙探 し。


"In life, you need to seek out those tears of happiness.

The tears have been streaming down my face all weekend as I read all your warm and wonderful messages. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ♪♪♪
My whole entire chest is filled with alllll the feelings of gratitude for each and every one of you. But at the same time, if I'm being honest, my heart still hasn't come to terms with all of this yet

急がず、徐々に雪がとける ように自然の流れに任せようと思っています。


"I thought it's better not to rush things, to allow the clouds to part gradually and let the chips fall wherever they may.

I'll never forget the recording session for the final episode. It took place on January 27th of this year. When it came time to deliver my final line, I knew that as soon as I uttered those last words then that would be it; Satoshi wouldn't have anything else left to say. When I realized this I felt a lump in my throat and actually became physically unable to form the words. I stopped and said "I'm sorry, can you give me five minutes?""

スタッフさんたちに無理を きいてもらいました。
「ピカチュウ。いつか俺がポケモンマスターになった時、そこにいてくれよな。。よし! 行こう!」

"I asked the staff to grant this odd request. And then, the time once again came to breathe life into Satoshi's final words. "Pikachu, whenever I become a Pokémon Master, you'll be there by my side, right? Alright then, let's go!" As the message in those words gets sent out to all of you who've been supporting us they're also being etched into my own heart as well."

サトシがみんなの心の中で ずっといきづいてくれたなら嬉しいです。
これからも松本梨香は、みんなにもらった愛を、お返しできる自分でいられるよう、表現者として全身全霊がんばって精進していくので、どうかみんなにも「そ こ」にいて欲しい。

"I'll be happy if Satoshi continues to live on in the hearts of all of you out there. Moving forward I, Rica Matsumoto, will devote everything I have as a performer to becoming someone capable of returning all the love I've received over the years, and so I'd like us to all stay in touch somehow."

そして、どんなに苦しいこ とがあっても悲しいことがあっても、すべてを糧にして前を向き、サトシの言葉を胸に「よし! 行こう!」です!!



"And whenever something sad or difficult happens let's take that energy and channel it forward, with Satoshi's words "Alright then, let's go!" springing forth from our hearts.

To everyone who's been supporting me, and those who will continue to support me moving forward...

I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart."




"Satoshi's and Rica's journey filled with lots and lots of love is not over. It will, as they say at the end of each episode, To be continued!

"Everyone, Get Love!"

With love, from Satoshi and Rica"

March 24th, 19:45 JST: Kasumi's voice actor Mayumi Iizuka (飯塚雅弓) weighs in.

Mayumi Iizuka







"Sometimes you meet new people, sometimes you say goodbye, and sometimes you reunite with old friends.

Some things never change, and everything's connected.

We got to meet you all again. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We poured our thoughts out to every one of you, wherever you may be.

Thank you everyone

See you later

March 24th, 22:25 JST:  Musashi's voice actor Megumi Hayashibara (林原めぐみ), who does not have a Twitter account, instead posted about the end of the show on her blog:

Megumi Hayashibara

"The Rocket-Dan is Forever!

Solemn words of appreciation and teary farewells…those aren't like me, right?

So I'll just laugh and say "farewell" and leave it at that.

There's no way I'd ever end things like that!

So, next time on Pocket Monsters, "Musashi's Great Road to Being an Actress." Please look forward to it! ❤

Huh? That's not right? OK then…

Next time, "Kojirou's Tear-Filled Path to Becoming a Bottlecap Collector"

What? That's not right either? Alright.

Next time, "Nyarth! Who Will Get a Spot on the Boss' Lap?"

You're kidding, that's not right either? OK, I have a good feeling about this one:

Next time, "Sonansu's Wandering, Direct Innermost Secrets." It seems like it's looking for something…

Huh? All of those are wrong? No way! What're you talking about!?

In that case…

Next time, "The Rocket-Dan is Forever!"

Let's go with that, OK?

So to all of you out there! Whether it's the live TV broadcasts in your hearts, the YouTube streams in your hearts, the Netflix streams in your hearts, the Amazon Prime streams in your hearts, or the other subscription services in your hearts…I hope you continue to replay us in your hearts.

And we're sure to see you again someday, somewhere.

The memories we can barely keep from overflowing, the indescribable feeling of floating through the air…

Our tenacity knows no bounds!

And, of course, we're always recruiting for new members!!! LOL"

March 24th, 19:47 JST:  Kojirou's voice actor Shin-ichiro Miki (三木眞一郎) posts this image of the old S.H. Figuarts figures from 2017. He also posts a message, for but some reason he hides it in the tweet's Image description instead of writing it out as an actual post:

Shin-ichiro Miki

アニメ「ポケットモンス ター」に登場する悪役、ロケット団のフィギュアのパッケージの写真。写真向かって左に綺麗な赤紫色の超ロン毛の女性ムサシ、右側にオイラが声を任せていた だいていた、やや薄めの青い髪をセンター分けにし、頬が隠れるくらいの長さにしているコジロウ、二人の間に、体長0.4メールの、まるで人のように仁王立 ちする、猫のようなポケモンのニャースが収まっている。
ロケット団のニャースは、他のポケモンたちとは違って、とても努力をして、人の言葉を話せるようになったのです。たぶん、この三人?はポケモンに対する愛 情が誰よりも深い気がいたします。個人の感想です。

"This is a photo of a box of action figures made of the Rocket-Dan, a group of villains who appear in the animated series Pocket Monsters. On the left side you'll see Musashi, a woman with beautiful long reddish-purple hair; on the right you'll see Kojirou, the character I voiced who has light blue hair that goes down to his cheeks and is put in a center part; and in the middle of the two, coming in at a height of 0.4 meters, is Nyarth, a cat-like Pokémon who's standing upright just like a human. The Rocket-Dan's Nyarth set itself apart from every other Pokémon by working really really hard to learn to learn to speak human language. I have a feeling these three...people, I guess? have a love for Pokémon deeper than anyone else. That's my personal opinion, anyway. The Rocket-Dan is forever! Thank you all."

March 26th, 2:06 JST:  Nyarth's voice actor Inuko Inuyama (犬山イヌコ) posts her thoughts:

Inuko Inuyama


また いつか どこかで

ばいにゃら  にゃらいば〜🚀✨

Thank you to everyone who watched.
Thank you to everyone who's going to watch it in the future.
And thank you to all of you we've met over the last 26 years. Thank you thank you thank you.

The Rocket-Dan really is the best after all Nya
We're sure to meet again sometime, someday. So until that day...

Bye Nyara Nyaraba~

March 25th, 13:22 JST:  Yuko Kobayashi (小林優子), who played Satoshi's rival Shigeru, posted this on Twitter:

Yuko Kobayashi

#めざポケ最終話 「虹とポケモンマスター」🌈今見ました
シゲル 最初は鼻につく嫌な奴だったけど、最後は随分と素敵なやつになれて幸せ💖シゲルを育てくださった皆様本当にありがとうございました🥲✨

"I just watched the #MezaPokéFinalEpisode, "The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master." Satoshi's first rival Shigeru was, at first, a stuck up little brat but at the end of the day he turned out to be a really great guy and so I'm happy 💖 Thank you to all of you who helped look after Shigeru all these years 🥲✨
"My goal isn't to be the Champion. I will forever be a challenger"
✊ I'll keep those words etched in my heart."

March 24th, 19:51 JST:  Chinami Nishimura (西村ちなみ), who's played roles like Junsar, Satoshi's Waninoko, Hikari's Pachirisu, etc. tweeted this out:

Chinami Nishimura

言葉に言い尽くせないくら い

"Words aren't enough to express my thanks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so, so much!!"

March 24th, 19:29 JST: Sound director / voice director for pretty much all things Pocket Monsters, Masafumi Mima (三間雅文):

Masafumi Mima






"Thank you to everyone who watched the #MezaPokéFinalEpisode

Satoshi set off on a new journey, and the Rocket-Dan figured out what's important and became a team again

I'm looking forward to the day we'll meet again

Thank you everyone for all you've done to support us all these years.

To director Yuyama, and all the staff, and cast, thank you for a job well done."

March 28th, 00:54:  Sound director Masafumi Mima (三間雅文) makes another tweet about the series finale:

Masafumi Mima

#林ゆうき さんから
#宮崎慎二 さんの楽曲へ


"#MezaPoké Production Diary"
From the first episode of MezaPoké to the final one, I purposefully chose to go from using #YuukiHayashi 's score to using #ShinjiMiyazaki 's music ♫ If you look at the final MezaPoké episode and then loop back around to that first episode of the 1997 series...well, you can really feel as if  you always have somewhere to go on a road filled with hope ♪

I'd like to thank the duo of Yuyama and Shudo from my heart for ensuring that the children's hearts are always full."

The sound director also changed his profile picture to an image of the flower arrangement placed in the lobby at The Rocket-Dan's Secret Live back in 2013.

Masafumi Mima's Profile Picture

March 24th, 22:03 JST: Music producer for the Pocket Monsters animated series, Hirokazu Tanaka (たなかひろかず):

Hirokazu Tanaka

最後はタイプ:ワイルド 🎵でしたね🙂
この曲、最初のメロは早口風にしたいので、言葉多めに、と戸田さんにお願いした。全体にロードムービー風に、と間奏は緩急つけた展開に。イントロの「風と いっしょに」のメロは戸田さんからのリクエスト。続くギターは絶対12弦のエレキギター🎸ときめてた。

"They played Type: Wild at the end of tonight's episode 🙂
For this song, Mr. (Akihito) Toda asked me to pack in a bunch of words in the beginning to make that opening melody feel like a tongue twister almost. We made it like a road trip movie, where there's an interlude and then it goes full throttle. Having the opening melody be the same as Kaze to Issho ni was also a request from Mr. Toda. I'm certain we must have chosen a twelve string electric guitar to use in this song."

March 24th, 19:25 JST:  Screenplay writer Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹) had this to say:

Hideki Sonoda

サトシとピカチュウ、あり がとう!


"Thank you, Satoshi and Pikachu!

I'll never forget the memories of all those adventures we had together..."

March 24th, 20:41 JST:  Longtime animator Sayuri Ichi'ishi (一石小百合) posted a short message:

Sayuri Ichi'ishi

サトシ、ピカチュウおつか れさん。

"Satoshi, Pikachu, great job. And thank you."

March 24th, 20:49 JST: A few minutes later she added this:

Sayuri Ichi'ishi

このシーン原画担当しまし た。

"I did the key animation for this scene. It was the last time I would get to draw the Rocket-Dan I love so much. I miss them already."

March 25th, 00:16 JST: Hisashi Kagawa (香川久), one of the animators who worked as the Chief Animation Director and Character Designer for Pocket Monsters The Movie "Lord of the "Unknown" Tower ENTEI," posted this message:

Hisashi Kagawa

見逃してしまったけど…ほんのほんの少しだけだけどその冒険の一端に参加出来たのは良かったな〜☺️…と言って新規らくがきはしないけど😅過去絵を並べ るだけ

"RT > The curtain came down on Satoshi's and Pikachu's adventures last night! 😮 I didn't get a chance to catch it...but I'm so happy I was able to take part in his adventures, even if it only ended up being a drop in the ocean in the grand scheme of things ☺. I don't have anything new for you today 😅 So I'll post some of my older work instead."

Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation

March 30th, 20:05 JST:  Haruka's voice actress KAORI took to Twitter to share her thoughts in a series of tweets:



"Satoshi's and Pikachu's adventures...
To all of you who have been with us on this journey the last 26 years, thank you from the bottom of my heart




"A journey with good friends.
Tears and laughter
Lots of courage
Just a touch of personal growth
Hearts that believed with everything they've got.
That feeling that you can't lose
That feeling you sometimes get of your heart skipping a beat
Those steaming hot, brilliantly glimmering days with more love than I know what to do with
These are my precious, precious treasures.

I have so much going through my head right now

These treasures will stick with me forever and ever, maybe

みんなもポケモン、ゲット かも❣️🤗


"Everyone get Pokémon, maybe! ❣️🤗


March 24th, 22:42 JST: Hiroshi Yamamoto (山本ひろし), member of the comedy group Robert who's appeared in a lot of the live action Pocket Monsters Sunday shows, posted this:

Hiroshi Yamamoto



"I want to be friends with all the world's Pokémon!!!

Thank you Satoshi, Pikachu."

Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl

March 24th, 8:34 JST:  Fumie Akiyoshi (あきよしふみえ), who performed the opening themes Together and Saikou Everyday!, posted this about half a day before the episode aired:

Fumie Akiyoshi 1

26 年😭さみしいけど、サトシとピカチュウのこの表情見たら力が湧いてくる😭
Twenty-six years! 😭 I'm sad right now, but whenever I see Satoshi and Pikachu together like this I feel like I'm full of energy 😭

March 24th, 19:39 JST:  Once the episode actually aired she had this to say:

Fumie Akiyoshi

最 終回😭😭😭まだサトシのストーリーは続いていく😭
The last episode 😭 Satoshi's story's not over yet 😭

March 24th, 19:53 JST:  A few minutes later, she touches upon the actual episode itself while also promoting her apperance in the (then) upcoming "Pocket Monsters The Animated Series Music Festival":

Fumie Akiyoshi

最 終回余韻がまだ😭サトシの言葉ひとつひとつが胸にキューっと😭ありがとう。



I still can't stop thinking about that last episode 😭 Each one of Satoshi's words hit me like an arrow to the chest 😭 Thank you for everything

The Pocket Monsters The Animated Series Music Festival, airing Friday, March 31st starting at 6:55 PM on TV-Tokyo networks.

Yours truly will be on it! The show will be jam-packed with courage and hope! We're giving it everything we've got!


March 31st, 20:00 JST:  Finally, on the night of the aforementioned music festival, she posts this simple message:

Fumie Akiyoshi

あ りがとうポケモン。
Thank you, Pokémon.


Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!

March 24th, 19:56 JST:  Aoi Yuuki (悠木碧), who played Iris in Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!:

Aoi Yuuki

子供の頃テレビの前で一緒 に旅をしていた貴方と、アイリスとして一緒に旅をできたこと、私の一生の思い出です。素敵な冒険をありがとう!!ベストウィッシュ!良い旅を!
"The memories of me sitting in front of the TV as a kid watching your adventures, and then the memories of actually getting to join you on those adventures as Iris, will be with me a lifetime. Thank you for this wonderful adventure! Best Wishes! Have a good trip!"

March 24th, 23:48 JST: Misato Fukuen (福圓美里), best known for voicing Satoshi's Mijumaru:

Misato Fukuen

ミジュミジュミジュッマ 🦦

"Miju Miju Mijumma 🦦
(Thank you for everything!)"

Pocket Monsters XY

March 25th, ??:?? JST: In a post without a timestamp, Mayuki Maguchi (牧口真幸), who played Serena in Pocket Monsters XY, posted this on her blog:

Mayuki Maguchi

"Thank you, Satoshi-kun

Satoshi-kun, thank you for the past 26 years.

I first met Satoshi when I was a kid during that very first series, and ever since then I could count on him and his friends to be there whenever I turned on the TV. It felt like we'd always be on a journey together, but in the space of one night that feeling's disappeared...

But! I feel like Satoshi-kun's and everyone else's journeys will keep on going. And so I'll be cheering you all on, always.

I'm also looking forward to the new series 🐰


March 24th, 23:30 JST: Yuki Kaji (梶裕貴), who played Citron in Pocket Monsters XY:

Yuki Kaji





"I met you when I was in elementary school. You were a little younger than me, but we became friends as I watched your adventures each and every week.

Sixteen years passed. I met you as a voice actor and was able to actually join you on your adventures as Citron.

All those times together will always be a glittering treasure in my collection.

Thank you, Satoshi! Let's meet again somewhere, OK?"

March 24th, 20:12 JST: Singer / songwriter during the Pocket Monsters XY(&Z) days, Tomohisa Sako (佐香 智久):

Tomohisa Sako

サトシの冒険がなかったら 今の僕はなかった。


"If it wasn't for Satoshi's journey I wouldn't be the person I am today. I couldn't be happier to support Satoshi on his journey with my music, even if it was just for a short time. Big Sister Rica, you did a fantastic job!! Iku Z!"


Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon

March 24th, 19:49 JSTVoice actress Fumiko Takekuma (武隈史子), who voiced Mamane in Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon, posted this amazing piece of fanart she did:

Fumiko Takekuma

誰にも描けないキミの冒険 を、これからも、ずっと。



"The adventure that nobody else can draw will continue on and on.

I would like to offer you allllllllllllllllll the thanks I have to give!!!!!!


March 25th, 10:58 JST:  Nobuhiko Okamoto (岡本信彦), who voiced Glazio in Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon:

Nobuhiko Okamoto

見逃し配信で昨日のポケモンを見て信じられないぐらい朝から目頭が熱くなって る



"I watched the TV-Tokyo upload of last night's episode of Pokémon and the back part of my eyes have been unbelievably hot all morning. As I watched those amazing 20 minutes or so the memories of when I was a kid all came flooding back.

But being able to actually go to that legendary studio and work alongside all those wonderful people back then will always be an irreplacable treasure to me. Everyone, you did a really, really great job.

I'll be cheering on the new series as well."

Pocket Monsters (2019)

March 24th, 18:42 JST: The very first post-episode message I was able to find, chronologically, comes from Daiki Yamashita (山下大輝), the actor who played Gou in Pocket Monsters (2019):

Daiki Yamashita

出会ってくれてありがと う。サトシ。
"I'm so happy we met. Thank you, Satoshi."

March 24th, 21:14 JST: Pocket Monsters (2019)'s music composer Yuki Hayashi (林ゆうき), in response to Mr. Mima's tweet from before:

Yuki Hayashi

沢山お世話になりまし た〜!

"You helped me so much. Thank you very much!!"



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