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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Comments from the Screenwriters

The Japanese guide book The Memorial Book of Orange Islands features comments from the screenplay writers (Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹), Junki Takegami (武上純希), Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広), Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三), and Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)) for nearly each and every episode of the Orange Islands arc.

The Memorial Book of Orange Islands

Translations of those comments are below:

Episode 081 "Masara Town! A New Journey"

Screenwriter:  Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹)
第一話に登場し、サトシとピカチュウに痛いめにあわされたオニスズメ が、なんとこの話で、オニドリルに進化しておそってきます。ふつう、1年以上たてば忘れるって。
What's that? The Onisuzume who appeared in the first episode and gave Satoshi and Pikachu such a hard time has evolved into an Onidrill and is attacking them!? They say that you normally tend to forget things after one year.

Episode 082 "The Dirigible is Miserable!?"

Screenwriter:  Junki Takegami (武上純希)

せまい飛行船の中での大アクションが見せ場です。飛行船を調べるため に本や映画を勉強しました。飛行船の飛ぶひみつもわかるかも。
The highlight of this one is all the big action taking place inside this tiny airship. I studied things like books and movies to learn all about airships. I might even know a little something about the secrets of how airships fly now.

Episode 083 "Tropical Pokémon and the GS Ball"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

ウチキド博士の3人のアシスタントたち、脚本の中では名前がついてま す。誰が誰やら分かんないけど、ツナミ、ミナミ、コナミ。南の島なので波つながりなのだ。
Dr. Uchikido's three assistants were given names in the script for this episode. I'm not sure who is who but their names are Tsunami, Minami, and Konami. Since these are the southern islands they all have names related to waves, you see.

The three characters' names all end in -nami (波), or "(tidal) wave."

Episode 084 "Go Help Laplace!"

Screenwriter:  Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三)

サトシのラプラスゲット&ケンジ初登場…と、もりだくさんでにぎやか なお話です。オニスズメ・スピアー・エビワラーのおマヌケ悪人トリオにも注目!
Satoshi gets Laplace, we get the first appearance of Kenji...this really is a lively and jam packed episode. Also notice that dim-witted Onisuzume / Spear / Ebiwalar trio!

Episode 085 "The Orange League! Natsukan Gym!"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

動かなくなったら、外に出て押さないといけないセンスイカンに乗った ロケット団の苦労を見てね。浮かび上ってこそセンスイカンなのに、これじゃ沈没船です。
Take a look at how the Rocket-Dan have to get out of their submarine and push it after it gets stuck and is unable to move. Even though this submarine can come up to the top of the water it's still a sunken vessel, more or less.

Episode 086 "The Mystery of the Missing Pokémon!"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

シ ナリオのタイトルは「ポケモン世界征服宣言」!ハードなポケモンバトル、ハードなロケット団の作戦、でもってトレーナーたちのポケモンの愛になみだせよ。
The working title for this episode was "The Pokémon World Domination Declaration!" Shed tears at how even after all the tough Pokémon battles and the difficult Rocket-Dan schemes that there's still that love between Trainer and Pokémon.

Episode 087 "The Crystal Iwark"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

この話では、マリルの特性が出ます。耳がはったつし、ポケモンの鳴き 声を聞き分けます。しっぽのうきで水の中ももぐれます。マリルの鳴き声にも注目。
In this story we get to see Maril show off its abilities. Its ears can expand and pick out Pokémon's voices. It can also use its tail floater to help it dive underwater. Take notice of Maril's voice as well.

Episode 088 "The Island of Pink Pokémon"

Screenwriter:  Junki Takegami (武上純希)

いろんなポケモンがピンク色で登場します。ひみつの見せ場としては、 トゲピーがひそかに指をふってみせる、能力でしょうか。
Various pink-colored Pokémon appear in this one. A hidden highlight of this episode is when Togepi surreptitiously tries to wag its fingers. Is that one of its special powers?

Episode 089 "The Secret of Kabuto's Fossil!"

Screenwriter:  Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三)

探検家スタイルのカッコいいジョーイさんをチェック!カブトたちが 眠っていた島は、最初は「ユズ島」という名前にしようと考えていました。
Check out the cool Joy with her explorer outfit! At first I was thinking about calling the island where the Kabuto are sleeping "Yuzu Island."

The island that this episode takes place in would eventually just be referred to in the guidebook as "deserted island" (無人島). Yuzu Island (ユズ島), meanwhile, would later be reused as the name of the island where Satoshi picks up his third Orange League badge.

Episode 090 "Dance! Pokémon Showboat!"

Screenwriter:  Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹)

ぼくはおしばいが大好きなので、このショーボートの話を書きました。 サトシたちが、一座にくわわってたのしそうに、ショーをするシーンが印象的です。
I really love plays so I wrote this episode about a showboat. The fantasy scene of Satoshi and the others joining the troupe and putting on the show really stands out to me.

Episode 091 "Goodbye Koduck! See You Again, Golduck?"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

女の子が、お気に入りをとことんじまんしあう……というお話。テレビ 初登場のゴルダックが次々くりだす必殺技にもえろ!今回入魂の一言は、ケンジの「愛だな」。
This is a story about girls...who are very proud of their darlings. Get fired up as Golduck uses special attack after special attack in its TV series debut! This week's friendly message is Kenji's "It must be love."

Episode 092 "The Sailing Joy! Go Through the Violent Storm!"

Screenwriter:  Junki Takegami (武上純希)

いつもと変わったジョーイさんが出てきます。あらしなんかものともせ ずに船をこげるワイルドさ。でもポケモンにやさしいのはいつものジョーイさんと同じ。
A Joy whose different from all the others appears in this one. She has this wild streak to her that won't let something like a storm stop her from taking to her boat and paddling out to sea. But, the way she's so kind and gentle towards Pokémon is just like all the other Joy.

Episode 093 "Navel Gym! The Battle of the Snowy Mountain!"

Screenwriter:  Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三)

サトシ、シラナミバッジをゲット!ジムリーダー・ダンのキャラクター は、加山雄三さん主役の昔の大人気映画シリーズ「若大将」を、ちょっとだけモデルにしています。
Satoshi gets the Maxima Clam Badge! The character of the Gym Leader Dan is based a little bit on the popular "Wakadaishou" movie series Mr. Yuzo Kayama used to star in back in the day.

Episode 094 "The Gluttonous Kabigon! A Big Panic!"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

とにかく動きまわるカビゴンを見たかった。だから食べまくってます。 そ れとカビゴンは泳げるのです。しかも、なんとバタフライ。となりの島までひと泳ぎ。
I basically wanted to see a Kabigon move around. So that's why it goes around eating everything. And Kabigon can swim...using the butterfly stroke? The next island is just a hop, skip, and a splash away.

Episode 095 "The Ghost Ship and the Ghost Pokémon!"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

ゴーストのあやしい光にさそわれて、サトシたちが昔のオレンジリーグ の戦いを見ます。ポケモンバトルには、みんなが受けついできた長い長い歴史があるのです。
Satoshi and his friends are invited to go see an old Orange League battle thanks to Ghost's Confuse Ray. Pokémon battles have a long, long history that gets passed down to everyone.

Episode 096 "Lord Nyarth's Island!?"

Screenwriter:  Junki Takegami (武上純希)

神様にまちがわれて、幸せなはずのニャースですが、ロケット団のムサ シやコジロウとわかれたくないのです。3人の友じょうが見せ場です。
Nyarth should be living a happy life after being mistaken for a God but he doesn't want to leave the Rocket-Dan or Musashi and Kojirou behind. The highlight of this one is the trio's friendship.

Episode 097 "The Honor of Strike the Warrior"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

ポケモンがトレーナーをみとめる、男の話。ストライクのボスあらそい は、サルのむれからヒントをえました。ストライク、ケンジ、若いボスの友情に泣け!
This is a man's story about a Pokémon acknowledging a Trainer. I looked at monkey tribes for inspiration for the fight over who will be the boss of the Strike. Shed tears at the friendship among Strike, Kenji, and the young boss!

Episode 098 "It's the Southern Islands! Everyone Gather Around!!"

Screenwriter:  Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三)

かわいいマリル、大食いのカビゴン、戦士のストライク、リザードン、 そして、ピカチュウ……個性豊かなポケモンたちの休日の様子を、たのしんでください。
The cute Maril, the gluttonous Kabigon, the soldier Strike, Lizardon, and Pikachu...please enjoy this look at a day off for this personality packed group of Pokémon.

Episode 099 "Kanna of the Four Heavenly Kings! The Icy Battle!!"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

ポケモンマスターとは、ポケモンバトルとは何なのか……を、マジメに 考えてみました。カンナのセリフは今まで「ポケモン」書いてきて、いちばんむずかしかった。
I really put a lot of thought into questions like "what is a Pokémon Master?" and "what is a Pokémon battle?" Kanna's dialogue has been the most difficult for me to write in all of Pokémon up until now.

Episode 100 "The Nidoran's Love Story"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

ロケット団の結婚式の変そう。「今日のよき日に……」なつかしい なぁ。あぁ、同じスタッフでアニメ「ウェディング・ピーチ」も作っていたのでした。
So, the Rocket-Dan's wedding outfits. "I wish you many happy returns"...that really takes me back. Come to think of it, the staff of Pokémon is the same staff of the TV series Wedding Peach.

Wedding Peach is a TV series based on the manga of the same name that ran from April 1995 to March 1996. As Mr. Ohashi alludes to here, both Pocket Monsters and Wedding Peach share a lot of the same staff; Kunihiko Yuyama (湯山邦彦) and Norihiko Suto (須藤典彦) both directed, Sayuri Ichiishi (一石小百合) and Naohito Takahashi (高橋 ナオヒト) worked on the animation, Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹) and Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉) worked on scripts, voice actors like Yuji Ueda (うえだ ゆうじ) and Shinichiro Miki (三木眞一郎) provided voices, both shows were produced by OLM and aired on TV-Tokyo, etc. etc.

Episode 101 "The Coil of the Great Plains!"

Screenwriter:  Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三)

昔見た西部げき映画を思い出しながら、作ったお話です。頭などに下じ きをこすりつけて、静電気を起こそうとするロケット団が、とても気に入っています。
This is a story I wrote while thinking back to these old Western movies I used to watch a long time ago. I very much like the scenes where the Rocket-Dan is rubbing those plastic sheets on their heads and whatnot to produce static electricity.

Episode 102 "The Monster of the Underpass!?"

Screenwriter:  Junki Takegami (武上純希)

怪物のひそむ暗い地下道でハラハラのバトル。でもやっぱりラスト、 悪い市長さんをやっつける、そうかいなアクションが見せ場かな。
A suspenseful battle in a dark underpass where a monster lurks! But I think the highlight of this one is the satisfying end where the no-good mayor is defeated.

Episode 103 "Yuzu Gym! A Three on Three Type Battle!"

Screenwriter:  Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹)

ユズジムのトレーナー、ジギーが、サトシに「カスミさんを大事にしろ よ」と、言います。しかし、サトシは、この意味がちっとも分かってないんですね。それがいいんだけど。
The Yuzu Gym Trainer Ziggy says this to Satoshi:  "Take care of Kasumi." But, Satoshi doesn't have even the slightest idea what he means by that. It's just as well.

Episode 104 "Pikachu vs. Nyarth!?"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

ピカチュウを目立たせる話なのに、ニャースって本当にいいヤツなんだ と、思わずもらい泣き。ニャース、幸せになってくれ、ぼくもひそかに応えんしているよ。
Even though this is an episode that focuses on Pikachu, it's Nyarth and how he's really a nice guy that gets my tears of sympathy. I'm over here secretly cheering for you to be happy, Nyarth!

Episode 105 "Lizardon! I Choose You!"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

毎回、主役ポケモンに、今まで出していない必殺技を使わせるのが富岡シ ナリオのお約束。で、今回は「りゅうのいかり」。サトシとリザードンのオトコのちかいにあつくなれ!
In every episode I write, having the main Pokémon use a special attack that hadn't appeared in the TV series before is a Tomioka Promise. This time, we get "Dragon Rage." Feel warm inside at the men's oath taken by Satoshi and Lizardon!

Episode 106 "The Fire Extinguishing Showdown! Zenigame vs. Kameil"

Screenwriter:  Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三)

消防隊のカメール、そのリーダーのラッセル、そして、カメールにライ バル意しきを燃やすゼニガメ……みんなそろってカッコいい、燃える (⁉) お話です。
The fire fighting Kameil, their leader Russel, and the Zenigame whose feelings of rivalry toward the Kameil burns bright...this is a story where everyone is gathered around, looking cool as they get all fired up (!?).

Episode 107 "Enter the Kabigon!"

Screenwriter:  Junki Takegami (武上純希)

あいかわらずのカビゴンの食べっぷりとあっぱれぷり。ユニークなとこ ろは、カビゴンをゆうどうするために、サトシがリンゴのかぶりものをかぶるところです。
Kabigon is as great an eater and as admirable as ever. A unique part of this one is when Satoshi puts on an apple costume to lure Kabigon away.

Episode 108 "Tag Battle! The Final Gym!"

Screenwriter:  Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹)

There is no comment provided for this episode.

Episode 109 "Koiking! The Secrets of Evolution!!"

Screenwriter:  Shinzo Fujita (藤田伸三)

ベテランのポケモンウォッチャー・ミドリカワが、ケンジとともに大活 やくします。それにしても、ロケット団とギャラドスって、本当に相しょうが悪いですね……。
The veteran Pokémon Watcher Midorikawa and Kenji work together to play a big role in this episode. Even so, the Rocket-Dan really do seem to not have any luck with Gyarados, do they...

Episode 110 "Nyoromo and Kasumi"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

There is no comment provided for this episode.

Episode 111 "The Winner's Cup! A Six on Six Full Battle!!"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

こ の前後編を書くために、ひさしぶりにゲームをやり直しました。編 のお気に入りはゼニガメ対イワーク。とことんこだわった究極のポケモンバトルによってく れ!
In order to write this two parter I restarted the video games for the first time in a while. My favorite part of Part One is Zenigame vs. Iwark. Come forth, you engrossing ultimate Pokémon battle you!

Episode 112 "The Final Battle! Enter Kairyu!"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

こどわりのシーンは、ケンタロスの「とっしん」。アニメ初の、ダメー ジがはねかえるところに注目!やたら強いカイリューをいかに攻略するか、書く方も大苦戦!
One of my favorite scenes is when Kentauros uses "Take Down." Notice how this is the first time we see recoil damage depicted in the TV series? Finding a way for Satoshi to defeat the ridiculously strong Kairyu was as hard for me to write as it was for Satoshi to actually do!

Episode 113 "Goodbye Laplace!"

Screenwriter:  Hideki Sonoda (園田英樹)

これを書いたころ、笑顔の大切さを考えていたので、サトシにそのこと を言わせてます。「ラプラスが人間をきらいにならなくてよかった」というセリフも記憶にのこってます。
When I was writing this episode, I was thinking about the importance of smiling and so I had Satoshi express this. The line "I'm glad Laplace stopped disliking humans" is also stuck in my memory.

Episode 114 "Marumine's Big Blast!?"

Screenwriter:  Junki Takegami (武上純希)

頭の上にディグダをくっつけたジャンゴーの変なキャラクター。ラス ト、マルマインを助けるためにディグダたちが大活やくするのもカッコいい。
This one features a strange character with a Digda stuck to the top of his head named Django. The Digda coming together at the end of the episode to help out the Marumine is really something else.

Episode 115 "I'm Back, Masara Town!"

Screenwriter:  Yukiyoshi Ohashi (大橋志吉)

ひさしぶりに登場のタケシ。第一声は、何にしようかとまよい「ただい ま」じゃなくて、「おかえり」にしました。これが、ポケモンの変な世界なのです。
It's been a while since we've seen Takeshi. I went back and forth about what his first words should be in this one but I eventually decided not on "I'm back" but on "Welcome home" instead. This is the strange world that is Pokémon.

Episode 116 "A Rival Showdown! Satoshi vs. Shigeru!!"

Screenwriter:  Atsuhiro Tomioka (冨岡淳広)

There is no comment provided for this episode.



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