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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokémon Fossil Museum

Below are pictures taken at the entrance of the Pokémon Fossil Museum exhibit in Tokyo, Japan on May 5th, 2022. Click on an image below for a larger version.

A link to pictures from other parts of the exhibit can be found at the bottom of this page.

Omnite / Omstar

Getting fossils in the Pocket Monsters video games
Fossil research in the Pokémon World - Step 1

Fossil research in the Pokémon World - Step 2 Fossil research in the Pokémon World - Step 3

Fossil research in the real world - Step 1
Fossil research in the real world - Step 2

Fossil research in the real world - Step 3 Tools used for excavation and cleaning

An ammonite fossil
Holotype specimen

An ammonite, nautilus, and ram's horn squid comparison
Reconstructed model of Eupachydiscus haradai

Shellfish Fossil recreation
Omnite recreation
Omnite / Omstar and ammonite
Close-up of the ammonite board
Omnite / Omstar
Various real world fossils
Omstar recreation

Kabuto / Kabutops

A fairly large Kabutops statue

Kabutops close-up 1
Kabutops close-up 2

Kabuto / Kabutops and horseshoe crabs

Horseshoe crab
Kabuto / Kabutops

Present Day horseshoe crab
Carapace Fossil recreation

Kabuto recreation If you look at its underside you can see that its eyes light up


Ptera and pterosaur


Secret Amber recreation
Insects in amber

Dimorphodon macronyx

Lilyla / Yuradle

Lilyla recreation
Lilyla from the side

Lilyla from the top
Lilyla / Yuradle and sea lily

Sea lily
Lilyla / Yuradle

Root Fossil recreation

Anopth / Armaldo

Anopth recreation
Anopth / Armaldo and Anomalocaris

Anopth / Armaldo

Right eye
Left eye

Claw Fossil recreation
Reconstructed model of Anomalocaris canadensis

Zugaidos / Rampald

Zugaidos / Rampald and pachycephalosaurus

Pachycephalosaurus Zugaidos / Rampald

A Pachycephalosaurus wyomigensis subadult
A Pachycephalosaurus wyomigensis adult

Tatetops / Torideps

Torideps recreation
Torideps statue from its left hind leg

Torideps statue from its right hind leg
Tatetops / Torideps and horned dinosaur

Horned dinosaur
Tateops / Torideps

Shield Fossil recreation
Triceratops horridus

A Triceratops horridus child's skull (back), Protoceratops andrewsi skull (front)

Protoga / Abagoura

Protoga / Abagoura and Archelon

Protoga / Abagoura

Cover Fossil recreation
Protostega gigas (left), one type of Protostegidae (right)

A nearby poster inviting visitors to compare Pokémon to the real world

Archen / Archeos

Archen recreation
Archen statue (slightly different angle)

Archen / Archeos and archaeopteryx

Archaeopteryx Archen / Archeos

Feather Fossil recreation
Archaeopteryx lithographica


Glanth and coelacanth


Glanth recreation
Latimeria chalumnae recreation


Megayanma and Meganeura


Meganeura fossil

Chigoras / Gachigoras

Chigoras recreation
Chigoras close-up

Chigoras / Gachigoras and Tyrannosaurus

Chigoras / Gachigoras

Jaw Fossil recreation
Tyrannosaurus rex



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