Daniel Arsham
"A Ripple in Time"
Art Exhibit

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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Daniel Arsham "A Ripple in Time" Art Exhibit

From the exhibit's official website:

A Ripple in Time
February 12 (Sat.) - March 27 (Sun.), 2022
3-30-10, Jingumae Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo
Open: Tuesday - Sunday / 11:00-19:00
*Closed on Mondays and Holidays

NANZUKA UNDERGROUND presents the animated artwork “A Ripple in Time” by Pokémon x Daniel Arsham born through the artist’s collaboration with Kunihiko Yuyama, General Director of Pokémon the Series broadcast in 1997, who continues to oversee the efforts of his successors as Creative Supervisor of the anime franchise. This project was produced over the course of two years at the strong request of Arsham himself. From organizing the plot to the scene-setting, determining which Pokémon and characters appear, as well as the storyboards and finishing process, the production team led by Arsham and Director Yuyama, communicated numerous times online to create a work like never before seen in the history of art. Furthermore, the production of this animation work had led Arsham to produce a series of paintings in addition to sculptural works. A variety of paintings on the theme of "intermixed passages of time" will be showcased, including those depicting crystallized Pokémon discovered within a giant cave, and those inspired by scenes from the animation work.

In addition, the title "A Ripple in Time" focuses on the Pokémon Celebi, who plays the most important role in the newly created animation work. Through Celebi’s abilities to travel through time, Arsham’s aesthetic comes to manifest as reality within the world of Pokémon.

Click on an image below for a larger version.

Bronze Crystalized Seated Pikachu

1F - Entrance

1F - Amethyst Crystalized Haunter

1F - Animated Short

The animated short projected on this wall here was eventually uploaded to the official Pokémon YouTube page:

1F - Rose Quartz Crystalized Jumping Pikachu

1F - Framed Artwork (1/2)

1F - Quartz Crystalized Charizard

1F - Blue Calcite Crystalized Abra

1F - Framed Artwork (2/2)

2F - Framed Artwork

2F - Installation Area

2F - Amethyst Crystalized Pichu

2F - Field Animation: Celebi, Ash & Pikachu

2F - Grey Selenite Crystalized Meowth

2F - Ash and Pyrite Crystalized Mimikyu

2F - Field Animation: Crystalized Slowpoke

2F - Corner Office

2F - Blue Calcite Crystalized Celebi

2F - Bronze Crystalized Blastoise Pokémon Trading Card



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