"The Rocket-Dan vs. The Plasma-Dan"
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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Best Wishes!

The 16th issue of Pokemon Fan, which went on sale on February 18th, 2011, featured its entire coverage of the TV series to the (then) upcoming two-parter. Below are scans of all six pages.

Click on each image to view a larger version.

These first two pages don't really tell us anything new.  Though I guess the full-body shot of Flint in his Rocket-Dan uniform is worth noting?
These next two pages recap what's been happening with the Rocket-Dan so far.  At the end of page 23, we see two shots from the two-parter that weren't shown in any of the previews that aired on TV.
Oh look, it's the Plasma-Dan!  And Handsome's there!




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