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Episode AG 115
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 115: "Korogare!  Koi suru Donfan!"

Rollout!  Falling in Love with Donphan!")

American Episode 386: "Date Expectations"
Japanese Air Date:  February 10th, 2005
American Air Date:  Unknown
Important Characters:  Ojisan (Carlos)
Important Places:  Kinagi Island (Pacifidlog Island), Donto Island (Donto Island)

Haruka and her friends are on a ferry to Kinagi Island to participate in tomorrow's Pokemon Contest.  Along the way, however, the ferry's engine begins to stall, and the driver decides to pull over at Donto Island to repair the boat.  Since it'll take him half a day to fix the boat, the driver tells our heroes that there's a port on the southern part of the island where they should be able to catch another ferry.  As our heroes make their way to the other side of the island, they encounter a herd of Donphan tearing through the ground with their Rollout attack.  Takeshi guesses that it's the Donphan's mating season and the most wanted pokemon appears to be a differently colored ("shiny") Donphan.  Our heroes decide to help one Donphan in particular compete against the other pokemon to win, so they decide to watch as the various pokemon go through their rituals.  During the display of strength, Yukiwarashi lets itself out and surprises everyone by revealing it knows Ice Beam.  As the love battle continues, a group of Donphan separate Satoshi and Haruka from Takeshi and Masato, so the search to find their missing friends begins.  As Haruka looks through the island, she overhears an intercom at the southern port announcing the final boarding call for the ferry to Kinagi Town.  Satoshi tells Haruka that she should go on ahead without them, but Haruka refuses, saying that she promised her mom she'd take care of Masato no matter what.  Haruka watches as the ferry leaves without her and, after a little cry, resumes her search for her little brother.  Haruka and Satoshi eventually find their friends , but the reunion is cut short when the Rocket-Dan appear and kidnap the pack of Donphan.  The trio is easily sent blasting off by the pokemon's attacks, leaving Haruka and the others wondering what to do next.  Suddenly, the ferry driver from before appears and announces that he was able to fix the boat quicker than he thought!  The group immediately sets sail for Kinagi Island, where Haruka hopes to earn her fifth and final Contest Ribbon.  

This episode is actually really really good, which makes its exclusion from Kids' WB!'s schedule that much more painful.  Looking at the episode's Japanese title, one would think that an apparent filler episode about a bunch of Jouto pokemon wouldn't be interesting, but it's actually quite good.  Satoshi remembering his Gomazou, the group's discovery that Yukiwarashi can use Ice Beam, the Rocket-Dan's Boss Fantasy, and the terrific scene where Haruka decides that her brother is more important than some Contest are just a few of the highlights of this episode.

The Japanese version also introduces some new musical cues, and quite frankly, I don't like them.  The new music gives the show an even more juvenile feeling than it already has, and the anime producers will be drilling this music into our heads for the next dozen episodes or so.  I'm sure we will never hear any of these in the dub version, though, so Kids' WB! viewers will probably never have to hear these Hanna-Barbera rejects.

The dubbed version is alright except for the fact that the dubbers inserted a LOT of wheel and rolling related puns into the script.  Team Rocket gets the majority of the bad lines about how they'll have a  [purposeful pun pause] wheel [/purposeful pun pause] good time, but May and the rest of our heroes get their fair share too. 

Also, have you noticed that the dub has been keeping a LOT of the non-video game island and town names as-is?  I think that's pretty awesome.

The various Donphan keep their Japanese voices.  Whee.

Cut--5 seconds altogether
The first three seconds of the episode are whittled away.

Then, two seconds are cut from the episode's title screen.

Dialogue Edit
Brock makes a slight slip-up in the dub:

Brock:  "Looks to me like Snorunt doesn't have his Ice Beam completely under control yet."

The line is most likely a case of 4Kids not noticing that they didn't call Snorunt "it," so I'm not going to accuse them of assigning the pokemon a gender or anything.  Sure, it probably is a male, but I'd still rather they not make slip-ups like this.

Now the brown-colored Donphan is assigned a gender in the Japanese version since Takeshi refers to it as the bandage Donphan's "girlfriend" (kanojou).  So that's not a mistake.

Cut--2 seconds altogether
A second is cut from the shot of the Rocket-Dan's shovel hitting the ground after what I assume is the Trainer's Choice commercial break.

Later, a second is cut from the shot of the sun that leads into the scene with Ash and May at the pier. 

Music Edit

Toward the end of the episode, when Haruka and Masato reunite,
Soko ni Sora ga Aru Kara  plays in the background.  This song is the first ending theme to Advanced Generation and is a really slow and pretty song, so it's not out of place like a lot of the other vocal songs used in the Japanese version (*coughReadyGocough*). 

In the dub, this is all replaced by a lot of different instrumental music. 

Cut--2 seconds
Two seconds are cut from the pan-down shot of the pier after what I assume will be Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

Dialogue Edit
In the dub, Carlos offers to feed our heroes dinner after they arrive in Pacifidlog Town.  In the Japanese version, he makes no such offer.

Cut--2 seconds
Two seconds are cut from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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