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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Battle Frontier

Episode AG 153
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 153:  "The Lake of Hakuryuu!"
American Episode 423: "
On Olden Pond"
Japanese Air Date:  November 17th, 2005
American Air Date:  September 30th, 2006
Important Characters:  Asagi (Tiffany), Hisame (Ms. Galea), Namidabashi (Mr. Saridakis)

While on the road to the Battle Dome, Satoshi and his friends decide to stop by a famous fishing spot for a little R&R.  However, when they arrive, they find the spot to be deserted!  As our heroes cast their rods into the water, they are attacked by an angry Shizarigaa.  Satoshi decides to battle it with his Heigani, but the rogue pokemon is able to escape into the water.  Later, they learn from the keeper of the fishing spot, Asagi, about how the Shizarigaa has been causing trouble by driving everyone away from the lake.  Satoshi-tachi decide to hunt for the pokemon and are eventually led to a field where a businessman named Namidabashi reveals himself to be the Shizarigaa's trainer!  Namidabashi wants to take over the lake and get rid of it because of a near-death experience he had as a child, so he challenges Asagi to a duel.  Asagi asks Satoshi to battle in her place, so the young trainer works with her grandma, Hisame, to become strong enough to win.  The day of the duel arrives, and Satoshi's Heigani is able to gain an upper hand by making use of its environment.  Before the battle can be decided, however, it is cut short by the Rocket-Dan's attempt to take Shizarigaa and Pikachu for themselves!  They are quickly sent away by Haruka's Zenigame, who uses Rapid Spin to send them blasting off again.  However, the force of the blast sends Namidabashi straight into the lake!  As the businessman sinks to the bottom of the lake, a Hakuryuu appears out of nowhere and brings him back to the surface!  Namidabashi learns that he was saved by the pokemon all those years ago and decides that the lake isn't such a bad place after all.  As the businessman leaves the lake to Asagi and Hisame, Satoshi and his friends look forward to their next thrilling adventure.

After going through non-filler after non-filler, the Battle Frontier saga slows down and catches its breath with this episode.  This episode is pretty much a blend of "Menokurage and Dokukurage" and "The Legend of Miniryuu," but it really isn't as good as either of those episodes are.  I enjoyed the old projection film technique used for the flashback, but other than that this episode was rather unremarkable.

And am I the only one annoyed by the fact that Shizarigaa is always portrayed as the bad guy?

One thing I noticed when watching the English version of this episode is how artificial Sarah's voice sounds.  And no, I'm not talking about the lack of emotion, either (though I did find Jessie's "We don't cackle, we emote" line to be humorously ironic).  I'm talking about the overall sound quality of the voice.  It sounds like TAJ is pitching her voice down, and the result is an artificial, almost robotic voice. 

Another odd thing about the dub are the names of the characters-of-the-day.  We get the completely normal sounding Tiffany, but then we get Ms. Galea (why Tiffany would call her own grandma "Ms." is beyond me) and Mr. Saridakis.  Now if it weren't for the Pokemon.com website, I'd have absolutely no idea how to spell their names.  I mean, I can understand, to an extent, the logic behind changing some of the Japanese names - I'd like to see you try saying "Namidabashi" three times fast - but changing them to equally oddball names seems to be defeating the purpose. 

The English version only keeps five pieces of Japanese music, which is a shame since a lot of the music in the Japanese version was music from the Lugia and Celebi movies. 

In the Japanese version, a little countdown to alert the viewers that the show is about to start is added as of this episode.  The Japanese producers started each episode with a cold open back in AG 147, presumably to mimic the Kids' WB! broadcast, and so I guess TV Tokyo wanted to make sure viewers were prepared for the show by adding this sort of eyecatch. 

In addition, the opening animation in the Japanese version adds Dokucale to the Rocket-Dan scene since I guess they just realized they had left the underused pokemon out.  Manyula is also, for some reason, taken out.  Finally, the shot with Lucario and Myuu (which viewers in the US saw for the first few episodes of Advanced Battle before they were replaced with a shot of Pikachu using Iron Tail) is replaced by animated scenes of the new-at-the-time GBA and DS games, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon

Added Footage--3 seconds
Three seconds are added to a scene in this episode.  Can you guess which one?  I'll give you a hint...it begins with T and ends with o be Continued.

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