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Previous Episode

Japanese Episode 005

Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode 005:  "Found Ya, Hogator"
English Episode 2605:  "Found You, Fuecoco!"
Dr. Friede's Pokémon Seminar:  Strike
Japanese Air Date:  May 5th, 2023
American Air Date:  March 7th, 2024

Roy wants to see Hogator again so he sneaks aboard the Brave Asagi in the middle of the night. He's soon discovered by its crew but they're not angry; in fact, they invite him to stay with them a while! Roy spends the entire day after looking for the Fire-Type but isn't ever able to find it. The Brave Asagi still needs repairs, meanwhile, so a plan is hatched to convince the Pokémon on the island to use their String Shot attacks to help patch up the holes in its balloon. As our heroes formulate their plan Hogator is off on the beach and witnesses the Explorers heading their way. It finds Liko and the others and gives them a heads up so Friede returns to the ship to fend them off while Liko and Roy go into the forest to recruit its Pokémon. A series of Pokémon battles between the Rising Volteccers and the Explorers begins. As the groups fight one another Liko and Roy return to the ship with the forest Pokémon right behind them. Liko and the Pokémon go into the ship to begin its repairs while Roy and Hogator join the fray. Roy uses song to help pump up Hogator’s confidence, allowing it to use a powered up Ember attack that defeats Zir’s Saidon! Amegeo takes advantage of everyone's distracted focus on Roy to rush ahead and close in on Liko. Will the Explorers finally get their hands on Liko and her pendant? To be continued!
Something I really like about this series is how it's not quite as episodic as its predecessors. Pocket Monsters (2023) isn't just a bunch of self-contained stories that only sometimes dips its toes into the series' overarching arc, it's one long story that just happens to be broken up into 22 minute chunks. Even when there's no obvious cliffhanger, like between the previous episode and this one, you still get the sense that what we're watching truly is one part of one larger story. After more than a quarter of a century of stories where everything's tidied up in the space of a single episode it's nice to get a show that allows itself to take as much time as it wants.

This episode's mostly about Roy, and I hate to repeat myself here but he's still one of the least interesting characters to me at the moment. We're supposed to cheer for him and his Hogator, of course, but when watching this episode I couldn't help but find myself more interested in literally everyone else running around. It's like OK, sure, this little boy's searching for his future partner Pokémon, whatever. Can we please go back to watching Murdock and Mollie battle? Because seeing those two side characters commanding their Pokémon to attack was honestly a lot more interesting than seeing Roy running around half the episode.

Speaking of battles...this episode absolutely dropped the ball when it came to (not) showing Liko's first win. Like, why in the world would you skip that!? If the episode had cut out some of the redundant "let's all search for Hogator" stuff in the beginning then we would've had plenty of time for a proper Liko vs. Conia battle, but this episode was like nope, we've gotta use that time to show multiple shots of Hogator sleeping instead. The people working on this show should have absolutely known this wouldn't have been received well so why did they do it? Did they think people would be OK with this?

This episode marks the very first time this season TPCi's actually kept a piece of Conish's music from the Japanese version. It's the piece that eventually turns into a rendition of the video games' title screen music that plays when Roy's working to get the forest Pokémon to help them out in the second half. I'm happy to have it, but at the same time it just serves as a reminder that this dub could be so much better if it wanted to. The Pokémon Horizons dub has a fantastic cast and really stellar writing and we know, from that one scene, that they could also be using the correct background music if they wanted. But nope, they continue to sabotage their own product for some bizarre reason.

Dialogue Edit
Nidothing tells viewers about the different types of Poké Balls:

Japanese (original)
Japanese (translated)
English Dub
ぐるみん 「ところで昔のモンスターボールは何から作られていたか知ってるか い?木の実なんだって!びっくりボングリ~!」
Gurumin:  "By the way, do you know what Monster Balls were made out of in the old days? Berries! We're going Apricorn here!"
Nidothing:  "By the way, you know what Poké Balls were made out of in the olden days? Apricorns! Heh heh, big surprise, right?"

Gurumin enjoys a little play on words at the end when they string the two similar sounding words bikkuri (びっくり), or "surprised," and Bonguri (ボングリ), or "Apricorn," side by side. The same thing doesn't work in English and so TPCi removed the Berry part and just had Nidothing state Monster Balls are made from Apricorns from the get-go.

Roy and Orio get their turn to be featured in the eyecatch:

Japanese English

Click on each image to view a larger version.

Dialogue Edit
There aren't really any major rewrites during the second half of the episode. We get some more of Roy and Fuecoco "singing" but there isn't anything I can add to the conversation I didn't already cover in my previous comparison. It's just as bad in this episode as it was in the last one.

Other than that, there isn't really much to say. It really is a nice change of pace to watch a Pokémon dub where  70% of the dialogue isn't rewritten, where random character details aren't added/removed, where a bunch of corny dad jokes aren't shoehorned into the script, and where outdated slang or other pop cultural references aren't thrown in for absolutely no reason whatsoever. If it wasn't for the replacement music this dub would be the exact same show fans in Japan enjoyed, only with the dialogue being in English instead of in Japanese. That's not something I think I've been able to say ever, and it really is a fantastic feeling.

Video Edit
We're five for five with this "To Be Continued" text edit.


Click on each image to view a larger version.

Previous Episode

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