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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons

Previous (Episode 002, Part A)

After the December 16th, 1997 airing of Pocket Monsters Episode 038, "Cyber Soldier Porygon," OLM went back over the first 37 episodes of the TV series and re-edited them to reduce any strobe lights, flashing, quick background color changes, or any other special effects that even slightly resembled the types of images that sent all those children to the hospital during the "Pokémon Shock" incident. This was probably done both out of an abundance of caution as well as an attempt to show the public at large that OLM and every other party involved was taking the incident seriously.

Thankfully, the versions of Episodes 2 - 37 that the Japanese Hulu site has of the series are all the pre-Porygon edits, meaning it is now possible to do side-by-side comparisons of the changes made. 
Below is a gallery of those changes. The 1997 original broadcast version is on the left while the 1998 re-edit is on the right.


The animated gifs below contain rapidly flashing images that may potentially trigger seizures for people with visual sensitivities.. While there was never any issues reported when the "unedited" episodes originally aired in Japan back in 1997, and the gifs presented here are all kept at a small 300 x 225 pixel size, viewer discretion is still advised.

If you are concerned about viewing such images then please navigate away from this page immediately.

- Dogasu's Backpack

Episode 002 "Showdown! Pokémon Center!" (Part B)
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A brief flash of light at the very beginning of this scene is removed from the 1998 version.

The electricity flickering around Dogars and Arbo is toned down.

One of the extra flickers toward the end is removed from the 1998 edit.

The speed / brightness of the Pikachu's electricity is reduced here.

The extreme ghosting of the Pikachu here makes it obvious how edited this is.

Satoshi gets slowed down thanks to the electricity in the background.

While very similar to the previous shot, this show below is actually a new piece of animation.

Kasumi's Monster Ball throw is shortened, most likely because the end features a rapid full screen color change.

And here we get started with the big Pikachu attack that ends the episode (and likely caused the editors many headaches, both figuratively and literally).

This is one of the most famous shots in the TV series and yet the overwhelming majority of people only know the two-frames-a-second version on the right.

The brightness is reduced significantly.

If you remember any pre to post Porygon edit then it's this scene right here. OLM does the same thing here that they did with the slideshow of Pokémon in the show's opening and shrinks each image down so that it only takes up a fourth of the screen.

The Pokémon Center explosion is, as you might expect, slowed down.

The speed of the TO BE CONTINUED image shrinking is actually sped up a bit for the post-Porygon edit...?

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