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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | Pocket Monsters The Movie "I Choose You!"

The manga adaptation of Pocket Monsters The Movie "I Choose You!" is currently running in CoroCoro Comics, a manga anthology magazine that goes on sale around the 15th of every month.  The first and apparently only chapter premiered in the May 2017 issue.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
May 2017
Chapter One

Chapter One
May 2017 Issue

Release Date:  April 15th, 2017

May 2017
Title Page

32 pages
Somewhere in the Alola Region, Satoshi and Pikachu have arrived in a cave to take on their next trial. As the two of them make their way through the cave, a Jararanga jumps down from a hole in the ceiling and lands with a large THUD! right in front of our heroes. Satoshi guesses that -this- must be the Totem Pokemon they were searching for and tells Pikachu to get ready. Jararanga, however, is just a little bit faster and manages to strike Pikachu with a powerful Draco Meteor. The attack causes a huge explosion...


In Masara Town, in the Kanto Region, a young Satoshi is woken up by his mother. The young wannabe Trainer has overslept even though today's the day he's supposed to go to Dr. Orchid's laboratory to receive his first partner pokemon! After a quick change of clothes Satoshi rushes to the lab and meets with the professor.

At first, Satoshi tells Dr. Orchid that he would like a Zenigame as his starter. Dr. Orchid informs him that another child chose that one, so Satoshi asks for a Hitokage instead. Dr. Orchid tells him that one was chosen by a child who wasn't late. Fushigidane? Nope, that one's already been taken as well. Dr. Orchid sees how distressed Satoshi is and tells him that he -does- have one pokemon left but that it has a bit of a problem. Satoshi doesn't care; his dream is to be a Pokemon Master and in order to do that he'll need a starter pokemon. So, Dr. Orchid reluctantly introduces Satoshi to a pokemon called Pikachu.

At first, Satoshi doesn't what the professor was talking about when he said that Pikachu has a "problem." After all, it's just so cute! Satoshi happily picks up the pokemon but, before he knows it, finds himself being shocked by Pikachu's electricity! As Satoshi falls to the ground, Dr. Orchid tells Satoshi that Pikachu's problem is that it isn't used to humans yet.

Some time later, Satoshi and Pikachu are walking outside in a forest. Satoshi tries to get Pikachu to go into its Monster Ball but the Electric Mouse pokemon refuses. Satoshi comments on how weird Pikachu is but is sidetracked when he spots a wild Poppo out of the corner of his eye. Satoshi thinks this is a great chance for him to get his first pokemon so he orders Pikachu into battle. However, Pikachu refuses to cooperate! A desperate Satoshi throws a Monster Ball at Poppo, hoping it's weak enough to just go in without any fuss, but Pikachu jumps in between the two at the last second and bats the ball away with its tail! Pikachu laughs at itself as the Monster Ball lands in some tall grass and makes a loud thud sound. When Satoshi and Pikachu look to see what happened, they see that Satoshi's Monster Ball had hit a wild Onisuzume on its head!  The other Onisuzume in the flock turn around and set their sights on the new duo.

Before long, Satoshi and Pikachu find themselves being chased by the angry flock of bird pokemon. Pikachu trips and falls, landing on its back helplessly. The flock of Onisuzume dive toward the fallen pokemon so Satoshi runs over and scoops up his partner before it's attacked. Satoshi, now holding Pikachu in his arms, runas away from the flock as rain starts to fall. The young Trainer is worried that Pikachu won't make it so he asks is partner to please go inside its Monster Ball where it'll be safe. He tells Pikachu that he knows it doesn't like it but tells it that if it goes inside he might be able to save it. Satoshi really hates seeing PIkachu like this.

Satoshi places Pikachu's Monster Ball down beside it and tells it to go inside while he takes care of the Onisuzume. Satoshi faces the bird pokemon, turns his cap around, and tells them that he won't allow them to attack Pikachu any more. The Onisuzume make a dive for Satoshi so Pikachu gets up, climbs up onto Satoshi's arm, and lets out a powerful Thunderbolt attack that defeats all the Onisuzume at once! The stunned Onisuzume make a run for it while Satoshi picks up the now-exhausted Pikachu. As he thanks Pikachu, he notices a rainbow-colored feather floating down toward him.


Back in the Alola Region, Satoshi and Pikachu wake up.
Jararanga is standing over them, waiting to finish them off, so Satoshi and Pikachu jump up to defend themselves. Pikachu takes Satoshi's hat and puts it on its own head while Satoshi prepares to use a Z-Move. Pikachu jumps forward and lets out a massive 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt attack that easily defeats the Totem Pokemon.

As Satoshi and Pikachu look ahead triumphantly, they think about how their journey that started way back then is still not over. It all started when they met that pokemon, Houou...

The End

The only human characters who appear in this adaptation are Satoshi, Satoshi's mom, and Dr. Orchid. Mr. Kawamoto's adapation of Volcanion and the Tricky Magearna also left out the overwhelming majority of the human cast so this isn't really anything new.

The final page of the chapter ends with "The End" (おわり) rather than "To be continued in the next issue of CoroCoro," indicating that this 32-page chapter is all we'll be getting this year. When asked for confirmation on this, author
Kemon Kawamoto apologized and said that at this point he isn't able to say anything in regards to that.


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