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The tie-in manga for Pocket Monsters the Movie "I Choose You!" features a number of new characters created solely for the new side stories.

"Get Fired Up, Marshadow!"

Name:  Ken (ケン)
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A
Befriended Pokemon:  Marshadow,
Pi, Togedemaru, Abuly, Nuikoguma, and Churine

Ken is a timid young boy who is looking over his grandfather's dojo now that he's passed away. After seeing how great Marshadow's power is, he asks the mythical pokemon to stay at the dojo to help take care of it.

Ken also uses the dojo as a safehouse for pokemon who have been abandoned or otherwise injured.

Ken eventually gathers the courage to stand up to the Skull-Dan and uses his grandfather's Z-Ring to unleash Marshadow's
Seven-Star Soul-Stealing Kick. Once the Skull-Dan is defeated he vows to become strong enough to defend the dojo all on his own.

Name:  Grandfather (おじいちゃん)
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A

Ken's grandfather was a martial artist who ran a dojo in the Alola Region. Before passing away, he told Ken about the "Rainbow Hero," a person who has the courage to stand up to an opponent even if he knows he has no chance of winning. He has chosen Houou as the guardian of his dojo.

Ken's grandfather passed away one year before the start of story from unknown causes.

Name:  Borosue (ボロスエ)
Pokemon on Hand:  Kairiky, Gyarados

Borosue is the boss of a group of Skull-Dan grunts in the Alola Region. He's been trying to tear down Ken's grandfather's dojo and put up a bronze statue of himself ever since the grandfather passed away a year ago and is not above bullying small children to get his way.

Borosue's trump pokemon is his Gyarados.

"The Rainbow Hero"

Coming Soon!




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