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Japanese Episode DP 044
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 044:  "Lets Help the Stray Hippopotas!"
American Episode 1044: 
"Mass Hi-Po-Sis!"
Orchid-Hakase's Big Encyclopedia:  Garmale
Japanese Air Date:  August 23rd, 2007
American Air Date:  January 5th, 2008

After finishing up another meal, our heroes prepare to resume their travels.  Satoshi notices that his Naetle has gone missing, so the trainer and his friends go into a nearby forest to look for it.  They eventually find the grass-type starter, who then leads them to a Hippopotas stranded on a cliff's edge.  After rescuing the pokemon from certain death, the trainers bid farewell to the hippo pokemon.  However, Hippopotas won't stop following them!  Eventually, Yuuka and the crew of the TV show "Shin'ou Now!" show up and explain that they're following the hippo pokemon as they migrate through the area.  They guess that the stray Hippopotas that Satoshi-tachi found got separated from its group, so our heroes decide to reunite the pokemon with its family.  After an attack by the Rocket-Dan, Hippopotas is knocked into a river!  Since the hippo pokemon is a ground-type, the water severely weakens it, so Satoshi and his friends pause their search for its family to treat its wounds at a nearby Pokemon Center.  Once there, Satoshi is told by the Joi at the Center that the pokemon needs to be covered in dry sand in order to recover.  Satoshi follows Joi's orders and gathers as much sand as he can, and before long, the pokemon returns to good health.  The Rocket-Dan make another capture attempt, but they are quickly defeated by our heroes.  Eventually, Hippopotas' family is found and the stray pokemon is able to return.  Now that the hippo pokemon is back with its own kind, Satoshi and the others continue on the road to Hikari's next Pokemon Contest.

This episode had its ups and downs.  I really liked the silly animation style to it and how the show was able to make Hippopotas adorable as all get-out, but the episode also had its shortcomings.  The constant Rocket-Dan attacks, for example, just felt like a case of the producers needing to stretch things out to fill out the entire 22 minutes.  They blasted off like...three times?  Four times?  The anime has this bad habit of doing this every now and then; they'll only have about fifteen minutes of actual story to tell and resort to using the Rocket-Dan to fill in the rest. 

I'm also not a fan of how the Shin'ou Now! crew was just sort of forgotten about after the A part of the episode.  Surely it wouldn't have taken that much time for the mike operator to wake up and the crew to catch up with Satoshi and the Hippopotas, would it? 

On a more positive note, this is like the third episode in a row where Takeshi (or rather, his Gureggru) does something productive.  It's a trend that I'm really enjoying, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really care about Takeshi one way or the other. 

Both Satoshi and J sort of have a back-and-forth going on during the next episode preview, resulting in a rather unique introduction for the next episode.  But since PUSA doesn't dub these previews, dub viewers miss out.  Boo.

People keep thinking that the sign we assume says "Under Construction" has Japanese writing on it and that PUSA kept it all intact, but that's not the case.  The sign is clearly written in that made-up language that's been around for all these years, but I guess people are getting desperate to find things to praise PUSA about and are resorting to misinformation to get the job done.  I mean, honestly; we haven't seen real Japanese writing since "Cheer Pressure."  If the show suddenly started inserting Japanese writing back into the show after all these years, I'd be the first person to say something about it.

Hippopotas keeps its Japanese voice. 
And while the pokemon does keeps its Japanese name, the way it's pronounced in the English version is quite different from the way it's pronounced in Japan.

Cut--1 second
The one-second clock wipe is removed after the shot where Satoshi-tachi leave the Hippopotas behind.

In the English version, PUSA just fades out and then fades back in because a commercial break is placed between the two scenes.

Side Note
The way the dub handled the Hippopotas mispronunciation gag was a bit different from the Japanese version.  In the original, Musashi just adds an extra po or two to the pokemon's name every time, resulting in Hippopopotas.

Jessie, on the other hand, keeps mixing the pokemon's name up with regular words, some of which really don't sound anything like Hippopotas.  I mean...hibachi?  Really?

Music Edit
During the montage of everyone collecting sand to put on Hippopotas, Sora ga Soko ni Aru Kara plays in the background.  This is replaced by instrumental music for the dub.

Dialogue Edit
I assumed this would be considered "a given," but just in case you were wondering...the Cassidy reference at the end of the episode is dub-only. 

Additional Footage--3 seconds
In Soviet Russia, TO BE CONTINUED... adds three seconds to you.

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