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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Diamond & Pearl

Japanese Episode DP 045
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 045:  "Hunter J Reappears!  Protect the Tatetops!!"
American Episode 1045: 
"Ill-Will Hunting!"
Orchid-Hakase's Big Encyclopedia:  Cherrinbo
Japanese Air Date:  August 30th, 2007
American Air Date:  January 12th, 2008
Important Characters:  Shigeru (Gary Oak)
Important Places:  Mt. Tengan (Mt. Coronet)

Satoshi and his friends encounter a Tatetops near Mt. Tengan!  Before they get a chance to spend any time with it, however, Pokemon Hunter J's henchmen appear to kidnap it.  While Satoshi fights the poachers off, his old rival Shigeru appears to lend a hand!  After the henchmen are taken care of, Shigeru tells Satoshi that he's in the area to help the Tatetops that J is hunting.  His mission is to take the pokemon to a rendez-vous spot where Nanakamado-Hakase and Junsa will take care of them.  Unfortunately, J's henchmen have the area surrounded pretty well, so the gang has to take some dangerous back roads in order to continue.  As our heroes slowly make their way through the mountain, J decides that the best way to handle things would be to take the pokemon herself.  While Satoshi and Shigeru fight off J, Hikari and Takeshi try to lead the Tatetops group to safety.  Despite Satoshi-tachi's teamwork, J captures one of the rare pokemon and retreats with it to her airship.  She isn't able to keep the pokemon for long, however, since Satoshi and Shigeru are able to create a diversion long enough to enable them to rescue the pokemon.  Just as J is about to retaliate, she receives a message from her client stating that the imminent arrival of the police is causing him to back out of their agreement.  Now that J no longer has any business in the area, she tells Satoshi not to get in her way anymore before boarding her airship and leaving.  Before long, our heroes meet up with Nanakamado-Hakase and turn the pokemon over to them.  Now that his work is done, Shigeru tells Satoshi that he has work to do elsewhere in the region and promises to meet him again.

So Pokemon Hunter J's back!  And Shigeru!  Who says Pocket Monsters doesn't know how to bring old characters back?

While the show may be getting better at some things, it's still lacking in other areas.  This episode, like J's last appearance, is incredibly rushed and really would have worked better as a two-parter.  And if that's not bad enough, the main characters, who all got a chance to shine last time, barely do anything at all in this one.  I guess Shigeru figured that if he was only going to appear once every 40 episodes or so, he's gotta make the most of his screentime.

Also...what's with Tatetops being completely useless in this episode?  If this had been a two-parter, the show would have actually had the time to showcase the titular pokemon and let us see what it can do.  The way I see it, this pokemon's debut is just like Whaleoh's debut in the anime; hopefully, it will get a similar "making up for your shitty first appearance" episode like the big whale pokemon did.

What can I say about the dub that I don't say in every other Diamond & Pearl comparison?  Other than commenting on the music (only four pieces kept this time, and most of them happen in the second act) and talking about the voices (Rowan doesn't sound as Frank'N'Furter-like as he did before), there's not a whole lot to say.

Dialogue Edit
There's only two of these this time around.

The first one comes from the scene where Ash and Gary fight against J near the cliff:

Ash:  "Alright, J!  This time, no mercy!  I'm puttin' an end to all your bad stuff!"

The equivalent line in the Japanese version "I can't forgive you, Pokemon Hunter J!  I can never forgive you guys!"

The dub dialogue is a bit ridiculous when you consider that Ash does show her mercy (by letting her escape in the end) and by not putting an end to any of the "bad stuff" that she's been doing (as evident by the fact that she'll appear in the series again).

The next difference occurs at the end of the episode:

Gary:  "Bye, Ash.  Best of friends, 'til the end."
Ash:  "Yeah!"

The line of dialogue that's mistaken for a poem later on is また会おう、シンオウ地方のどこかでな。。。(Mata aou, Shinou Chihou no dokoka de na..."Let's meet again somewhere in the Shin'ou Region).  None of this "UR MY BFF!!!" stuff.


Dawn:  "Huh!?"
Ash:  "Dawn!  What's wrong?"
Dawn:  "It's what Gary said right before he left.  'Best of friends until the end.'  Wow!  Don't you see?  That's poetry!  And he made it up on the spot!"
Ash:  "Huh?"
Dawn:  "Awesome!  He is the grandson of Professor Oak!"

So you'll remember that the type of poetry that Orchid-Hakase is known for is senryuu, right?  Well originally, Hikari says that even though Shigeru's "senryuu" didn't have a pokemon's name in it (all of Orchid-Hakase's senryuu do), it still fits the other requirements for a senryuu to be a senryuu and is therefore impressed.

Since senryuu don't really exist in English, translating Hikari's ramblings would have been pretty tricky.  So, PUSA decided that rhyming = poetry and went with that. 

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