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Japanese Episode DP 043
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 043:  "Mumage!  Escape the Nightmare!!"
American Episode 1043: 
"Malice In Wonderland!"
Japanese Air Date:  August 16th, 2007
American Air Date:  December 29th, 2007

While on their way to their next destination, Satoshi-tachi become lost.  After passing through a gate to escape the rain, a blinding light envelops our heroes.  Once their eyes readjust, their luck seems to turn as all of their wishes start to come true.  Satoshi is met by Orchid-Hakase and is told that he has a chance to enter a competition that will make him a Pokemon Master, Hikari is met by her mother who tells her that she has a shot at becoming the world's best Coordinator, and a ton of Joi and Junsa proclaim their undying love for Takeshi.  As Satoshi and Hikari being their various battles, the women who had been fawning over Takeshi turn into Gureggru!  With a jolt, Takeshi wakes up and realizes that everything they had just experienced was an illusion created by the pokemon Mumage!  Takeshi alerts everyone else to this fact, causing the Mumage's illusion to crumble.  Satoshi and the others decide that all of this started after they passed through the gate, so they return to the area in order to leave the dream world.  After an illusion-filled battle with Mumage, our heroes emerge victorious and are able to escape the illusion.  Now that everyone's back in the real world, they resume their journey to Yosuga City for Hikari's next Pokemon Contest.

This episode was alright, I guess.  The Joi and Junsa turning into Gureggru part was priceless, but everything else was just kind of meh.  I'm not the type of fan who gets super excited at seeing legendary pokemon duke it out, so seeing all the legendary pokemon in this one really didn't do much for me.

I also think it's pretty funny that, in Satoshi's dream, he has the crazy old guy who lives down the road show up instead of his own mother.  Way to have your priorities straight, kid.

The script in the dub version is pretty loose, so you're gonna see a lot of "Dialogue Edits" boxes below.  Music-wise, there's only five pieces of music kept, which is only about half of what was kept in the previous episode.  If nothing else, PUSA is very consistent in that they're always inconsistent.

Also...does anyone else think that Professor Oak sounds like Gary trying to put on an old man's voice?  I mean, they're related so it kinda makes sense, but it still sounds pretty weird.  Speaking of voices...Johanna's voice actress still can't act worth a crap.

Rayquaza and Groudon keep their Japanese voices.

Dialogue Edit
It's untranslated pun time!  My translation of the Japanese dialogue's on the left while the English dub dialogue's on the right:

Japanese Version
English Version
Satoshi:  "What was that hikari ("light") just now?"
Ash:  "Where's the light coming from, Dawn?"
Hikari:  "You're asking me?"
Dawn:  "Ash, how should I know?"
Takeshi:  (points to Hikari) "Not that Hikari!"
Brock:  (points to Dawn) "We're all clueless on this one."

Hikari is the Japanese word for "light," but it also happens to be the name of the show's female protagonist.  So when Satoshi asks where the hikari (light) is coming from, Hikari (the Coordinator) thinks he's talking about her.   So, Takeshi steps in to set the record straight.

PUSA could have tried to translate this by incorporating some kind of pun on the word dawn, but they opted to just ignore it altogether.

Later, when the gang gets to the Pokemon Center, Joi asks Takeshi if he's the Takeshi from Nibi City.  The dub omits the Nibi City ("Pewter City") part.

Later, during the explanation of the upcoming battle, Orchid-Hakase tells Satoshi that he'll be battling against Shirona, to which Satoshi responds "But I haven't even battled her once!" (since, if you remember, Shinji was the one who battled her when they all met).  In the dub, he tells Oak that he's only just started his journey in Sinnoh.

Later on in the episode, Ayako states - in the Japanese version - that the Potchama dress she got for Hikari is custom-made.  She never says that she bought it in a store the way Johanna does.

Later, during Team Rocket's fantasy:

TV Producer who looks like the movie director dude from Kanto:  "I'm as famous a TV producer as you can get.  Jessie, darling, there's no denying you're one of the world's greatest actresses.  Please, please star in my brand new reality show!"

Needless to say, the whole "reality show" bit wasn't in the Japanese version.

Speaking of the TV producer, he sounds a bit like old man Herbert from Family Guy in the Japanese version.  Creepy~.

And finally, Ayako's battle cry "Special Charm Up!" (to compliment her daughter's simple "Charm Up!") is changed to "Spotlight!" for the dub.  Take that, Engrish!

Side Note
The battle announcer in the dub is, quite obviously, the same guy who's the narrator for the series.  In the Japanese version, however, they use the Pokemon League announcer guy.

Music Edit

From the time the big battle against Rayquaza starts until Mumage starts making Gym Badges and Contest Ribbons fall out of the sky, Pokémon Symphonic Medley is played in the background.  This is replaced in the dub.

Added Footage--3 seconds
USA-Pay adds-ay ree-thay econds-say o-tay e-thay O-TAY E-BAY ONTINUED-CAY... reen-scay.

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