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Japanese Episode DP 042
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 042:  "The Rakurai Training Center!"
American Episode 506: 
"The Electrike Company!"
Japanese Air Date:  August 9th, 2007
American Air Date:  December 22nd, 2007
Important Characters:  Yuusuke (Jaco), unnamed chief (Cal)

As our heroes train for their upcoming challenges, a bolt of lightning appears and almost hits everyone!  Before long, the source of the rogue lightning bolt is revealed to be a Rakurai belonging to a Pokemon Breeder named Yuusuke.  After apologizing for the attack, Yuusuke explains that he was trying to teach the pokemon how to control its lightning attacks so it can graduate from the nearby training center.  Takeshi, wanting to help a fellow Breeder, decides to help Yuusuke train.  At first, Yuusuke doesn't like the idea of training an electric-type pokemon because he usually specializes in bird-types, but Takeshi is able to convince him that the two types of pokemon really aren't all that different.  Meanwhile, the Rocket-Dan watch the pokemon train.  Both Kojirou and Nyasu become choked up at the sight of the pokemon working so hard, so they decide to leave Musashi and assist the pokemon in its training.  Before long, Musashi shows up in a mecha of her own design and attempts to take the pokemon!  Luckily, Rakurai evolves into Livolt and is able to control its attacks enough to destroy the mecha.  After the battle, the chief of the training center appears and announces that Livolt has passed the test!  Happy with the work they've done, Satoshi and his friends resume their journey through the Shin'ou region.

For an episode that could have been a complete bore, this one turned out to be pretty entertaining.  We get to see Takeshi in a spotlight episode that isn't a capture / evolution episode, and we get to see Kojirou and Nyasu rebel for once.  I also liked the character-of-the-day because he kind of puts a twist on the clichéd "trainer has trouble training a pokemon" thing that this show has done so many times before.  This time, there's an actual, plausible reason for Yuusuke to be bad at what he's doing, and it's really nice to see how Takeshi turns everything around for him.

The dubbed version keeps ten pieces of music, which is the highest number we've had in quite a while.  Keep it up, PUSA!  Other than that, the English title of this episode is one that probably completely went over the heads of the target audience; it's a play on the title of a children's show from the 1970's, The Electric Company

Finally, I still hate the use of the "word" pokémonic.  Ugh.

Music Edit
The opening theme Together is used as an insert song in the Japanese version of this episode.  It plays from the moment Pikachu and Pachirisu come out to help train and lasts until the scene where we see the Rocket-Dan eavesdrop.

In the dub, this is replaced with instrumental stuff.

Added Footage--3 seconds
The TO BE CONTINUED... screen is three seconds longer in the dub than it is in the Japanese version.

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