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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | "Everyone's Story" Side Story: Episode Zeraora

Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story" Side Story: Episode Zeraora is an original story that features a number of new characters exclusive to the manga. Below is a brief run-down of each character as they're presented in this story.

Story | Characters | About the Author

Characters  Introduced in Chapter One

Name:  Satoshi (サトシ)
Pokemon on Hand:  Pikachu

Satoshi is a boy who aims to be the world's number one Pokemon Master. His partner pokemon is Pikachu. Satoshi runs into a girl named Largo while passing through Fuura City and eventually goes with her to Dr. Sanzashi's lab to participate in a VR simulation.

When Satoshi hears that both Lugia and Zeraora are known to come around Fuura City he becomes excited and starts to daydream about battling them someday.

Name:  Largo (ラルゴ)
Pokemon on Hand:  N/A

Largo is the daughter of the mayor of Fuura City. She knows a lot about the city and happily passes on the rumors she's heard about Lugia and Zeraora to Satoshi.

Name:  Lugia (ルギア)

Lugia is a legendary pokemon who is said to appear on the last day of the Wind Festival and bear the blessing of the wind to the town.

Years ago, Lugia responded to a cry from Zeraora after it had witnessed an Elekid it had befriended apparently lose its life in a forest fire.

Dr. Sanzashi
Name:  Dr. Sanzashi (サンザシ博士)
Pokemon on Hand:  Eleboo

Dr. Sanzashi is a professor who lives in Fuura City. He invites Satoshi and Largo to his VR laboratory so they can witness the history of the mythical pokemon Zeraora. Throughout their journey the doctor narrates the events that are unfolding before them.

His name comes from the word for Japanese hawthorn, a type of flower typically used in bonsai arrangements.

Name:  Zeraora (ゼラオラ)
Known attacks:  Thunder Punch, Close Combat

Zeraora is a mythical pokemon who was born when a stray lightning bolt crashed into the mouth of an erupting volcano. Its lightning fast movements make it strong enough to defeat just about any opponent in battle.

Though Zeraora has a scary exterior it's also known to be incredibly kind. It risks its life multiple times to protect the pokemon around the city.

Pokemon Hunters
Name:  Unknown; they are collectively referred to as "Pokemon Hunters" (ポケモンハンター)
Pokemon on Hand:  Hellgar, Hassam
Known attacks:  Crunch (Hellgar), Slash (Hassam)

This duo of Pokemon Hunters have come to the area near the Fuura City power plant to capture the wild pokemon who live in the area. Agai seems to be their superior.

They have two pokemon - a Hellgar and a Hassam - but it's unclear which pokemon belongs to which Trainer. The Pokemon Hunters are no match for Zeraora but are smart enough to know when it's better to cut their losses and retreat.

Name:  Agai (アガイ)
Pokemon on Hand:  Bangirasu
Known attacks:  Fire Fang, Rock Slide (Bangirasu)

Agai appears to be the leader of the group of Pokemon Hunters operating near Fuura City. His partner pokemon is a Bangirasu.

Agai generally appears to be heartless and willing to endanger the lives of others to get what he wants.

Characters  Introduced in Chapter Two

Name:  Nozomu (ノゾム)
Pokemon on Hand:  Elekid

Nozomu is a young boy in the past who was traveling through the area around Fuura City when he runs into Agai and his band of thieves. His partner pokemon is Elekid.

Nozomu scares easily - his first instinct is to run at the first sight of danger. Though he relies on Zeraora to save the day he desperately wants to become strong enough to protect himself and the ones he loves.

Story | Characters | About the Author

Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story" Side Story: Episode Zeraora




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