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Dogasu's Backpack | Manga Guide | "Everyone's Story" Side Story: Episode Zeraora

A manga acting as a "side story" to Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story" is currently running in CoroCoro Comics, a manga anthology magazine that goes on sale around the 15th of every month. A preview chapter appeared in the May 2018 issue while the manga proper started in the June 2018 issue.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
May 2018
June 2018
Chapter One
July 2018
Chapter Two
August 2018
Chapter Three

May 2018 Issue

Release Date:  April 15th, 2018

CoroCoro Comics May 2018

10 pages
Satoshi and Pikachu have made their way to Fuura City, a town where people live together with the wind. The city is holding a "Wind Festival" today so Satoshi and Pikachu eagerly run around trying to figure out what to look at first. All of a sudden Satoshi, who's not really looking where he's going, runs right into a little girl named Largo! He apologizes and explains that he was distracted by the amazing smells of the city. He then asks her what this "wind festival" is all about and she replies by saying that it's to celebrate how the legendary pokemon Lugia visits their town once a year! But that's not all! Deep in the mountains outside Fuura City lives another rare pokemon, the mythical Zeraora!



Chapter One
June 2018 Issue

Release Date:  May 15th, 2018

CoroCoro Comics June 2018

32 pages
Satoshi and Pikachu have made their way to Fuura City, a town where people live together with the wind. The city is holding a festival at the moment so Satoshi and Pikachu are trying to figure out what to look at first. All of a sudden Satoshi, who's not really looking where he's going, knocks into a little girl! After the two pick themselves up off the ground and exchange the expected apologies the young girl introduces herself as the mayor's daughter Largo. She tells Satoshi that the festival going on right now occurs only once a year and that at the end of it all they expect to be visited by none other than the legendary pokemon Lugia! Largo explains that over many years the people and pokemon of Fuura City put in a lot of work to build it up and so to reward this camaraderie Lugia has decided to visit the town once a year to make sure those bonds between people and pokemon are still in place. If everything is as it should be then Lugia bestows the wind upon the people of Fuura City, enabling it to flourish another year. Satoshi gets excited at the idea of Lugia coming to the city and declares that he wants to battle it.

But wait, that's not all! Largo tells Satoshi that although she's only heard murmurings of this there's apparently another, even more rare pokemon who's supposed to be nearby! All of a sudden, as if on cue, an old man and his Eleboo appear from out of nowhere to offer to let the children see this mythical pokemon for themselves! The old man, who introduces himself as Dr. Sanzashi, has set up a pavilion to show off this mythical pokemon to the people of the city. He offers to take Satoshi and Largo to go see it.

The children follow the old man but are shocked to see that the "pavilion" he told them about is really just a beat up old tent! Largo and Pikachu are suspicious of this whole thing but Satoshi, excitable and naive as always, rushes right on in. A few seconds pass...and then Largo and Pikachu hear Satoshi scream! They rush inside only to find Satoshi marveling at how the interior of this shabby old tent is somehow an incredibly high tech laboratory! Sitting on a table near the doctor's workstation are a number of VR goggles. Without even having to be asked the children go to put on these goggles as Dr. Sanzashi explains that he'll use this technology to allow them to experience Fuura City's past.

The first place the children are taken to is to a time before Fuura City was even built. The children and Pikachu are floating high in the air over a large forest surrounding a volcano. Satoshi is amazed that even though this whole thing is a VR simulation that he's still able to feel the wind and smell the smells of the forest. He sees some wild pokemon - a Maril, Pichu, Muchul, and Togepi - but learns that he's not actually able to interact with anything there. They can look, it seems, but they can't touch.

Dr. Sanzashi, using a headset built into the VR goggles, tells the children that the main event he wanted them to witness is about to begin. The sky becomes dark as thunder rumbles ominously. All of a sudden the massive volcano erupts! As lava and smoke are sent shooting into the air the sky begins to crackle with the sound of thunder and lightning. Soon after a single thunderbolt is shot straight into the mouth of the volcano! The electricity mixes with the flames to cause a second eruption that sends even more lava and smoke spewing into the atmosphere. After the smoke from this eruption clears a yellow and black figure emerges from the volcano; Satoshi and Largo have just witnessed the birth of the mythical pokemon Zeraora!

Next, Dr. Sanzashi uses the VR set to transport our heroes to a few days after Zeraora's birth. They're back in the same forest but thankfully it seems that the volcano has settled down. Satoshi hears a Pichu crying by itself; it seems like it's maybe been separated from its friends? The young Trainer from Masara Town runs over to try to comfort it but his hands pass right through it. "Oh yeah," Satoshi recalls, "I can't touch anything here." Luckily Zeraora appears, takes the lost Pichu into its arms, leaps high up into the air, and lands in the area where Maril, Muchul, and Togepi had been looking for it. As Pichu reunites with its friends Satoshi and Largo agree that although Zeraora looks all mean and scary it's actually really kindhearted.

Our heroes are transported again, this time to a period when people are starting to settle into the area. Small windmills dot the landscape while a large power plant in the middle of the forest stores all the electricity they generate
. Largo recognizes the power plant as one that's still in Fuura City but explains that these days it's all broken down and so nobody uses it. Dr. Sanzashi then chips in to say that Zeraora and the other pokemon used to live near the power plant in peace until a group of Pokemon Hunters started coming by the area. Satoshi and Largo see an unnamed duo of Pokemon Hunters - one man and one woman - arrive on the scene and attempt to grab Pichu, Maril, Muchul, and Togepi. Zeraora appears out of nowhere to stop them and so the hunters turn their attention on the mythical pokemon.

The Pokemon Hunters call on Hellgar and Hassam to battle. Hellgar makes the first move with Crunch so Zeraora leaps up into the air to avoid it only to be swatted back to earth by Hassam and its Slash attack. The mythical pokemon counterattacks by jumping back on its feet and then lunging forward with a Thunder Punch so powerful that it knocks out both Hassam and Hellgar in a single hit! The Pokemon Hunters see that they're no match for this mythical pokemon and make a run for it.

Once the Pokemon Hunters are gone, the baby pokemon all leap into Zeraora's arms. Satoshi declares that he definitely wants to battle Zeraora now even more than ever!

Back at the Pokemon Hunters' secret base, the two hunters tell their leader, Agai, about the rare pokemon they just saw near the power plant. Agai turns to look at his Bangirasu and tells it that this means they'll just have to get it for themselves then.



Chapter Two
July 2018 Issue

Release Date:  June 15th, 2018

CoroCoro Comics July 2018

31 pages
Next up, Dr. Sanzashi says, let's take a look at another major incident that occurred in Fuura City. Using the VR system's control panel the professor sends Satoshi, Largo, and Pikachu to another point in the city's history. This time, however, instead of watching everything from above like they'd been doing they're going to see the action from the eyes of a young Trainer named Nozomu. The little boy nears the same power plant that Satoshi and Largo had seen before as he's telling his partner Elekid that there are rumors that Pokemon Hunters have been spotted in the area. Suddenly, Agai and the two hunters who were after Zeraora earlier appear before Nozomu and demand he hand over his pokemon. If he doesn't want his pokemon taken from him, Agai taunts, he'll have to defeat him and his Bangirasu in battle!

Nozomu knows good and well that he and Elekid are no match for the Pokemon Hunters so he tells his pokemon to make a run for it. Unfortunately for them Agai's Bangirasu is way too fast and quickly closes the gap between the two. It uppercuts Elekid right in the gut, launching it into the air. Zeraora appears out of nowhere and catches the baby pokemon in its arms to bring it safely back to earth.

Agai quickly figures out that Zeraora is the rare pokemon who gave his colleagues so much trouble and so he instantly orders Bangirasu to turn its attention to Zeraora instead. It tries to bite Zeraora with Fire Fang but the mythical pokemon jumps out of the way to avoid the attack. Agai then orders his pokemon to use Rock Slide. Zeraora uses its lightning speed to dart in between the rocks summoned by its opponent as it moves forward to close the distance between itself and Bangirasu. As soon as Zeraora is right in front of Bangirasu it uses Close Combat to hit Bangirasu with a flurry of punches. Agai recognizes that Zeraora is too strong for him to defeat and so he and the other Pokemon Hunters retreat.

Once the Hunters are gone, Nozomu runs up to Zeraora and thanks it for protecting them. He then turns to Elekid and promises that someday the two of them will grow up to be just as strong as Zeraora is! The celebration is cut short, however, when everyone notices that the power plant is now fully engulfed in flames! Nozomu believes the fire must have been started when stray embers from Bangirasu's Fire Fang attack set some of the nearby brush on fire by accident. The blaze starts to spread throughout the forest so Nozomu, Elekid, and Zeraora make a run for it. Muchul and Togepi can be heard crying out in the distance so Zeraora jumps toward an area where they're trapped and uses its body to shield them from a falling tree. Once the babies are out of harm's way Zeraora finds a Gomazou stuck on a cliff and rescues it as well. Zeraora continues to leap from area to area, saving pokemon in need as the forest around them burns.

Meanwhile, Nozomu and Elekid are running through the burning forest on their own. Some large tree branches break off and fall toward Elekid but Nozomu is too frozen in fear to push his pokemon out of the way in time. The branches end up landing on Elekid and trap it in place. As the fire continues to rage on around them, Nozomu panics, turns away, and starts to make a run for it. The sound of Elekid crying out for him snaps him out of his terror and Nozomu gathers what little courage he has and returns to his pokemon. He feebly tries to lift the heavy branches off his pokemon but his progress is slow. Luckily, Zeraora arrives, apparently done helping the other pokemon in the forest, and quickly removes the rest of the branches from the pile and freeing Elekid. The Electric-Type pokemon runs toward both Nozomu's and Zeraora's outstretched arms...and then, a large flash.

A massive explosion engulfs the area that forces Nozomu and Zeraora to take cover. When the smoke clears, Elekid is nowhere to be found. Is it possible...? Zeraora is upset that it couldn't save Elekid so it unleashes a primal roar that echoes throughout the land. The scream eventually reaches the other legendary pokemon of Fuura City, Lugia, and causes it to burst out of its home in the sea.


Chapter Three
August 2018

Release Date:  July 14th, 2018

?? pages
The third chapter is set to appear in the August 2018 issue of CoroCoro Comics.


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Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story" Side Story: Episode Zeraora




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