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Episode AG 129
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 129: "To the Tournament Finals!  The Daily Hot Battles"
American Episode 399: "Shocks and Bonds"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Houen League information

Japanese Air Date:  May 12th, 2005
American Air Date:  March 18th, 2006
Important Characters:  Hyuuga (Clark the Conductor), Ji'onbi (Johnny), Kaede (Katie)

Now that the preliminaries are over, Satoshi finds himself pitted against a trainer named Hyuuga.  The musically gifted trainer's Lizardon and Magmarashi hold an early advantage against Satoshi's Juptoru and Onigohri, but our hero refuses to give up.  After Hyuuga's Magmarashi is taken out by Satoshi's Juptoru, the grass-type pokemon is knocked out by Lizardon.  A one on one battle between Lizardon and Onigohri commences as Satoshi's pokemon uses the battle field to its advantage.  Lizardon is eventually knocked out, giving Satoshi the victory.  After watching Tetsuya win against a trainer named Ji'onbi, our heroes are given a day off to rest.  Satoshi and Masamune decide to train during this time, while Haruka and the others go shopping in Saiyuu City.  The next day, the Finals Tournament begins with a match between Satoshi and a trainer named Kaede.  Kaede is known for battling strategically and shows this by continuously switching out her pokemon for one that has a better type advantage.  The first match between her Golduck and Satoshi's Cotoise ends in Kaede's favor, as does the match between her Dugtrio and Satoshi's Pikachu.  After Satoshi's Onigohri is called out, Satoshi's pokemon is able to defeat Kaede's ground-type pokemon.  Kaede decides to use Muma next and allows it to take damage until it's almost fainted.  Then, at the last second, Kaede orders her pokemon to use Destiny Bond, an attack that brings Onigohri down with it!  Now that Satoshi has only three pokemon left, does he have a chance of winning against this tough adversary?  To be continued!

I think this is my favorite episode of the Houen League.  Even though Tetsuya's battle is sort of "meh," Satoshi's two battles more than make up for it.  His battle against Hyuuga is great because Satoshi had such a handicap with the pokemon he chose yet is still able to pull out a completely believable victory.  The battle against Kaede is even better since we get to see a trainer actually battle the way people do in real life.  I mean, why did we have to wait almost 400 episodes before we got to see a trainer who actually switches out her pokemon the way real game players do?  Or someone who uses an attack like Destiny Bond?  Kaede's battle is like a video game geek's wet dream, and I hope the anime gives us more battles like the one between Kaede and Satoshi in the future.

The dubbed version is pretty average.  A lot of people wonder if Clark's ramblings about music and the constant reminders that he's a conductor are dub-only changes, but he's just like that in the Japanese version as well.  So there you go.

Cut--4 seconds altogether
Two seconds are trimmed from the first shot of the episode.

Two more seconds are removed from the episode's title screen.  Bet you didn't see that coming, did you?

Commercial Cut--3 seconds
You know the drill...this time, the shot of Bossgodora charging at Tetsuya's Jukain is shown twice in the Japanese version; once before the commercial break and again after the show returns.  One of these instances of the footage being repeated is cut from the dub since the commercial break occurs at a later point in the English version.

Dialogue Edit
May gives us this weird bit of dialogue:

May:  "Well in that case, let's go hunt down some interesting food!"
Tyson:  "Any food in particular?"
May:  "Well, yeah.  There's this burrito made out of peanut butter and cactus that I'd love to try."
Tyson:  "Ah, there's a taste treat you wouldn't wanna miss."

Peanut butter and cactus!?  And this is the same company that paints over a rice ball with a sub sandwich?

Originally, Haruka wanted some kind of spicy bread treat.

Music Edit
During everyone's day off, the third opening theme to Advanced Generation, Pokémon Symphonic Medley plays in the background. 

In the dub, this song is replaced by another vocal song, You and Me and Pok
émon (from the Totally Pokémon! and Pokémon 3 The Movie CD's).  It's not the greatest song ever, but I do like it better than the musical abortion that is Pokémon Symphonic Medley, so I won't give 4Kids a hard time for this one.

Cut--3 seconds altogether
Two seconds are trimmed from the very end of the shot right before Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

Finally, a second is trimmed from the TO BE CONTINUED...screen.

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