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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Houen Region

Episode AG 128
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 128: "The Curtain Rises!  The Saiyuu Conference!"
American Episode 398: "Brags and Riches"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Houen League information

Japanese Air Date:  May 5th, 2005
American Air Date:  March 11th, 2006
Important Characters:  Garon (Gavin), Tomono (Dominic)

The Houen League continues with a set of double battles to determine who will move on to the next round.  The first match we see is between Masamune's Guardie and Gliger versus a trainer named Garon and his Garagara and Kairiki.  Garagara keeps Guardie busy with its bone attacks while Kairiki karate chops its way past Gliger's defenses.  As the battle continues, Masamune's flying-type pokemon is able to defeat Garon's Kairiki with a Guillotine attack, but his Guardie is knocked out by Garon's Garagara!  Now that both trainers are down to one pokemon apiece, the fight becomes more serious!  Despite the odds being against it, Masamune's Gliger is able to eventually pull through with a win and allows Masamune to advance to the next round.  As the Rocket-Dan start a job selling snacks for a new boss, Satoshi's next battle begins.  The trainer from Masara Town faces off against Tomono, a trainer who uses Marunohmu and Tropius against Satoshi's Heigani and Cotoise.  As Heigani attempts to damage the blob-like Marunohmu, Tropius and Cotoise try to overpower one another with their strongest attacks, Solar Beam and Overheat.  The attacks are too evenly matched, and the two pokemon end up KO'ing each other!  Marunohmu is all that's left of Tomono's team, but it seems like all of Heigani's attacks have no effect on it at all!  Finally, Satoshi orders Heigani to attack the pokemon's insides, aiming its Bubble Beam into the pokemon's mouth.  The attack works, and Marunohmu is soon defeated.  As Satoshi celebrates his victory, he learns that Tetsuya has made it on to the next round as well!  How long can our heroes continue winning?  To be continued!

More league stuff.  More battling.  Whee.

Masamune's English voice is still terrible, and it was especially painful during his taunt in the Pokémon Center.  I've heard complaints about his Japanese voice being annoying (which I disagree with), but his dub voice is just painful to listen to. 

Tropius and Gliger keep their Japanese voices.  I've heard fans wonder about Tropius' voice because it's different from its previous appearance ("Jirachi Wish Maker"), but I can tell you it wasn't redubbed like fans think.

Cut--5 seconds altogether
Three seconds are trimmed from the first shot of the episode.

Later, two seconds are trimmed from the episode's title screen.

Dialogue Edit
Hey, at least they didn't use any digital paint:

May:  "Mmmm~ This cheeseburger's the best!"
Tyson:  "Yeah and you can only get 'em right here at this stadium so eat up!"
May:  "I am!"

It looks like we've returned to the good old-fashioned "use dialogue to change what the characters are eating" edit.  Originally, Haruka and Tetsuya weren't eating cheeseburgers; they were eating meron pan, or melon bread. 

It's a food that isn't foreign at all, yet 4Kids changed it anyway. 

Dialogue Edit
A bit of a translation mishap here:

Announcer:  "And challenging Morrison will be Gavin from Ganga Town!  Give him a hand!"

If 4Kids had translated this correctly, they would have had the announcer say "Gavin from Muscle Island." 

You see, Ganga Island is the Japanese name of Muscle Island, the place everyone visited in "Training Wrecks."  In this episode, however, they call it "Ganga Town," reverting back to the Japanese name for the first half and changing island into town in the second half.  4Kids probably just thought that Ganga Island was some place that we hadn't seen before and therefore saw no reason to change its name.

As far as Tomono's hometown goes...I have no clue.  It sounds like they're saying Inuwa Town in both versions, but as far as I know, that town has never shown up in the anime.  Maybe it's some filler city from the Jouto days that I'm not familiar with?

Dialogue Edit
During both Garon's and Tomono's introductions, we hear a group of offscreen cheerleaders chanting their names in the Japanese version.  There aren't any cheerleaders in the dub.

Cut--4 seconds altogether
A two second fade into Team Rocket's scene after Morrison's "Of course.  No rival of mine would dare do any less" is cut.

Finally, two seconds are removed from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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