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Japanese Episode DP 032
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 032:  "Beequeen's Amber Castle!"
American Episode 496: 
"An Angry Combeenation!"
Orchid-Hakase's Big Encyclopedia:  Nyaruma
Japanese Air Date:  May 3rd, 2007
American Air Date:  October 13th, 2007

After finding a Mitsuhoney in the Hakutai Forest, our heroes begin to chase after it.  Eventually, they are lead to a cave hidden behind a raging waterfall.  As our heroes enter the cave (with the Rocket-Dan following behind them), they find a complex maze of tunnels.  Garmale, however, is able to detect the enchanted honey and navigate through the cave.  Eventually, our heroes run into the Rocket-Dan who, during their battle with Satoshi-tachi, manage to anger a bunch of Mitsuhoney in the area.   After the Rocket trio is beaten, our heroes press onward.  Before long, they find the amber castle hidden behind a wall made up of Mitsuhoney!  Momi approaches the leader of the pokemon, Beequeen, and asks if she can take just a little of the enchanted honey with her.  The Rocket-Dan fall onto the scene before the pokemon can respond and start taking all the honey for themselves.  While they collect the treasure, the Rocket's pokemon battle the Mitsuhoney, damaging the castle's walls in the process.  As our heroes work to repair the wall, Beequeen sends the Rocket-Dan blasting off with a powerful attack.  Afterwards, the Mitsuhoney work together to patch up the cracks in the wall caused by the Rocket-Dan.  Beequeen decides to give some honey to Momi, bringing her mission of fulfilling her grandfather's dream to a close.  Once our heroes reach the surface again, Momi departs, thanking our heroes for all their hard work.  Now that their little sidequest is over, it's time to press onward to the Hakutai Gym and Satoshi's second Gym Battle!

This episode is a pretty good one to end Momi's mini-arc on.  The character isn't really interesting enough to do too much more with, so I'm glad they decided to get rid of her before she started to overstay her welcome. 

This episode is very, very pretty.  The change of pace from the boring forest we've been in for so long is very nice, and the way the anime is able to bring all the Mitsuhoney to life is really nice.  I kind of wish Beequeen was featured a bit more (it barely did anything!), but I'm sure we'll see one again later.

The dubbed version doesn't really have a lot going on.  The music, as usual, does a piss-poor job of fitting into the scenes in which they're placed.  The Japanese version uses a lot of movie music to make everything sound grand and big, while the dub uses a lot of really plain-sounding pieces. 

The next episode preview is narrated by Yuko of "Shinou Now!," which is pretty neat.  Of course, we never get the previews in the dub, so English-only fans are missing out.  It's a shame.

Beequeen keeps its Japanese voice.

Added Footage--3 seconds
Y'know, if you Google the words "three seconds," the first thing you'll come up with is an entry on Amazon.com for a book entitled You've Only Got Three Seconds by Camille Lavington.  Which is, apparently, a book telling you how to avoid making "
irreversible judgments" within the first three seconds of meeting a potential employer.  Interesting.

Oh yeah.  The TO BE CONTINUED... screen is made three seconds longer in the dub.

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