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Episode AG 149
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 149:  "Mizugorou and Mokoko!  The Wonder Drug of Love!?"
American Episode 419: "
A Chip Off the Old Brock!"
Japanese Air Date:  October 20th, 2005
American Air Date:  September 16th, 2006
Important Characters:  Momoko (Mariah), Sakie (Dr. Katie), Ryuuta (McCauley)

While holding a practice battle with Satoshi's Juptoru, Takeshi's Mizugorou evolves into Numaclaw!  The evolved pokemon wastes no time using its newest attack, Mud Shot, but it hits a Mokoko by accident!  Takeshi rushes to get the pokemon a potion, but the Mokoko's trainer, Momoko, appears and announces that she has everything under control.  She takes our heroes to a drugstore, where she and a young man named Ryuuta work as assistants to an old woman named Sakie.  After giving her pokemon a healing elixir, she reveals that the drugs they make in their pharmacy are mixed by their electric pokemon!  Later that night, Ryuuta reveals that he hasn't quite gotten the hang of using his electric pokemon and has no confidence in his skills as a chemist.  Later that night, the Rocket-Dan decide they want the entire collection of medicine, so they use their giant Nyasu balloon to lift the entire shop off the ground!  Satoshi's Pikachu and Sakie's Mareep are injured when the Rocket-Dan repel Numaclaw's Mud Shot attack, so Ryuuta and Momoko are forced to make a medicine to heal the pokemon.  The duo ends up creating a perfect mixture and heal our heroes' pokemon, enabling them to thwart the Rocket-Dan's scheme and send them blasting off again.  With the Rocket-Dan's schemes thwarted for now, Satoshi and his friends resume their journey through the Battle Frontier.

Takeshi, Takeshi, Takeshi.  The poor guy gets like three episodes to shine per season, and this is, unfortunately, one of them.  While it's not really a bad episode, per se, it isn't that better than a lot of the other filler that's come before it.  I mean, it's kind of like that old Paras episode, often regarded as one of the worst fillers of the original Kanto era, only this time we don't have a weak-ass pokemon fighting a disobedient pokemon.  Mizugorou's evolution kind of makes this episode stand out, but even that doesn't save the episode.  I mean, it's annoying enough how tacked onto this episode it is, but it's even worse when you see that Numaclaw only really appears in maybe three episodes after this one.  I'm all for giving Takeshi more screentime, but it seems pointless to do so when they don't do anything with it.

On a more somber note, this episode marks Uchino Noriyuki's final voice acting role before his death on June 11th, 2006.  Uchino Noriyuki is the VA for Ryuuta.

The dubbed version is nothing exceptional.  The dub continues to ape 4Kids' version, which is both a good and a bad thing; while we get the same level of faithful script translation, we also get the same phobia of keeping Japanese music that 4Kids has been suffering from for years.  On the voice acting side, James' VA was pretty unremarkable in this one, and Mariah's VA somehow manages to underact more than Ash's does. 

Mareep keeps its Japanese voice.

Dialogue Edit
PUSA pulls a 4Kids:

Max:  "That Mud Shot is an earth type attack.  And since Flaafy's an electric type, that hit was super strong!"

"Earth Type?"  Do I even need to waste quality wit on such an obvious mistake?

Update:  Apparently not.  According to an e-mail from a visitor of the site named Brian Longshore, PUSA went back and redubbed this line.  So now, Max identifies Mud Shot as a ground type attack.  That's pretty damn fanservice-y, if you ask me.

Music Edit
During the scene where Ryuuta and Momoko finally perfect their medicine making technique, the third Advanced Generation opening, Pokemon Symphonic Medley, plays in the background.  In the American version, however, this is replaced by a bunch of generic Saturday morning cartoon music that's meant to be "dramatic." 

Also, the way PUSA edits the Advanced Adventure instrumental at the end of the episode by cutting out the opening portion of the song is awkward as hell.

Added Footage--4 seconds
A whopping four seconds are added to the end of the episode because PUSA freezes the TO BE CONTINUED screen.  Whatever.

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