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Dogasu's Backpack | Movies & Specials Guide | Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story"

"Escape from the Wind Amusement Park"

"Escape from Amusement Park of Wind" (sic) (風の遊園地からの脱出) is a real escape game produced by SCRAP to promote the film Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story." The real escape game will be held in Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome City Attractions from July 14th to September 24th, 2018 and in Osaka at the Hirakata Park from July 18th to September 17th, 2018.

In "
Escape from Amusement Park of Wind," you'll befriend pokemon hidden in each area and work together to solve the various riddles and secret codes throughout the theme park.


Today is the day of the annual Wind Festival! It's also the day that the legendary pokemon Lugia comes to our city bearing the blessing of the wind!

But the evil Rocket-Dan organization has snuck its way into our city as well! Various incidents break out all throughout town and before long you all find yourselves trapped inside the festival grounds!

Can you stop the Rocket-Dan's evil schemes and find your way out of here?

Your adventure takes place in the amusement park where the Wind Festival is being held. But don't worry! Various pokemon are hidden all over our city to help you out.

Solve riddles, befriend pokemon, and foil the Rocket-Dan's evil hopes and dreams!

When you meet up with pokemon, everyone's story begins to move.

How to Play

1)  Go to the amusement park! You'll be able to get a smooth start to the game if you buy a ticket beforehand!
2)  Go to the event registration counter and get a Riddle Solving Kit.

3)  There are lots of pokemon inside the amusement park! Solving riddles and capturing pokemon, that's the name of the game! Whenever you solve one riddle a new one is unlocked...!?
4)  If you work together with your pokemon and solve all the cases then you'll have completed the game!


For one or more players!
You can play the game all by yourself or with your friends!
No time limit!
You can play at your own pace so take your time and enjoy the park!
There's also a Kids' Course that younger kids can enjoy!
Don't worry! In addition to the regular "Standard Course" there's also a "Kids' Course!"

Where to go

Tokyo Dome City Attractions
(Tokyo, Japan)
Hirakata Park
(Osaka, Japan)
Saturday, June 14th ~
Monday, September 24th, 2018
Wednesday, July 18th ~
Monday, September 17th, 2018
When Can You Play?
3:00pm and 10:00pm
(registration closes at 8:00pm)

Weekends / Holidays / O-bon Summer Holidays (August 11th ~ 15th):
10:00am to 10:00pm
(registration closes at 8:00pm)
You can play whenever the park is open.

The park is closed from September 3rd to the 7th and again on September 11th.
Registration closes two hours before closing time. The park will be closing at 9:00pm from September 1st to September 24th so registration will close on those days at 7:00pm instead of 8:00pm.
Registration closes three hours before closing time. You will need to reach the goal an hour before the park closes.
Official Websites
Tokyo Dome City Attractions
Official Website (English)

Hirakata Park
Official Website (English)

General Guidelines

About the event
There is no time limit (though you'll need to reach the goal an hour before the park closes at the Osaka location). Some players may take longer to clear the game than others so we recommend that you give yourself plenty of time while also being mindful of the park's closing hours. You're also allowed to play across multiple days.

In Tokyo, the starting times are assigned; in Osaka, the schedule is posted on the park's website. Please be sure to carefully check the ticket of the event you want to join before coming to the park.

Check the parks' websites posted above to see what times you can join.

You can participate in this event alone or you can play together as a group.

The event may have to be canceled in case of heavy rain or other inclement weather. Please check the official website for any announcements regarding cancellations.

The contents of the games do not change from day to day. You can play the game multiple times but we ask that you not spoil the fun for others around you.

When you arrive at the park
Please avoid any dangerous activities as you walk around the park solving riddles. Please don't make sudden stops and be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings.

Please take care not to get heat stroke.

A new Riddle Solving Kit will not be reissued if you lose yours during the event; you will be required to purchase a new one in this case.

You will be able to solve all the game's riddles without having to move any large objects or break anything inside the park.

Neither the parks nor the event's organizers will be responsible for any incidents, injuries, theft, or any other loss that may occur. We thank you for your understanding.

Please make sure not to bother other park visitors while playing the game.

This is an event that requires you to walk around outside in a theme park. Please be sure to wear shoes suitable for this type of activity.

About the Tickets
For the Tokyo site, your registration ticket is only valid for the date and time printed on the front.

No exchanges or refunds. If the event is canceled due to the weather then please check the event website on instructions on how to get refunds for the Tokyo site.

Ticket re-sales are strictly forbidden.

For the Tokyo park, if all the advanced tickets for a day are sold out then there will not be any same-day tickets made available.
You can buy advanced tickets up to 11:59pm the night before.

Same-day tickets may be purchased at the Tokyo Dome City Attractions (Tokyo) or the Wizard Village (Osaka) ticket counters.

Anyone elementary school aged or older will need a ticket. Toddlers and other small children accompanied by a guardian who is at least middle school aged or older, however, will be allowed to enter the Tokyo park for free. At either park, however, a ticket will need to be purchased for the small child if he or she wants their own Riddle Solving Kit.

About the Kids' Course
A "Kids' Course" has been prepared with a lower difficulty aimed at elementary school students. For toddlers and other small children coming to the Tokyo park we recommend they join their parents or guardians on the "Standard Course."

There is no difference in the prices between the "Kids' Course" and "Standard Course" tickets.

About Spoilers
Every area in this event has the same content. In order to help people enjoy this event we ask that you don't post the riddles, their answers, or anything that gets handed out to you on your blog, social media, or elsewhere on the Internet. Ticket reassignments or resales are strictly forbidden.

Practice Problem

The official website for this event posted an example problem to show you the kind of riddles players will have to tackle.

Main Practice Problem
Try to figure out what goes in the red boxes by answering these four riddles!

Question 1
Try turning the hiragana characters in the blue boxes into katakana and then placing them on top of the black boxes. The one on the very top is "ta" (タ).

Question 2
The circle up top has "ha" (は), "n" (ん), and "da" (だ), the circle on the left has "da" (だ), "n" (ん), and "shi" (し) and the circle on the right has "shi" (し), "ha" (は), and "n" (ん). Each of these letters only appears in each circle once. The letter that goes in the 1 spot is "ha" (は).

Question 3

1, 2, 3, and 4 are all words that end with tto (っと). Read the question marks in order. Number three is nut (なっと).

Question 4

Read the letters as you go through the maze. You'll figure out that the answer consists of five letters.

Answers to the all the riddles above can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Event

Q:  What kind of event is this?

A:  This event is a real escape game modeled after the world of Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story." A real escape game is an interactive game in which you solve puzzles and riddles in order to progress through a story.

Q:  Can people who aren't familiar with Pocket Monsters The Movie "Everyone's Story" be able to enjoy this event?
A:  Yes, they'll be fine. However, there are some parts that will be more enjoyable for those who have experienced the world of Pocket Monsters and know about the movie beforehand.

Q:  Can I play this game by myself?
A:  The game is set up so that it can be played by one person or multiple people. Of course, you can also play with your friends.

Q:  Is there an age limit?
A:  There isn't but anyone elementary school aged or older will need a ticket in order to participate. Any toddlers or small children who want their own Riddle Solving Kit will need a ticket as well. Either way, children nine and under will need to be accompanied by someone who's at least middle school aged or older. The older person will need their own ticket. Please understand that certain rides have age, height, and / or weight requirements and so it may be necessary for the older person to accompany the younger one.

Q:  Can I accompany my little one without a ticket?
A:  Children elementary school aged or older cannot get past the front booth without their own ticket. Toddlers or small children who are tagging along, however, will not need to have a ticket purchased for them unless they want their own Riddle Solving Kit.

Q:  Can children enjoy this as well?
A:  We have prepared a separate "Kids' Course" with easier questions aimed at elementary school aged children as well as a Riddle Solving Kit to go along with it. We generally recommend adults to try the "Standard Course."

Q:  Can foreigners enjoy this event?
A:  This game is only available in Japanese. If the foreigner can read and write Japanese at a high school level and can communicate in the language then he or she will be able to enjoy this event. Please understand that there is no  non-Japanese language support available.

Q:  What's the difference between the "Standard Course" and the "Kids' Course"?
A:  The "Kids' Course" features content at a lower difficulty aimed at elementary school aged children.

Q:  If I'm not any good at riddles can I try the Kids' Course instead?
A:  We recommend the Standard Course even to those who don't feel confident solving riddles or if this is their first time participating in this kind of game. If worse comes to worse and you get stuck you can check out the Hint Page we've set up.

Q:  I don't like thrill rides or heights. Do I have to go on any rides to participate?
A:  There are some riddles that require you to ride some of the rides in order to solve them but if there are some attractions you don't feel comfortable with then please inform the ride's staff and they'll hand over the hint.

Q:  Is there a time limit?
A:  There isn't a time limit but be aware that the event closes when the park closes for the day regardless of what time you start. We estimate this game takes about 2-4 hours to complete but this may vary depending on how long the lines are at the ticket booths and / or rides. Please also be aware that the Tokyo park closes from July 14th to August 31st at 10:00pm and from September 1st to September 24th at 9:00pm.

Q:  Is it possible to play over multiple days?
A:  Yes, it's possible to continue where you left off on another day as long as you come back while the event is still going and as long as you still have your Riddle Solving Kit on you.

For the Tokyo park, please be aware that if you purchase a One Day Passport that you'll only be able to join the event for whatever day the passport is valid. You will need to buy a separate ride ticket if you come back at a later date. If you still have rides left over on a "Ride 5" pass, however, then you can carry those over for as long as the event is still running.

Q:  Is it OK if I post spoilers on my blog, Twitter, etc?
A:  Telling the answers to a riddle you've already solved to someone who hasn't done so yet is the biggest no-no for this kind of event. Each area is a public space so we ask that you avoid posting any photos
to social media or other Internet sites that have even the possibility of spoiling the fun for others. Please also be careful as you leave the park; if you're talking to your friends about a riddle you solved then your conversation might be overheard by someone who is only just starting the game. We do encourage you to post about how much fun your having on social media, however.

Q:  Can one person participate multiple times?
A:  You can, but the riddles do not change from day to day. Please remember that the very point of the game is to solve the riddles so we appreciate playing it in a way that doesn't interfere with others' enjoyment.

Q:  Is there a chance the game could be canceled?
A:  There is a chance the game will be canceled if there's a typhoon or other inclement weather. Information about any cancellations and refunds will be posted on the event's website as soon as possible so please make sure to check before coming. Please also be aware that any refunds issued will not include the travel fare to or from the park.


Q:  Until when can we buy the advanced tickets at the Tokyo park?
A:  For the Tokyo park you can buy them up until 11:59pm the night before. It's not unheard of for advanced tickets to sell out then so we recommend you buy them early.

Q:  Are there any assigned seats or queue numbers?
A:  This is not an event that uses seats so there won't be any assigned seating or queue numbers. If you come with your friends there isn't any need for all you to have sequential ticket numbers but we do ask that you all line up together when you register for the game.

For Tokyo Dome City Attractions (Tokyo)
Q:  What's the difference between using the "Ride 5" pass and the "One Day Passport"?
A:  The Ride 5 pass is, as the name suggests, is a ticket that lets you go on five rides of your choosing. The One Day Passport, on the other hand, lets you ride as many rides as you want in one day. If you want to enjoy other attractions in the park not related to this event then we ask that you purchase a One Day Passport. Please be aware that for this game you will need to ride a minimum of three rides.

Q:  Can you tell me about the registration times?
A:  If you bought an advanced ticket then you can join during any of the times listed on the ticket (10:00am - 3:00pm or 3:00pm - 8:00pm (from September 1st onwards it'll be 3:00pm - 7:00pm)). We expect the registration lines will be longest right before the start times (10:00am and 3:00pm). If your schedule is flexible and you can come to the park outside these peak times then you'll have a comparatively smoother time getting in.

Q:  If I want to join the event that starts at 3:00pm will I be able to enjoy the theme park that morning?
A:  If you have an advanced ticket for the 3:00pm event you can exchange it for a One Day Pass at the Viking Zone Event Registration Booth and use that around the park while you wait for the event to start. However, this event requires you to ride at least three rides in order to solve its riddles so if you decide to go with a Ride 5 pass then please make sure you leave at least three rides left on your ticket before joining.

Q:  If I join the 10:00am to 3:00pm game, does this mean I have to be finished by 3:00pm?
A:  Only the start times are determined beforehand so if you cannot finish the morning game by 3:00pm then you're free to continue playing up until the park closes for the day (10:00pm from July 14th to August 31st, 9:00pm from September 1st to September 24th).

Q:  Are the start times also separated on the same-day tickets?
A:  You can join the event from the time you purchase your same-day ticket. However, depending on how many people bought advanced tickets for the day and on how many people are trying to buy same-day tickets there's a chance you won't be able to join right away. We thank you for your understanding.

Q:  When and where can we get a same-day ticket?
A:  Tickets are sold during the park's hours of operations at both the Attractions Ticket Counter and the LaQua Ticket Counter. Please call Tokyo Dome City Attractions directly at 03-3817-6001 to confirm ticket availability. Since this event will take place during summer vacation season the line to buy same-day tickets may be long. We therefore recommend you purchase your tickets in advance.

For Hirakata Park (Osaka)
Q:  What's the difference between an event ride ticket and a All Access Pass?
A:  The event ride ticket is a ticket that allows you to go on the three rides you need for this event.
The All Access Pass lets you ride as many rides as you want in one day. If you want to enjoy other attractions in the park in addition to this event then we ask that you purchase a All Access Pass. Please be aware that for this event you will need to ride a minimum of three rides.

Q:  Where can we get a same-day ticket?
A:  They're sold at Wizard Village.

For both Tokyo and Osaka
Q:  Will there be any refunds if we lose our ticket?
A:  Please understand that there will be no refunds given if your ticket is lost or stolen. There will also not be any refunds if you buy a ticket and then decide not to come to the park for whatever reason. Refunds will only be issued for the Tokyo park if the event is canceled due to inclement weather so please check its website for instructions on how to get your money back.

Q: Can I use my TD (Tokyo Dome) Point Card at the Tokyo park?
A:  Going on the rides will give you points so please be sure to run your card through the card reader at each ride. You'll accumulate points if you buy a same-day pass but please understand that you will not be able to use your card to receive any discounts for this event.

Q:  Will this event work with the 2018 Scrap Stamp Rally?
A:  Yes it will. For more details about the 2018 Scrap Stamp Rally, please click here (Japanese only).

The Event Space

Q:  Where can I register for the game?
A:  Please go to the Viking Zone Event Registration at the Tokyo park or Wizard Village at the Osaka park.

Q:  Can I join if I'm in a wheelchair?
A:  There are a few places in the Tokyo park where you'll need to ride an elevator to move around. In both parks there will be areas where access is limited but if you come with someone you'll be able to join. If you cannot physically ride the rides please talk to the ride staff and they'll hand over that ride's hint.

Q:  Can I take photos / videos inside the park?
A:  Yes, that will be fine. Please follow the instructions in each area regarding filming while you're on the rides. However, uploading spoilers online on social media and the like is strictly forbidden.

Q:  Who do we contact if we leave something at the park?
A:  Please contact Tokyo Dome City Attractions at 03-3817-6001 or Hirakata Park at 072-844-3475.

For Tokyo Dome City Attractions (Tokyo)
Q:  Is there somewhere for us to drop off our bags?
A:  Please use the coin lockers inside Tokyo Dome City. Please check here for more details (Japanese only). Please understand that there won't be any special baggage checks set up specifically for this event.

Q:  Are there any changing rooms?
A:  There are not. There aren't any rules about what you can and cannot wear to the park but do please come to the park in clothing that does not violate any public decency standards. Please also be aware that changing clothes in the restrooms or in any other public area in Tokyo Dome City is not allowed.

Q:  Is there a parking lot? Will there be any parking passes?
A:  There are three parking areas in Tokyo Dome City but since space is limited we ask that you come via public transportation if possible. If you do come by car then you'll be able to purchase a 1,000 yen / 4 hour parking pass along with your advanced ticket, participation kit, etc. at the ticket counters for each attraction.




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