Mirai Connection

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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon Songs

Mirai Connection

Mirai Connection (未来コネクション)
, also known as "Future Connection," is the second opening theme to the Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon TV series. It is performed by the girl rock group ЯeaL.

  • Used in Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon episodes 061 - present
  • CD(s) found on:  Mirai Connection (limited and regular editions)

Oh oh! Let's go!! Oh oh! Let's go‼
Sashikonda hikari sutaato no aizu
差し込 んだ光 スタートの合図
Nanika kaeta'itte muga-muchuu de hashitta
何か変 えたいって 無我夢中で走った
Hitori bocchi de mayoikonda sekai
ひとり ぼっちで迷い込んだ世界
Mitsuketa yo sagashiteta yume no hitokakera
見つけ たよ 探してた夢のひとかけら

Kimi ni kimeta!
キミに 決めた!

Mirai konekushon atarashii kyou kara hajimeyou
未来コ ネクション 新しい今日から始めよう
Oh oh!
Oh oh!
Urutora da ne Hare nochi karafuru
ウルト ラだね 晴れのちカラフル
Mirai konekushon choppiri fuan de mo heiki sa
未来コ ネクション ちょっぴり不安でも平気さ
Oh oh!
Oh oh!
Te o tsunageba hora kira-kira kagayaku
手を繋 げば ほらキラキラ輝く

Taiyou mitai na kimi ga daisuki da
太陽み たいな キミが大好きだ

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

Oh oh! Let's go!!
The light flooding in is our signal to start
We've lost ourselves running, blinded by our desire for change
A world where you're lost and all alone
We found a fragment of the dream we were looking for

I choose you!

Future Connection, may it start with this new day
Oh oh!
It's ultra, you know, and it'll be sunny and then colorful
Future Connection, we're a little uneasy but it'll be OK
Oh oh!
If we hold our hands together then look! It's shining brightly

I really like the you that's like the sun.

Translation Notes

Lyrics:  Ryoko (Ryoko), Kisuke (喜介), Takuya Watanabe (渡辺拓也)
Ryoko (Ryoko)
Arrangement:  Takuya Watanabe (渡辺拓也)

Performed by:   ЯeaL (ЯeaL)



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