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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Songs

Te o Tsunagou

"Let's Join Hands" (手をつなごう
) is the sixth ending theme to Pocket Monsters Best Wishes.  
  • Used in episodes BW 123 - BW ???
  • CD('s) found on:  Let's Hold Hands / Forbidden Karma (First Run Limited Edition Pokemon Version), Let's Hold Hands / Forbidden Karma (First Run Limited Edition Karma Version)

Dare no sei demo nai kedo kimi wa michi de koronde
だ れのせいでもないけど きみは道でころんで
Sono mama soko ni nekorobi aoi sora o miageta
そ のままそこに寝転び 青い空を見上げた

Hoho o tsutau namida no kirameki kazari janai
ほ ほをつたう涙の きらめき飾りじゃない
Ikiteru koto no yorokobi ima wasurecha ikenai
生 きてることのよろこび 今忘れちゃいけない

Hiza o tsuite okiagatta
膝 をついて 起き上がった
Kimi no senaka ni shimita
き みの背中にしみた
Doro darake no kizuato no itami wa eeru da
泥 だらけの 傷跡の痛みは エールだ

Kimi to te o tsunagou tsurai toki wa motto
き みと手をつなごう つらいときはもっと
Zero kara hajimeyou hora hora te o tsunagou
ゼ ロからはじめよう ほら ほら 手をつなごう

Min'na te o tsunagou tsurai toki wa motto
み んな手をつなごう つらいときはもっと
Chikara o awaseyou hora hora te o tsunagou
ち からを合わせよう ほら ほら 手をつなごう
Zutto zutto te o tsunagou
ずっ と ずっと 手をつなごう

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

It's not anybody's fault when you tripped and fell on the road
You lied back then and there and looked up at the blue sky

The tears that are running down your cheeks are not some kind of sparkling decoration
You're not allowed to forget the joy of living right now

You picked yourself up off your knees
And your back is soaking wet
But the pain of the mud covered scars on your back are cheering you on

Let's join hands when you're having a hard time
Let's start again from zero and hey, hey, let's join hands

Let's all join hands when we're having a hard time
Let's work together and hey, hey, let's join hands
Let's always, always join hands

Lyrics:  Tatsumoto (??) (柳達基)
Composition:  Takumi Masanori
Takumi Masanori (宅見将典)
Performed by:   Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (私立恵比寿中学) for DefSTAR Records




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