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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Songs

"Fanfare of the Heart" (
心のファンファーレ) is the first ending theme to Pocket Monsters Best Wishes.  
  • Used in episodes BW 015 - BW 025
  • CD('s) found on:  TV Animation Pocket Monsters Best Wishes "Best Wishes!" and "Fanfare of the Heart"

Min'na to iru yori hitori ga ii tte
み んなといるより ひとりがいいって
Dare ga itta no??
誰 が言ったの??
Kitto dokoka de kimi o omotteru
きっ と どこかで 君を思ってる

Takai yama hodo mi'orosu toki ni wa
高 い山ほど 見下ろす時には
Kimochi ii
気 持ちいい
Mada saki wa tooi kedo
ま だ 先は遠いけど

Ookiku ookiku senobishite
大 きく大きく 背伸びして
Aozora ni todoke mou issenchi
青 空に届け もう1センチ
Ira-ira shite mo ii
イ ライラしても いい
Kuyo-kuyo shite mo ii
ク ヨクヨしても いい
Shinjiru michi yukou!!
信 じる道 行こう!!

Narase narase kokoro no fanfaare
鳴 らせ 鳴らせ 心のファンファーレ
Hibike todoke ima, takaraka ni
響 け 届け 今、高らかに
Maketa kara owarun janai 負 けたから 終わるんじゃない
Kitto kitto hajimaru sa きっ ときっと 始まるさ
Kimi no mune no man'naka de 君 の胸の真ん中で

Parapa parapa パ ラパ パラパ
Para-para-parara パ ラパラパララ…
Parapa parapa パ ラパ パラパ
Para-para-parara パ ラパラパララ…

The goal of the following translation is to present the meaning of the song in a competent, coherent way.  It is not meant to be an English version of the song that can be sung along with the melody.

Who in the world said
That being by yourself is better than being with everyone?
Somewhere, they're surely thinking of you.

The higher the mountain, the better it feels
When you look down.
Even though you still have far to go.

You keep growing, bigger and bigger
Just one more centimeter before you can reach the sky.
It's OK to be nervous.
It's OK to worry.
Let's go on the path we believe in!

Let it ring!  Let it ring!  The fanfare of your heart
Let it echo, let it carry out!  Now, in a loud voice
Losing isn't the end
Things will surely, without fail, start again
In the center of your heart

Pa-ra-pa Pa-ra-pa
Pa-ra-pa-ra Pa-ra-ra...
Pa-ra-pa Pa-ra-pa
Pa-ra-pa-ra Pa-ra-ra...

Lyrics:  The BW Project (BWプロジェクト)
Composition:  Tashiro Tomokazu
(田代 智一)
Arrangement:  Gotou Kouji
(後藤康二) for Pikachu Records
Performed by:   Okui Aki (奥井亜紀)




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