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Dogasu's Backpack | Lyrics Archive | Pocket Monsters Songs

This is the opening theme to the Raikou TV Special that aired in Japan.  If you didn't know better, you'd think the special was a whole spin-off series because of the various images shown during the song.  Images such as that of a young Kenta with his Hinoarashi staring up at awe at the red-haired Gold/Silver rival, and of Kenta fighting with his starter pokemon in each of its evolutionary phases.  As for the song itself--it's not the best Pocket Monsters has to offer.  The singer has a really annoyingly-high voice, and it just screeches during the song's chorus.  Oh well. 

  • Used in TV Special #3 Pocket Monster Crystal:  Lightning Raikou's Legend
  • CD('s) found on: Ready Go!

    Ah!  Atarashii kaze ni fukaretemo
      AH! A new wind is blowing
    Kawaranai ore no yume
      through my unchanging dream
    Sou!  Pokemon MASUTAA!
      Yes! Pokemon MASTEEEEEER!

    Mada mada sekai wa hiro'itte

      We're still learning about this world
    Chiheisen ga oshietekureteru yo
      With its broadening horizon
    Mada mada GOORU wa tooitte
      We still have to understand our opposites
    Wakaru to gyaku ni moechauze!
      In order to reach our goals~!
    Mabushikute ookikute moeteru
      It's big, dazzling and burning
    Ano asahi ni hitori chikau
      This sunrise that I make a sungle pledge to
    "Zettai makenai!"
      "Absolute victory~!"

    Ah!  Atarashii dai chi ni tatte mo

      AH! A new great place stands before
    Kawaranai ore no michi
      My unchanging road
    Ra ra! Kaze to'isshoni
      La la! Together with the wind!
    Ah!  Atarashii RAIBARU Arawarete mo
      AH! A new rival appears
    Kawaranai koukishin
      Along with a constant curiousity
    Saa!  BATORU shiyou ze!
      Alright! Let's battle!

Translation provided courtesy of Kiwi.




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