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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén Tournament is an arcade fighting game currently only available in Japan.  A Western release is rumored but nothing has been set in stone yet.

In the meantime let's look at how the controls work and the game's two phase battle system.  We'll then go through each pokemon's list of attacks.

More information will be added to this page at a later date.


Pokkén Tournament is unique among other arcade fighting games in that it uses a console-like controller rather than a traditional arcade joystick and buttons.

D-Pad:  Move your character.  Tapping in any direction two times will make your character "step" (I think that's meant to be "dash" instead?  The Japanese text here simply says ステップ)
Y Button:  Weak Attack
X Button:  Strong Attack
A Button:  Pokemon Technique
B Button:  Jump
L Button:  Support Pokemon
R Button:  Guard

Y + B Buttons:  Grab your opponent (this works even if they're guarding)
X + A Buttons:  Block Attack (you take your opponent's attack and then counterattack)
L + R Buttons:  Resonance Burst (Use your Resonance Gauge to receive a limited super power up!)
L + R Buttons (while in Resonance Burst Mode):  Burst Attack (A super powerful attack you can only use one time while in Resonance Burst mode)

PokéCombo:  Tap Y in Duel Phase mode

Two Phase Battle

There are two battle modes in Pokkén Tournament: Field Phase (フィールドフェイズ) and Duel Phase (デュエルフェイズ).

In Field Phase mode you fight on a 3D battlefield.  This mode is great for boosting both your Support Pokemon gauge and your Resonance Energy gauge.  Pressing Up on the D-Pad makes you move toward your opponent while pressing Down on the D-Pad makes you move away from your opponent.  You can enter Field Phase mode by dealing damage with certain attacks.

Field Phase
Resonance Energy
Press "Up" to move toward your opponent
Resonance Energy

In Duel Phase mode you fight in a 2D battlefield.  In this mode you use the Left and Right buttons on the D-Pad to move toward or away from your opponent just like you would in any other 2D brawler.  In this mode you can press Up to help you perform powerful attacks aimed above you and Down to perform quick lower body attacks that have a longer range.  You can enter Duel Phase mode by defending yourself using certain attacks.

Duel Phase

Changing between these two modes is called a Phase Change (フェイズチェンジ).  Performing a Phase Change isn't purely cosmetic; it greatly increases your Resonance Gauge as well!

The Resonance Gauge...
gets a huge boost!
It's now completely full!

More information will be added in future updates!




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