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Dogasu's Backpack | Features | Pokemon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire

Pokemon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire

"Pokemon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire" (Pokemon Radio Show! ロケット団ひみつ帝国) was a radio show that was broadcast on 76.1 interFM in Tokyo, Japan.  The 30 minute radio show aired every Sunday evening from 7:00pm until 7:30pm from July 1st, 2012 until December 23rd, 2012. 

The premise of the radio show is that Musashi (Hayashibara Megumi), Kojirou (Shin'ichirou Miki), and Nyasu (Inuyama Inuko) are trying to recruit the earth's population of 7 billion people into the Rocket-Dan to help their beloved boss Sakaki realize his dream of world domination.  To do this, the Rocket trio decide to have a secret radio show every week.

Ms. Hayashibara, Mr. Shin'ichirou, and Ms. Inuyama would perform the entire radio show in-character.  Their guests would be introduced as either people who have raised certain pokemon or as friends of the human characters.  Ueda Yuuji, for example, was introduced as Takeshi's friend (Ueda Yuuji does the voice of Takeshi) and as someone who's raised a Sonansu (Ueda Yuuji also does the voice of the Rocket-Dan's Sonansu).  While there is generally an attempt to keep things as in-universe as possible, discussions about the voice actors' auditions and the work they've done for other TV series pop up from time to time as well.

The radio show was first announced via a special Twitter account (which has since been deleted) created just for the show.  Mima Masafumi (三間雅文), the sound director for every Pocket Monsters series since the first one back in 1997, got the project off the ground and was put in charge of organizing the show.  According to this tweet made by Mr. Mima on his Twitter page, it took a year and a half of planning to finally get the radio show off the ground.


The show had a number of recurring segments throughout its 26 episode run.  These include:

Opening Drama (冒頭) - Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu perform a mini play, often ending on some kind of joke.

"Welcome, Pokemon Day Care Worker!" (ポケモンの育て屋さん、いらっしゃーい) - Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu would invite other Pocket Monsters voice actors to the studio and talk with them for about ten to fifteen minutes.  An intro rap would be performed at the beginning of this segment in which the guest would state their name, occupation, where they're from, what their first voice-over work was, and what their most memorable show to work on was.

"The Rocket-Dan is Quizzed on Their Knowledge of the Super Short Intros" (ロケット団知識チェック ぎゅうっと短いイントロクイズ) - Nyasu has Musashi and Kojirou listen to the first one or two seconds of a Pocket Monsters song and has them guess what the title is.  The quiz would sometimes be made more difficult by playing the intros at double speed, playing the intros backwards, or by throwing non-Pocket Monsters songs into the mix.

"The 'Orders from QQ - Try These New Items Out Ahead of Time' Segment" (QQ指令 先取り 新アイテムためしてなんぼのコーナー) - QQ (pronounced "Double Q"), introduced as being the Rocket-Dan's Weapons Development Department (ロケット団新兵器開発部) gives the Rocket trio products - most of them food - to try out on air.  Pictures of the products being promoted would be posted on the Rocket-Dan's Twitter account.

"How Well Do You Know Pokemon?  The Drawing and Crying Marumine Segment" (ポケモン知識チェック 描いて泣いてマルマインのコーナー) - Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu are given 30 seconds to draw certain pokemon / pokemon characters from memory.  They would then take turns guessing what each other's drawings were.  Pictures of their drawings were posted on the Rocket-Dan's Twitter account so listeners could play along.
  Portions of the song Can You Draw All the Pokemon? are used as the intro music to the segment; the "Marumine" part of the segment's title most likely comes from the song Ah, Marumine from the Can You Draw All the Pokemon? CD.

Episode Listing

Each episode of Pokemon Radio Show!  The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire was broadcast on 76.1 interFM at 7:00pm JST on Sunday nights.  Here is a general guide to the 26 episodes of the series that aired.

Click on each episode number to go to a detailed summary of each episode.


"Chapter One Opening" - The cool and professional Rocket-Dan's on Meloetta's trail.  But...Kojirou's not happy with the way things have been lately? Konishi Katsuyuki
(CD only)
"Chapter One Opening" - The cool and professional Rocket-Dan's on Meloetta's trail.  But...Kojirou's not happy with the way things have been lately?
Ohtani Ikue
Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni
02 "The Sweet Child Jessie" - "Little Red Riding Hood," with Kojirou as the narrator, Musashi as "Jessie" (ジェシー), and Nyasu as the grandmother / wolf.
Ishizuka Unshou
Hyaku Gojuu-Ichi
03 "Nyasu's Dream" - Nyasu counts various pokemon to fall asleep.
Nakajima Megumi
Try Unite
(OP to Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne)
04 "Detective Drama 1" - Inspector Kojirou interrogates Nyasu over a bowl of katsudon.  But Musashi is eating too much...?
Ueda Yuuji
Takeshi's Paradise
05 "Redial Furui" - Furui (Kojirou) calls Musashi and Nyasu over and over again...but for some reason they don't want to talk to him...?
Yamadera Kou'ichi
Maemuki Rocket-Dan!
06 "Pokemon Shiritori" - The Rocket trio plays shiritori with pokemon names, but Nyasu keeps losing.
Kobayashi Sachiko
Kaze to Issho ni
07 "Space People No. 1" - James (Kojirou) listens to Jessie (Musashi) as she's trapped in space in a desparate situation.
Miyano Mamoru
Yajirushi ni Natte
08 "Train" - Train conductors Musashi and Kojirou announce the various trains as Nyasu runs up and down the train platforms.
Kanai Mika
Nyasu no Uta
09 "The Rocket-Dan are Disbanding!?"  - Musashi and Kojirou announce they're disbanding to a stadium filled with fans.
Furushima Kiyotaka & Satou Kensuke
古島清孝 & 佐藤健輔
Sora Tobu Pokemon Kids,
Lucky Lucky
"Heart to Heart" - In the TV show "Heart to Heart," Mr. Yamada (Kojirou) tries to learn how to communicate with pokemon by listening to Nyasu's backwards speech.
Yuuki Aoi
Pokemon Ieru Ka Na?
"Space People No. 2" - A young boy named Bon-Bon (Musashi) and his teacher (Kojirou) listen to pokemon cries on an old Pokemon Zukan toy.
Aikawa Rikako
Pokemon Hara Hara Relay
12 "Detective Drama 2" - Inspector Kojirou interrogates Nyasu over a bowl of katsudon.  But Nyasu is eating too much...?
Toyoguchi Megumi
High Touch!
13 "Yamato and Kosaburou" - "Little Red Riding Hood," with Kosaburou as the narrator, Yamato as "Cassidy" (カシディー), and Nyasu as the grandmother / wolf. Katsuki Masako & Koyasu Takehito
勝生真沙子 & 子安武人
Big Nyasu Day
14 Satoshi hijacks the Rocket's radio show.
Matsumoto Rika & Iizuka Mayumi
松本梨香 & 飯塚雅弓
Best Wishes!
15 The Rocket trio takes their radio show back.
Kozakura Etsuko
High Touch (Full Chorus ver.)
16 "Zen'nichi Sorao" - Nyasu tries to watch a TV quiz show on an airplane but keeps getting interrupted by the pilot, Zen'nichi Sorao (Kojirou), and his announcements.
Takahashi Chiaki
Dotchi ~ Nyo?
17 "The Advertising Agency" - Musashi and the others are trying to put together a kids' show but keep getting phone calls requesting that changes be made.
Koro'ogi Satomi
Boku-tachi Pichu Brothers
18 "Team Rocket's Live" - Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu throw a concert with Kojirou on drums, Musashi on the electric guitar, and Nyasu on the piano.
Sakaguchi Daisuke
Pokemon Ieru ka na?  BW
19 "Sound Check" - Musashi helps us make sure our radios / headphones are adjusted properly.
Inoue Kikuko
Nani ka?
(from Inuyama Inuko's "inu cafe" CD)
"Heart to Heart 2" - "The Rocket-Dan's Radio Shopping" - The return of "Heart to Heart!"
Mizuta Wasabi
Ice Cream Syndrome
21 "Usoppy's Fables - Episode 99" - Musashi and Kojirou are an elderly couple who have to face off against an ogre in this retelling of a classic Japanese fairy tale.
Fukuen Misato
Best Wishes!
22 "Bed-Wetting" - Nyasu keeps having dreams within dreams about having to use the bathroom.
Nishimura Chinami
Kaze to Issho ni
23 "Comic Show" - Nyasu hosts a stand up comedy show.
Itou Miyako
High Touch!
24 "Space Wars" - The Rocket trio does a Star Wars parody!  Can Pan Solo (Kojirou), Nyarabacca (Nyasu), and R2-Danger2 (Nyasu) make their way past the Ginga-Dan and destroy the Deathmas Star?
Fujimura Chika
Mite Mite ☆ Kotchi-tchi! 12-09-2012
25 "Radio Shopping" - Pikachu the Movie Premium Blu-ray set "promotion"
Watanabe Akeno
Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni
26 "The Final Episode" - A performance of the chorus version of Rocket-Dan yo Eien ni
Tsubaki Ayana
Maemuki Rocket-Dan

Additionally, a special live event was held on March 23rd, 2013.

Event Name
Event Date
"The Rocket-Dan's Secret Live"

This page will be updated with more information in the future.

Season Two?

On September 6th, 2014, Mima Masafumi tweeted the following:

Season 2 Tease

"And now to all the Rocket-Dan members throughout the world! Here's the proposal we just did for "The Rocket-Dan's Secret Empire - The Revival Plan!" The time has come once again all the members to gather together their power!  And even though we're just in the planning stages at the moment we'll definitely be able to come back if we have everyone's wisdom and courage on our side."

そして、全世界のロケット団団員の皆さん!ついに出来上がった『ロケット団ひみつ帝國・復活の図』の企画書だ!再び、団員達の力を結集する時が来た!ま だ、企画書段階だが団員達の知恵と勇気さえあれば、必ずや復活するだろう!

A second tweet added some more details:

Season 2 Tease

"Later we'll be meeting with the Rocket-Dan trio (Nyasu, Musashi, and Kojirou) to discuss the proposal and make any changes needed to make it even better!  We'll then present the proposal to the powers that be, create a pilot episode, and then hope that it gets greenlit... With the wisdom of the Rocket-Dan members, I want to be able to report this freely! "Aim to get 7 billion members!"!!"

今後は、企画書をロケット団3人(ニャース、ムサシ、コジロウ)で協議し、さらに企画書をパワーUP!そして、殿に献上、さらにパイロット版制作の上、審 判が下される…。団員達の知恵があれば、遠慮なく言って欲しい!『目指せ!団員70億人!』!!

Later, Mr. Mima was asked about the possibility of another event like the Secret Live they had back in 2013.  He responds by saying that he was only the supervisor for the previous event and reminds us that the Rocket-Dan are poor and so there's a limit to what they can do.  He also talked about the possiblity of having maybe two or three events instead of just the one to give people more chances to attend but wasn't able to promise anything.

On the morning of October 18th, 2014, we got an update on how the proposal went:

October 17th

"@Musajirou88 Happy birthday!  Information about the Rocket-Dan, huh...?  Well, to be honest, those talks didn't go anywhere.  For their return we want to do something showy (something worthy of the Rocket-Dan) and if we just came back with another season of the radio show then that'd be boring.  But what if, for example, the three of them just showed up at fast food restaurants all over the country, unannounced →"

@Musajirou88 お誕生日、おめでとうございます!ロケット団情報ですか…。実は、暗礁に乗り上げています。再デビューは、華やかにしたく(ロケット団なりの)、普通にラ ジオに帰って来ても面白くはありません。例えば、全国のファーストフードで告知も無しに3人でファーストフードの→

October 17th

"→and did a special radio show for publicity?  Or if we innocently made a new radio CD or a new CD of them singing and sold them at train stations?  In other words we're thinking of unique, Rocket-Dan-like returns that doesn't use up a lot of money.  Maybe...something could start on Twitter before any of us realized it?"

→宣伝ラジオをしていたり、駅で何気無く新作のラジオCDとか、歌のCDを団員が売っていたりとか?つまりは意外な、それでいて予算をあまり使わない、ロ ケット団らしい再デビューにしたいと考えています。もしかすると…、知らないうちにtwitterをスタートしているかも?

It seems like we won't be getting a second season of the radio show after all and it seems like at least part of the reason the proposal was rejected was because of money?

If any more updates come up then I'll be sure to post them here.


Radio Staff

村椿拓郎 (ShoPro)
Assistant Producer

久東由依 (ShoPro)

生田健 (ShoPro)
Composition / Production
構成 / 演出
Mima Masafumi
Audio Production
Shimamura Kyoko
Yamada Fujio
Recording Assistant

Recording Studio
Tricycle Studio

Sound Box


宮本広樹 (ムービック)
Package Design



Jacket Illustration
Art Direction
アート ディレション

金子真理 (ムービック)

Special Thanks
TV-Tokyo (テレビ東京)
The Pokémon Company
Media Factory (メディアファクトリー)
Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment (小学館ミュージック&デジタルエンタテイメント)
Kids Station (キッズステーション)
Woodpark Office (ウッドパークオフィス)
81 Produce (81プロデュース)
Cube (キューブ)



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