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Episode AG 097
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 097: "Guraadon VS Kaiooga! (Zenpen)"

           ("Groudon vs. Kyogre! (Part One)")

American Episode 369: "Gaining Groudon"
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Kakuleon
Japanese Air Date:  October 7th, 2004
American Air Date:  October 15th, 2005
Important Characters:  Matsubusa (Maxie), Aogiri (Archie)
Important Places:  Monsu Island (Monsu Island)

Satoshi and his friends are drifting in the sea after being blasted off in the previous episode.  As the gang wonders how they'll get back to land, a submarine appears!  However, the sub belongs to the Magma-Dan!  Satoshi-tachi are brought to the Magma-Dan's home base, where they meet the leader of the group, Matsubusa.  He tells our heroes that they have captured Kyogre while the Aqua-Dan has captured Groudon, putting both teams at a stalemate.  Suddenly, an explosion is caused when Izumi, an executive member of the Aqua-Dan, frees Kyogre from the Magma-Dan's clutches!  During the chaos, Satoshi's Pikachu absorbs the energy of the Blue Orb, an item which is able to control the legendary pokemon Groudon.  As everyone on the secret base run for their lives, Aogiri, the leader of the Aqua-Dan, uses the Red Orb to control Kyogre from afar.  The base is destroyed as Satoshi and Pikachu are taken prisoner by the Magma-Dan.  Later, on nearby Monsu Island, both teams meet to make negotiations.  As the two teams exchange threats, the Rocket-Dan appear and release Kyogre from the Aqua-Dan's sub.  Kyogre lets out a mighty roar and wakes up Groudon, who's confined in the same sub.  As the legendary fire pokemon breaks free from its bonds, Satoshi wonders what will happen to Pikachu.  To be continued!

So...where do I start?

I'll be honest; I think this two-parter is terrible.  If you don't agree with me or don't want to hear me female dog about how much it sucked, then you may want to go on to the next heading. 

So first of all...what's with the Magma-Dan grunts guarding the entrance to Kyogre's chamber?  "Hey guys, I'm putting you two in charge of guarding one of the most powerful pokemon on the planet.  Here's some sticks."  People who claim that 4Kids has no effect on the Japanese version of the show should look at this and realize that if this was a Kanto episode, those guards would have been armed with rifles or spears or something a bit more menacing. 

Also...what the hell is Wataru doing in this episode?  I mean, why not have his role played by...oh, I don't know, someone who was actually in Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald, such as Mikuri (Wallace) or Daigo (Steven)?  Wataru has no business in Houen, and the fact that the show's writers screwed up a perfect opportunity to showcase Mikuri (since the TV series has Adan being the final Gym Leader in Houen) is unacceptable.   Do the writers of this show even PLAY the games this show is based on?

The dubbed version doesn't have too much to edit (in part because of the aforementioned "guards with sticks" thing), but 4Kids still sucks at editing their music into the show.  The episode felt a lot less grand than it was supposed to, all because 4Kids can't play any one song for longer than 10 seconds without switching to another one.  Now I did like the piece of music that 4Kids ended the episode with, but the rest of it was pretty forgettable and lacked the sense of urgency that the Japanese version conveyed.

Kyogre keeps its Japanese voice, because non-talking legendary pokemon (except Latios and Latias) are just special like that.

Cut--3 seconds altogether
A second is cut from the very first shot of the episode.

Later, two seconds are trimmed from the episode's title screen.

Dialogue Edit
OK, it's not really an edit as much as it's a nitpick...

Maxie:  "Why am I getting the distinct feeling that you don't like us, Ash?  Hmm?"
Ash:  "Cuz I don't, that's why.  I know that you and Team Aqua aren't friends, but I also know you wanna steal ancient pokemon and then use 'em to do bad stuff.'

First of all, Matsubusa never addresses Satoshi by name in the original version.  In fact, I don't think there's any indication that anybody associated with either group knows the names of Satoshi or any of his friends.

Secondly, Ash's line sounds a bit childish, huh?  The thing is, "use 'em to do bad stuff" is a pretty accurate translation of the original Japanese line (chou kyodai pokemon o tsukatte, warui koto shiyo toshite yatsura da yo), but I think the problem here is that the translation is a bit too literal.  It's almost as if the script writer grabbed a literal translation off of Babelfish or something and used that. 

This next part happens while the Magma-Dan's submarine is exploding.

Lance:  "Bravo.  I wouldn't expect any less from the strategic commander for Team Aqua."

Originally, Wataru called Izumi out by name.  Lance doesn't do the same with Shelley.

So Matsubusa doesn't know Satoshi's name and Maxie does, while Wataru knows Izumi's name and Lance doesn't.  Huh.

Cut--1 second
A second is trimmed from the shot of the Aqua-Dan's submarine surfacing for the first time.

Side Note
So here's the first Trainer's Choice screw-up since Advanced Battle started:

Ash:  "Trainers, which pokemon would be most effective against Plusle and Minun?"

The answer, according to the dub, is Mudkip, who is actually the worst choice of the three given (Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip).  I guess 4Kids saw that Marshtomp and Swampert had ground-type characteristics and just assumed that Mudkip had those as well, when the truth is that Mudkip is a pure water-type.  Therefore, Mudkip wouldn't do well at all against Plusle and Minun, both of which are electric types.

The Trainer's Choice thing isn't a bad idea, but it's slip-ups like this that really make 4Kids look bad.

Cut--1 second
A second is trimmed from the shot right after the main commercial break.

Dialogue Edit
A few more nitpicks.

First up is our weekly "Hey look everybody, James is gay!!!" add-in by 4Kids:

James:  "This is better than my favorite soap operas."

Originally, Kojirou is worrying about what horrible things the two teams will do, which makes sense considering the terrified look he has on his face.

Later, during the scene with Lance and Ash:

Lance:  "Your Pikachu bonded with that blue orb, didn't it?"

Just like Ash's "bad stuff" line above, this line just sounds awkward because it's translated a bit too literally. 

Finally, Brock mentions that Lance was a member of the Elite Four while riding on top of his Red Gyarados.  In the original, Takeshi says that he's the Champion of the Elite Four.  Just a nitpick on my part, really.

Cut--2 seconds
Two seconds are cut from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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