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Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 027: "Maguma-Dan VS Akua-Dan!  Himitsu Kichi no Tatakai!"

      ("The Magma-Dan vs. the Aqua-Dan!  The Battle of the Secret Base!")
American Episode 299: "A Three Team Scheme!"
Ookido-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Himanuts
Pokemon Dare Da?  None (Japanese), Zigzagoon (American)
Japanese Air Date: May 29th, 2003
American Air Date:  April 17th, 2004
Important Characters:  Kazuki (Keanu), Homura (Field Commander Harlan), Izumi (Tactical Commander Isabel)

Satoshi and his friends are in the middle of a morning training routine when they spot a man climbing on the side of the cliff.  Much to their surprise, it’s Odamaki-Hakase!  After the professor catches up with the gang’s progress, he tells them that he’s on Muro Island to do some fieldwork.  Satoshi asks to tag along, so the young boy and his friends explore the caves in the area.  As they go through various caves, meeting a young boy named Kazuki along the way, the Magma-Dan arrives to check out one of the caves.  The Aqua-Dan also appears, and the gang watches from afar as the two teams threaten to battle each other.  However, since the cave doesn’t contain the treasure that the two teams were searching for, the missions are called off and everyone leaves without fighting.  Satoshi and his friends stay behind to fight the Rocket-Dan, who have stolen Kazuki’s Tsuchinin.  After Kazuki’s pokemon proves itself in battle by defeating the Rocket trio, the young boy thanks Satoshi as they leave for another day of training.

This episode had a lot packed into it.  Odamaki-Hakase pops in to review the group’s progress, Sakaki appears to review the Rocket-Dan's progress in Houen, we get to see the Secret Bases from the games, the Cave of Origin is mentioned, as are the Red and Blue Orbs, and we’re introduced to Izumi. 

On the dub side, it’s a bit odd.  For one thing, 4Kids seems to have forgotten that this show is based on a video game, because they gave a number of people and things their own names instead of using the names already established in the Ruby/Sapphire games.  Homura, who’s named Tabitha in the games, is called Field Commander Harlan in this episode.  Likewise, Izumi, who’s known as Shelly in the games, is called Tactical Commander Isabel in this episode. They also change the names of the orbs, as the Red Orb is called the Rose Orb while the Blue Orb is called the Indigo Orb. *shrugs* Whatever.   4Kids will realize their mistake later on in the series (the second-in-commands of the Magma-Dan and the Aqua-Dan revert back to their video game names in the episode “Fight for the Meteorite!”), but for the time being this episode falls victim to the same problem Lorelei / Prima had back in the Orange Islands.

We also get a really pointless edit, because we haven’t had one of those in about three episodes.

Cut--1 second
About one second is cut from the very first scene of the episode.

Paint Edit
I really get the feeling that 4Kids’ paint editors have some sort of quota that they must meet as far as amount of footage that has digital paint added to it goes, because I can’t possibly think of any other reason why this particular paint edit occurs.

Basically, Kazuki’s Secret Base has a number of items that can be purchased in the game, and two of the decorations he has set up are a pair of PokeDolls.  One’s a doll of a Zigzaguma, and another’s a doll of a Luriri.  Both dolls are sitting on a table in front of a Jiiransu picure, but for some reason, 4Kids decided to erase these dolls from his room.  The dolls are removed from every shot of the Secret Base that they appeared in.

This edit just baffles me.  Maybe 4Kids thought a little boy shouldn’t have stuffed animals in his room.  Maybe they thought that they looked too girly?  I don’t know, but I hope that some of this show’s paint editors are being kept busy with One Piece and its eight billion paint edits so that they'll leave this show alone.

Left:  Musashi, Kojirou, and Nyasu show the Boss their Secret Base.
Right:  Jessie, James, and Meowth show off 4Kids' ability to use digital paint.

If you want to look at a collection of pictures, both from the Japanese version and the dub, I've put a bunch of them on a separate page so that you poor dial-up users won't have to load all those images when viewing this page.

Cut--6 seconds altogether
The rest are just time cuts.

The scene where Keanu says “You see, I haven’t been able to win a single pokemon battle so far” has a second trimmed from it.

Also, a second is cut during the scenes where the Magma-Dan is setting up lights in what they think is the Cave of Origin.

Two seconds after Kids’ WB!’s final commercial break is cut.

Finally, two seconds are cut from the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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