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Japanese Episode DP 082
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 082:  "The Nomose Great Marsh's Gureggru Festival!?"
American Episode 1128:  "Cream of the Croagunk Crop!"
Japanese Air Date:  June 5th, 2008
American Air Date:  November 15th, 2008
Important Characters:  Maximum Mask (Crasher Wake), Hiroki/Takuya (Hamilton), Musci (Carni), Gurekichi/Gurekko (Craig), Gurebi (Chrissy)
Important Places:  Nomose City (Pastoria City)

Our heroes have arrived in Nomose City!  Satoshi wastes no time in finding the Gym Leader, Maxi, but he is told that they can't have a Gym Battle today because of the Gureggru Festival.  The festival honors Gureggru, a pokemon whose seen as the protector god of the city, by holding a competition to decide which Gureggru is fit to be the ruler of the city for the next year.  The defending champion, Hiroki, teases the Nomose City Joi about her chances of winning, prompting Takeshi to enter the competition with his Gureggru to defend her honor.  Elsewhere, the Rocket-Dan plot to enter the Gureggru festival themselves by having Nyasu dress up as the frog pokemon to trick the judges.  Later that night, the festival commences.  Takeshi's Gureggru and the Rocket-Dan's Nyasu are able to make it past the beauty round and proceed to a brick breaking competition.  Takeshi's Gureggru easily beats everyone else's records, enabling it to face Hiroki's Gureggru in the final round.  The pokemon battle is interrupted by the Rocket-Dan, however, when they swoop down in a giant Gureggru-shaped mecha in order to scoop up all the pokemon.  Joi's Gureggru, Gurebi, work together with Satoshi's Pikachu in order to send the trio blasting off again.  Gurebi's impressive performance in battle earns it the coveted position as the number one Gureggru of Nomose City, and, likewise, Pikachu's performance earns its trainer a chance to battle the Nomose City Gym Leader.  Will Satoshi be able to win his fourth Shin'ou League badge?  To be continued!

I really, really liked this episode.  We get a unique Gym Leader who explodes with personality, some neat information about how Kojirou got his Muscippa, my favoritist Nyasu costume EVER, and a kick-ass Joi.  I don't know why, but seeing Joi that stand out from the rest - like this one and the one at the end of Battle Frontier - makes me all giddy.  Maybe I'm a huge fan of seeing side characters getting a chance to shine or something?

It also doesn't hurt that Gureggru is one of my favorite pokemon from the fourth generation, hands down.

The major thing this episode will be known for, however, is Hiroki slash Takuya, but I'll talk more about that later.

The dubbed version is pretty standard, really.  It kind of sucks that Gureggru's awesome Japanese voice is dubbed over because in an episode like this, missing out on the pokemon's strange humming noise really makes an impact.  Other than that?  Well...I'm really surprised the dub kept the pun intact with that judge guy, Musci (from Muscippa, the pokemon he kinda looks like), by naming him Carni (from Carnivine).  It's the kind of thing that's usually lost in translation, so I'm really happy to see it make its way over the Pacific intact.  I'm also happy at all the "hillbilly" music kept intact, something from one of the mini-movies, if I'm not mistaken.  I doubt 4Kids would have kept it if they were still doing things.

Dialogue Edit
Throughout the entire episode, Maxi refers to himself using the personal pronoun ore-sama.  Only people who think very highly of themselves would use a pronoun like that, so Maxi must want everyone who hears him speak know how awesome he is or something.  This little quirk is lost in the dub since the English language only has one way of saying "I."

Side Note
So a lot of people noticed that Hiroki, the character of the day, looks vastly different from Hamilton.

Hiroki Takuya

So what happened?  Is this a Japan edit or a PUSA edit?  What would the reason for this be?

The explanation got to be a little on the long side, so I had to put it on its own page over here.  You can also view images of the edit here, here, and here.

Dialogue Edit
Later on in the episode, Ash offers Dawn a Croagunk pie.  Originally, Satoshi offers Hikari a Gureggru Yaki, or a "fried Gureggru."  If I had to guess, I'd say that the snack is very similar to a taiyaki, only Gureggru-shaped instead of fish-shaped.

At the end of the episode, when Team Rocket is blasting off, we get this:

Jessie:  "Our charismatic cutting-edge Croagunk's crumbled into a cash of  Cro-junk."
James:  "And to think I used to like tongue twisters back when I was young."
Meowth:  "Wish I'd kept up my karate lessons back when I was young."

First of all, James...that's not a tongue twister.  That's more of an example of alliteration.

Anyway, what goes on during the Japanese version of this scene is an untranslatable pun.  First, Musashi says that their Gureggru mecha was guri-guri'ed, which basically means "beaten up."  Guri-guri...Gureggru...they kind of sound similar, right?  Next, Kojirou says Guregguru Guregguru me ga maru.  I underlined the guru part there because guru-guru means "to spin" or "to go round and round" (hence why Kojirou is seen spinning).  Just like before...guru-guru...Guregguru...The me ga maru part roughly means "my eyes are spinning."

I couldn't really figure out what Nyasu was saying, but I can assure you that it had nothing to do with him wanting to keep up with his imaginary karate lessons.

Previous Episode (DP 055)




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