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Japanese Episode DP 048
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 048:  "Satoshi and Hikari!  Head for a New Adventure!!"
Orchid-Hakase's Big Encyclopedia:  Dodaitoise
Japanese Air Date:  September 27th, 2007
American Air Date:  Never aired

It's been about a year since Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl started, so it's time to take a look back at the adventure up until now.  The clip show starts by showing how Satoshi and Hikari first met when Satoshi was looking for his Pikachu, who had been kidnapped upon entering the Shin'ou region.  Next, it's time to profile each of our heroes' pokemon one by one.  Once each of Satoshi's, Hikari's, and Takeshi's pokemon are showcased, it's time to see how Satoshi's won his first two Gym Battles.  After seeing clips of how Satoshi beat Hyouta's Rampard at the Kurogane Gym and Natane's Roserade at the Hakutai Gym, it's time to be introduced to Satoshi's rival, Shinji.  Shinji is an experienced trainer who treats his pokemon more like tools than friends, and this troubles Satoshi and his friends.  Luckily for Hikari, her rival is a kind young lady named Nozomi who Hikari looks up to like an older sister. However, she is also very strong, as demonstrated by the way Nozomi's Nyaruma defeated Hikari's Mimirol at the Kotobuki Convention.  Hikari didn't give up, however, and is able to pull together enough confidence to defeat her friend Kengo at the Sono'o Convention.  Now that Satoshi has two Gym Badges and Hikari has one Ribbon, the time for our heroes' next match in Yosuga City is just moments away!

Since the second series got to have a clip show toward the end of its first saga, I guess the anime producers weren't as reluctant to do another one as they may have been if they hadn't already done this before.  While it does seem a bit odd to have a clip show when we're only about a year into the new series, it does serve as a nice refresher for the journey so far.  Especially in Japan, where the fact that there aren't any reruns of Diamond & Pearl on non-cable means that if you miss an episode, you're pretty much screwed. 

You may remember that the previous clip show had some music issues that really got on my nerves.  Thankfully, none of those issues are present in this sophomore effort.  It actually looks like some time and effort was put into the compilation of these clips and the music that accompanied them, resulting in a show that's a lot more professional looking than the sloppy montage we got the first time around.

This episode also reconfirms the fact that Aipom is a girl (something we learned in the Japanese version back when the gang was in the Battle Frontier) and that Gureggru comes out of its Monster Ball "whenever it hears a pretty woman's voice." 

Pokémon USA decided to skip this episode, making it the first main series episode to go undubbed since the company took the show over.  It's not surprising that they didn't dub it, but it's still a bit disappointing nonetheless.  I suppose the fact that there are labels for the current segment, written in Japanese, in the upper right-hand corner for the duration of the episode may have kept this episode from being dubbed, but that would be a really weak reason if that turned out to be the case.  Like the previous clip show, I suspect that this one didn't get dubbed because PUSA, like 4Kids, thought that "it's just a clip show; nobody'll care if we skip it."  And, judging from the apathy the fandom's expressed about their decision, they seem to be correct.

There really isn't too much more to say about this one, so I guess it's on to the next episode!

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