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Japanese Episode DP 020
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode DP 020:  "Pokemon Hunter J!"
American Episode 484: 
"Mutiny In The Bounty!"
Orchid-Hakase's Big Encyclopedia:  N/A
Japanese Air Date:  February 22nd, 2007
American Air Date:  July 9th, 2007
Important Characters:  J (J), Maria (Melodi)

While on their way to Sono'o Town, our heroes encounter a theft taking place.  The pokemon being kidnapped is a Sirnight belonging to a girl named Maria, and the thief is a woman known simply as J.  After using a weapon on her wrist that turns Sirnight to stone, J starts to make a break for it in her armored tank.  Satoshi begins to pursue, so J uses her weapon to turn Pikachu into stone as well!  She also captures the Rocket-Dan's Nyasu and escapes with all three pokemon in a flying fortress.  At that time, Junsa appears and explains that J is a bounty hunter who captures pokemon to sell to a variety of clients.  She adds that they have no way of following J, so Takeshi suggests they try to predict where she'll strike next.  Maria uses her Kirlia's psychic abilities to find J, but they arrive too late.  J steals an Absol and makes a run for it, but Satoshi, along with Musashi and Kojirou, are able to sneak onboard her airship.  Their presence is quickly detected, so Satoshi and the others make their way through the airship's air ducts.  They eventually reach the room where Pikachu and the others are being held captive, so they release the pokemon from their frozen state.  At that time, J's men enter the room and initiate a pokemon battle.  A stray Thunderbolt attack opens a hole in the side of the cargo bay, so J decides to jettison that portion of the aircraft.  As our heroes fall, Maria's Sirnight uses Teleport to transport everyone to safety.  Junsa arrests the men who were in the cargo ship but is upset that their boss, J, is still at large.  As our heroes reunite with their pokemon, they hold on to the hope that J will be apprehended one day.

The Diamond & Pearl series has been good to us so far, but this episode manages to top everything that's been done until now.  J is a badass villain that just about every fan wants to see return, and with good reason.  She's a non-comic relief villain who has enough high-tech gadgets to make Jirarudan look like a caveman, and the fact that she doesn't think twice about sacrificing her own men is worth mentioning as well.  I also like how everyone gets to do something in this one...from Pachirisu freeing Satoshi to Naetle Razor Leafing the hell out of J's men, this episode had a lot of great moments from characters who would usually get shafted in the more epic episodes like this.

If this episode has any faults, it was that it's a bit rushed.  While we sorta get a resolution, it would have been nice to have another scene or two to flesh things out.  Or shoot...why not make it into a two-parter?  Part One could have covered everything up until the Absol theft, and Part Two could have covered the part on the airship and had a more conclusive ending.

J's dub voice is pretty emotionless and unrealistic, but I feel that way about pretty much every voice actor in every dubbed anime these days.  I did, however, enjoy James' "hunter hussy" remark.  "Hussy" isn't a word you hear too often in real life, much less on a kids' show.  It seems odd and out-of-place while being awesome at the same time.

If PUSA didn't continue 4Kids' tradition of not dubbing the Next Episode previews, you would have been treated to an amusing preview narrated by Takeshi.  Unfortunately, they are, so no funny previews for you.

In Japan, the shot of Hikari in the opening theme is updated to include Pachirisu.

Bohmander, Drapion, and Golbat keep their Japanese voices.

Added Footage--3 seconds
Three seconds are added to the TO BE CONTINUED screen.

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