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Dogasu's Backpack | Episode Comparisons | Pokémon Chronicles

Chronicles 12

Episode Stats:

Weekly Pokemon Broadcasting Station #045:
"Another Legend of Celebi"
Pokémon Chronicles Episode 12:
  "Celebi and Joy!"

Japanese Air Date:  August 7th, 2003
American Air Date:  August 12th, 2006
Important Characters:  Nick (Nick)
Important Places:  Marion City (Marion City)

While traveling through Marion City, the aspiring Pokemon Master Hiroshi and his partner Léon come across a group of construction workers threatening to tear down an old Pokemon Center.  The young trainer decides to stop them, so he sends out his pokemon to battle.  Hiroshi wins and succeeds in driving the workers off, earning the gratitude of the Joi who run the Pokemon Center.  Inside, Hiroshi is told about the history of the center and how a friend of Joi, Nick, had been lost in a landslide the day of the Pokemon Center's completion and her birthday.  Joi tells Hiroshi that if Nick had attended the birthday party, he would have missed the landslide and would still be alive today.  As HIroshi mulls this over in a guest room of the Pokemon Center, the time traveling pokemon Celebi appears and takes the young trainer to the past!  There, Hiroshi meets a young Joi and a young Nick and discovers that Nick has a crush on Joi.  However, he's too timid to confront Joi, thinking that a simple carpenter like him would have no chance with a girl like Joi.  That night, a large storm comes, so Joi runs out to a shrine erected for Celebi to make sure it's okay.  Hiroshi and Nick go out to find her pinned under a tree that had been struck by lightning, so the young boys rescue her.  The next day is the day of Joi's birthday and the completion of the Pokemon Center, but Nick is nowhere to be found!  Hiroshi quickly finds Nick and tells him to go back to the party, convincing him that she would be grateful to see him after saving her life the night before.  He agrees and turns around mere moments before the landslide that would have claimed his life pours rocks and mud onto the road in front of him.  As everyone celebrates Joi's birthday, Hiroshi is taken back to his own time and is amazed to see how much Marion City has changed.  As Hiroshi watches the construction workers of his time restore the Pokemon Center instead of trying to demolish it, the time traveling pokemon Celebi disappears to help out in another time.

I could start this comparison by quoting Edward Lorenz, but I'd rather quote Grandpa Simpson:

"If you ever travel back in time, don't step on anything, because even the tiniest change can alter the future in ways you can't imagine!" - Treehouse of Horrors V

That's my main problem with this episode; you can't go back in time and do something as drastic as preventing the death of a little boy (and possibly his father?) without basically fudging up the space-time continuum and causing the universe to collapse on itself.  Yet Hiroshi does just that and nothing in the present has really changed at all. 

Otherwise, I really liked the episode.  I liked having a plot not dependent on pokemon battles or attacks from the Rocket-Dan, and the whole "let's see Nick's death prevented" is neat to watch even if my sense of logic is telling me that this episode makes no sense at all.

You know what I like about the dubbed version of this episode?  HOW EVERY SINGLE EDIT IS NECESSARY AND MAKES THE SHOW BETTER.   I guess if I was on a message board I'd put a little </sarcasm> at the end of that statement, but I'm not, so I won't.  I'll just say that I'm glad the TV series doesn't see this level of "reversioning" made to each episode that this episode does.  However, I will admit that the script is pretty solid, and it's nice to see 4Kids not go into their usual "death cover-up mode."

4Kids also tinkers with the episode numbering again, dubbing this episode before they dubbed "Training Daze," which aired the week before this one in Japan.  It doesn't affect a thing, but still, 4Kids, why dub these episodes out of order? 

For your reference, this episode was released between episodes AG 045, "To the Other Side of the Mirage!  Togepi's Paradise!" ("A Togepi Mirage!") and AG 046, "The Kachinuki Family!  Four vs. Four!!" ("Candid Camerupt").  In the Japanese version, Boku no Best Friend e is used as the episode's ending theme.

Celebi, Saidon,
Kairos, Ponyta, and Kentauros keep their Japanese voices.

Music Edit
As usual, the Japanese music is done away with in the dub.  This episode uses a lot of the music from the Celebi movie, so we get to hear all this great movie music in the Japanese version while we get some rather boring music in the dub. 

One particular scene that's really affected by music are the scenes of present-day Marion City after Hiroshi's traveling back in time.  The Japanese version plays that melodic song that plays when Celebi's being brought back to life at the end of the fourth movie (I believe it's Track #17, but I'm not's the song where that woman's all like "la la la lalala...") throughout the final part of the episode, but the dub replaces it with a bunch of really uninteresting stock music.  I've seen some fans claim that not having the original Japanese music isn't that big of a deal, but after an episode like this, I'm inclined to disagree with them.

Paint Edit

The only "text" edit in the episode happens about nine seconds into it:

Japanese English

Click on each image to view a larger version.

Dialogue Edit
First of all, the voice the dub gives for old Nurse Joy sucks.  Bad.

Secondly, the scene where young Nurse Joy says this has a bit added to it:

Nurse Joy:  "Tomorrow's important.  It's both grandma's birthday and the anniversary of the day this Pokémon Center first opened, 75 years ago."

The "75 years ago" part is dub-only.  You see, the Japanese version never specifies exactly how many years Hiroshi travels into the past...we're just told it was "a long time ago."

Added Footage--8 seconds
Celebi's entrance in the guest room of the Pokemon Center is played twice in the dub.  We only see it once in the Japanese version.

Cut--9 seconds
After Hiroshi is taken to the past and we see the little Celebi figurine fall to the floor, there's a nine-second shot of the empty guest room followed by a shot of Hiroshi and Léon that's removed from the dub.

Dialogue Edit
The script for this episode is mostly good, but there are a few rough spots:

Joy:  "You're one of those traveling trainers aren't you?  That's so neat!  My mom wants me to run the Pokémon Center when I grow up, but I wanna travel and stuff."
Richie:  "What about you, Nick?  What do you do?"
Nick:  "Me?  I help my dad and stuff..."
Sparky:  "Pika Pika!"

Originally, Joi states how she WANTS to be a nurse and how that, a year from now, she'll start her training to become one.  Hiroshi asks Nick what his dream is, and Nick responds with a noncommittal "Well, I..." before being cut off by L

The dub makes it sound like Joy's being forced into being a nurse and only decided to become one at the end of the episode when she originally made her career choice long before the events of this episode take place.

Paint Edit/Dialogue Edit
We've some One Piece-type stuff going on here:

Japanese English

4Kids basically scooted Hiroshi and Léon back to the right side of the screen and inserted this image of Joi from earlier in the episode. 

The dialogue is also completely different.  In the Japanese version, Hiroshi thinks to himself how Celebi must have brought him back to time to an older Marion City.  In the dub, young Joy just repeats what the older Joy said in the present. 

This strikes me as very odd because in the fourth movie, 4Kids bent over backwards to over-explain every plot point in the movie.  Yet here we are, in another time traveling story, and 4Kids removes the line where Hiroshi explains that Celebi's taken him back into time.  I mean, sure, it's pretty obvious what's happened, but the fact that 4Kids didn't jump at the chance to let kids know exactly what's going on seems a little out-of-character to me.

The dubbed version is also weird because Richie has no reason to imagine the young Nurse Joy saying this.  Wouldn't an image of the old Nurse Joy have made more sense?

Cut--6 seconds altogether/Paint Edit/Scene Switch
This one requires some explanation.

So in the Japanese version, we see Nick trying to put out the fire at Celebi's shrine.  Hiroshi yells at him to stop, prompting Nick to turn around to tell Hiroshi how important the shrine is.  Then, we see a familiar green glow in the tree where Joi's at, and we see her open her eyes as she whispers Celebi's name.  After that, there's a big crash of lightning, Hiroshi and Joi jump up to save Nick, and then Celebi saves everyone with a force field.

Well, I guess 4Kids didn't like Celebi's entrance or wanted to make it more dramatic or something, so they did a number of edits to make it look like Celebi didn't show up until the very last minute.  First of all, they took out the shot of the green glow inside the tree.  This last five seconds.

Next, they took the shot of Joi opening her eyes and moved it to the part right before Richie yells at Nick to stop ("Nick!  Get away from there right now!").  Now in the dub, Celebi hasn't appeared yet, so it wouldn't make any sense for there to be any green light coming in from the left side of the screen.  So, 4Kids removed it, changing Joi's right eye in the process.

Japanese English

Click on each image to view a larger version.

The dub also shortens the above shot by a second, removing Joi's utterance of Celebi's name.

Cut--4 seconds
Four seconds are removed from the shot that transitions into the party scene.

Added Footage--1 second
4Kids lengthens the shot where Richie says "Ponyta, hurry up!" by one second.

Cut--13 seconds altogether
4Kids cuts out this shot of Hiroshi shown as Celebi showers the new Marion Town with its...fairy dust...stuff.

In this nine-second shot, Hiroshi explains how Celebi took Léon and Hiroshi to the past to protect the old Marion Town and Nick.  I'm still confused as to why 4Kids is removing these lines of expository dialogue.

Finally, the four-second TO BE CONTINUED screen is removed.

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