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Episode AG 182
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 182:  "Haruka vs. Harley!  Stage On in a Double Battle!!"
American Episode 452:
"Thinning The Hoard!"
Japanese Air Date:  June 22nd, 2006
American Air Date:  December 12th, 2006

As the Appeals round of the Kanto Grand Festival continue, the competition becomes fiercer and fiercer!  As Shuu, Harley, and Saori do press their way through the Appeals round, Haruka grows more and more nervous.  Later, Satoshi chases after Aipom, who has stolen his hat once again.  Annoyed with the pokemon wasting his time, Satoshi decides to capture it instead of continuing to chase it around.  His attempt fails, however, and Aipom runs away.  Later, Haruka's turn on stage comes up.  After an Appeal in which Gonbe uses a combination of Solar Beam and Focus Punch, the top sixteen are announced.  Among the top Coordinators are Haruka, Shuu, Harley, and Saori.  The first match of the battle round pits Harley against Haruka.  The young Coordinator from Touka City chooses Eevee and Gonbe while Harley chooses Noctus and Pukurin.  After knocking out Harley's Noctus with a combination of Solar Beam and Shadow Ball, Pukurin becomes the duo's next target.  The balloon pokemon is able to avoid all of the attacks coming from Haruka's team, so she decides to have the pokemon purposely miss in order to create an explosion that knocks Pukurin off-balance.  Harley's pokemon is quickly defeated, giving Haruka a chance to advance to the next round!  As the battle round continues, a match between Haruka and Shuu begins.  Shuu's Flygon and Absol face off against Haruka's Wakashamo and Zenigame, and for a while neither Coordinator seems to be able to gain an upper hand.  With two evenly-matched opponents going up against each other, is there any way to predict the winner?  To be continued!

As the Grand Festival continues, the problem of pacing becomes more and more apparent.  The show's producers try to cram too much into three episodes, and the result is that it feels like we're watching the tournament in fast forward.  It also doesn't help that the writers waste time on that "Shuu is disappointed with his Absol" subplot that wastes time that could have been used to flesh out the really short Harley vs. Haruka battle. 

Speaking of that battle...I actually liked it.  Which, for a Haruka Contest battle, is extremely rare.  However, like I said before, it's way too short.  It would have been nice to see Noctus put up more of a fight (it's not a weakling or anything), but the producers just didn't give themselves enough time to do that.  Maybe next Grand Festival.

For some reason, the dub has Harley (among others) constantly refer to May as either "shorty" or "diminutive."  Which, aside from not being in the Japanese version, doesn't make any sense given the fact that May is taller than a lot of the other girls in the series.  The only other thing about the dub worth mentioning is that PUSA replaces a piece of Japanese background music with a different piece of Japanese background music for the second episode in a row.  What's the point, Pokémon USA?

Music Edit
After the table-turning explosion that helps Haruka win her match against Harley, Pokémon Symphonic Medley plays in the background and continues to do so until the start of the Shuu vs. Haruka battle.  This is replaced by instrumental music in the dub.

Added Footage--3 seconds
Three seconds are added to the TO BE CONTINUED... screen.

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