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Episode AG 135
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 135: "The Moon-Viewing Mountain!  With Py and Pippi and Pixy!"
American Episode 405: "A Real Cleffa Hanger
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Movie AG 03 information

Japanese Air Date:  July 7th, 2005
American Air Date:  April 15th, 2006
Important Characters:  Sakura (Daisy)
Important Places:  Moon-Viewing Mountain (Mt. Moon)

As our heroes are on the road toward the Battle Frontier, Kasumi receives a phone call from her sisters.  It seems that there are too many challengers at the gym that day, so they want to just -give- badges to all the trainers who showed up.  Kasumi is opposed to this idea and tells them to hold on as she makes her way over there.  As Kasumi and the others hurry along the path, they are attacked by the Rocket-Dan, who are once again trying to steal our heroes' pokemon.  The ensuing battle causes an explosion that separates Kasumi, Masato, Pikachu, and a wild Py from the others.  As the trainers search for each other, a rainstorm begins that makes it impossible to continue through the mountain.  Kasumi and Masato take refuge in an uninhabited cave, where they share stories about their annoying older sisters.  Kasumi tells Masato that even though his sister may get on his nerves from time to time, she cares very much about him.  The storm clears, and our heroes eventually find the others.  After fending off the Rocket-Dan in a second battle, our heroes stick around and watch the fairy pokemon's moon dance before getting back on the road.  Kasumi gets another phone call from her sisters telling her that they can't wait any longer, so the young Gym Leader is forced to separate from our heroes to return to her gym.  As Kasumi gets on the path to Hanada City, Satoshi and the others continue on their journey to the Battle Factory.

Now this is what I call a really nice episode.  Everything about this episode was just done right, from the rare interaction between Kasumi and Masato to the many nostalgic elements (Kasumi's fear of bug pokemon and the Pippi group worshipping the Moon Stone) to the debut of PokeGear in the regular series.  The only thing I didn't really like about this episode was Kasumi's backpack.  The thing looks like a gutted out Tamazarashi, and every time it was on camera it freaked me the hell out. 

The dubbed version was pretty alright.  I really enjoyed Rachel Lillis' performance as Misty in this episode more than I usually do, and I don't really know why.  Maybe it's because I know this is the last time we'll see the character before Pokemon USA takes over and replaces everyone. 

I also liked the fact that the main series is being inconsistent with the edits made to the Pokémon Chronicles episodes.  If you remember, the backwards number two got erased from Jimmy's and Marina's Pok
éGear in "The Legend of Thunder," but Misty's PokéGear in this episode remains unedited.  Usually I see inconsistency as a bad thing, but in this case I'm going to celebrate the fact that the main series is disregarding the losers who edited the Pokémon Chronicles episodes.

Spear keeps its Japanese voice. 

Cut--12 seconds altogether
This episode is nothing but time cuts.  Now if only 4Kids would play more of the Japanese music...

The first shot of the episode is shortened by three seconds.

The new title screen is shortened by two seconds like all the others.  And, like the other two title screens in Advanced Generation, 4Kids continues to use the old title screen music instead of the newer music that debuted in AG 001.  Losers.

Four seconds of some recycled footage of Kasumi and Masato falling after the Trainer's Choice commercial break is removed from the dub.

Finally, three seconds are removed from the shot after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

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