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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | September 2015

Pokkén Tournament Stuff
September 20th, 2015

Dogasu @ 07:02 JST -- Real life's been pretty hectic lately but things are finally starting to calm down enough where I can start updating this site again. 

There's a ton of stuff to get into but later today I'm heading over to the Tokyo Game Show where
Pokkén Tournament producer Harada Katsuhiro will be going on stage to talk about the arcade fighter (along with Tekken 7 and a bunch of other games) so I thought I'd start things off by looking at what's new with the game lately.

Masked Pikachu

Masked Pikachu's been added to the game here in Japan so I've added her moveset to the Pokemon page on this site's Pokkén Tournament section.

I'll be sure to add any new information from the TGS (if there is any) later tonight.

Update:  Not much was revealed, unfortunately.  He talked about Pokkén Tournament for like five minutes and pretty much everything he said was stuff that's been revealed elsewhere.  The only really interesting part of the show was when Mr. Harada revealed that Pocket Monsters X & Y were his first Pocket Monsters games ever. 

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