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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | September 2011

"Throwing The Track Switch"
September 27th, 2011

Dogasu @ 23:40 JST --  Here's another comparison for watchermark!  It's for "Throwing The Track Switch."

"Throwing The Track Switch"

The dub of this episode wasn't nearly as bad as the dub for the Charizard departure episode, so it didn't take me as long to write up.  There's still plenty for me to talk about, though, so I hope you guys like it.

I'll start working on the comparison for "A Pyramiding Rage!" right away.

Keeping things up to date
September 20th, 2011

@ 06:28 JST --  A lot of news has come out in the past few days, requiring me to take a break from working on the comparison for "Throwing The Track Switch!" to update various sections of the site.

Victini and the Black Hero, Zekrom Victini and the White Hero, Reshiram

First up, the DVD Guide has been updated with information on the Japanese home releases of Victini and the Black Hero, Zekrom and Victini and the White Hero, Reshiram.  The movies are coming out on a two disc DVD set and are, surprisingly, going to be the same price as all the other single movies.  I'm actually really surprised at that because I expected Media Factory to just make fans buy each movie separately.  It's nice to see them do the logical thing here.

Victini and the Black / White Hero, Zekrom / Reshiram

The movies are also getting a Blu-Ray release, making this the first Pocket Monsters Blu-Ray to be released in Japan.  Both Japan and the US share the same Blu-Ray region, so American fans can import this Japanese Blu-Ray and not have to worry about whether or not they can play it.  For now, I've put the information for this release in the DVD Guide with the other movies, but I'll move it to a new Blu-Ray section once there are enough releases out there to warrant one.

Pokemon The Movie:  Black - Victini and Reshiram Pokemon The Movie:  White - Victini and Zekrom

Continuing along with the first Best Wishes movies, I've updated the main page for those films with the first information we've gotten about the English versions of the movies.  They're apparently getting a limited theatrical run in early December and a trailer's been made available online, so we won't have much longer to wait.  The titles seem backwards to me (wouldn't Pokémon The Movie:  Black - Victini and Zekrom have made more sense?) and I'm not too crazy on the name changes (Damon sounds awfully similar to Damos), but I'm sure the actual dubs themselves will be fine.

I've also updated the main page for the films with up-to-date box office information.  The movies' theatrical run is more or less finished at this point, so we have what appear to be the final box office numbers.  Check it out to see how these movies have stacked up against the competition.

I've updated the List of TV Episodes with a new dub title.  I've also added the answers to the questions about Hello! Thank You! and Torikaekko Please that I asked in my previous update.  Thanks goes out to Adamant for helping me out with those.

PokéPark 2 ~ Beyond the World

Finally, I've updated the Video Games section with information on the newly announced Wii game, PokéPark 2 ~ Beyond the World.  I reviewed the original and found it to be an OK game that's more a rental title than one to own, so I hope the sequel fixes a lot of the problems the first game had.  While I was adding the information on the game, I also cleaned up the Wii page and made sure everything there was up-to-date.

I can confirm that the comparison for "Throwing the Track Switch!" has a lot fewer script changes than "Charizard's Burning Ambitions" did, so it won't take me nearly as long to finish.

Lyrics Guide Update
September 15th, 2011

Dogasu @ 00:09 JST --  The next comparison I owe watchermark, "Throwing The Track Switch!," has an insert song during the battle with the Rocket-Dan at the end.  That song, Hello! Thank You!, didn't have its own page in this site's Lyrics Guide yet, so I went ahead and made one.  I've also cleaned up the lyrics to Torikaekko Please since Musashi makes a reference to the song about halfway through the episode.

Hello! Thank You! Torikaekko Please

Two questions for you guys out there.  One, do any of you know exactly which episodes of Shuukan Pokemon Housoukyoku Pokemon Sunday used Hello! Thank You! as the ending theme?  Two, does anyone know how to romanize
伝田一正?  That's the name of the guy who plays the guitar in Torikaekko Please, but I have no idea how to write that out in English letters.  His nickname appears to be "DenDen," which leads me to believe that "Denda" is his family name.  But what about his given name?  Anyone able to confirm which of the *counts* six possible readings it could be?

I've also updated the List of TV Episodes.

"Charizard's Burning Ambitions"
September 7th, 2011

Dogasu @ 00:50 JST --  Back on January 14th, 2011, this was posted on the front page of my website:

My goal is to have the three of them up by the end of [January], but some of the real life stuff I have coming up soon (i.e. job hunting) might require me to wait until February to finish them up.  I'll try my best to avoid making you guys wait that long.

It is now September.

Words can't express how bad I feel about making watchermark wait this long.  Yes, I had a crazy busy year, but that's not enough.  There's no excuse for me not having this up months ago.

Well, here's the first comparison, "Charizard's Burning Ambitions."

"Charizard's Burning Ambitions"

I hope the thoroughness of this comparison will at least help make up for the fact that it's more than half a year late.

I don't anticipate the other two comparisons taking as long to complete.  The Pokémon Company International isn't as rewrite happy as 4Kids was (the recent Lillipup -> Haderrier thing notwithstanding) and the show stopped doing so many puns / plays on words by the time Diamond & Pearl started.  With that said, however, I know how foolish it is to give anything resembling a timeframe for their completion since I never meet any of the deadlines I set for myself anyway.  So, I'll just say I'll have them up as soon as I can.

The List of TV Episodes has also been updated.




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