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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | September 2009

DVD Guide, CD Guide, List of Anime Episodes updates, Pokemon 151, new Wii game?
September 14th, 2009

Dogasu @ 23:57 JST -- So how was your weekend? 

I've updated the DVD Guide for the first time in quite a while.  The Pokémon Elements page has been updated with the covers for the fifth and sixth volumes as well as the episode listings for volumes three through six.  Volumes Three and Four come out on September 29th while Volumes Five and Six come out on November 24th.  I've also updated the page for Pokémon DP Battle Dimension page with the cover art for volumes five and six as well as the correct cover for the third box set.  Those come out on October 27th.

What's sad is that when I went shopping in the States over my summer break, I noticed that most of the retailers stocked Pokémon Elements more than any of the boxsets or singles.  Which made me sad for a variety of reasons.

I've also updated something that hasn't been updated in about five years:  the CD Guide!  That's right!  It's been a long time coming, but I've finally started the revamp of that section that I've been talking about for years.  I've only done one page so far - the one for 2009 - but I'll make an effort to do the rest in the weeks to come.  I really want some feedback on this more than anything else in this update, so please, if you have the spare time, hit me up on my site's Facebook page or the Bulbagarden thread or my e-mail and let me know what you guys think.  Does the layout work for you guys?  Is the information presented in an easy-to-follow way?  Let me know!

Update:  I'm aware that the images for the CD Guide aren't loading at the moment.  I'm currently working on a way to get this resolved.

The List of Anime Episodes has also been updated with the latest Japanese episodes.

Finally, I wanted to relay a few news items.  First of looks like the POK
éMON 151 series of T-shirts has been revived.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the brand, "POKéMON 151" was a series of T-shirts aimed for the older fans featuring "darker," "more mature" images than what we're typically used to seeing with this franchise.  The 151 part of the name obviously refers to the time when there were only 151 pokemon available - in other words, the Red & Green days. 

As you can see, the whole "151" part of the name has kind of been thrown out the window for the sake of promoting HeartGold & SoulSilver.  Cool shirts, though.

In other news...those of you who have yet to pick up a Nintendo Wii may want to hold out a little longer.  Because Kotaku is reporting that a price cut for the system is looking to come by the first of the month.  There's no word yet on how much the price will go down by, but with the difference between the Wii and the Playstation 3 and the X-Box 360 being only $50 due to their recent price cuts, we can probably expect the price to drop to least $200.

Finally, the current issue of Famitsu (September 26, 2009 issue) has an interview with HeartGold and SoulSilver producer Ishihara Tsunekazu.  At the end of the interview, he has this to say:

それから詳しいお話はできませんが、Wii用ソフトも開発していて、近々発表できるといい な、とおもっているところです。

I can't give any details at the moment, but we're working on a new Wii game.  We should be able to announce something before long.

So...Wii console game?  Please?

"Illusion Confusion!"
September 12th, 2009

Dogasu @ 10:10 JST -- Sorry for the late comparison, guys.  I decided to take a short break last night and watch Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.  Which, by the way, is a fun little movie that you should all watch if you get the chance.  And the animation?  Absolutely gorgeous.

Anyway, here's "Illusion Confusion!"  The episode didn't have nearly as much done to it as previous episodes, so that's why it's a little shorter. 

And with that, my week of Johto Journies slash "apology for sucking this summer and not updating frequently enough" comes to a close.  It was kind of fun going through a bunch of episodes I'm not that familiar with (trivia:  I had only seen two of those first five Jouto episodes for this week), but it was also very, very time consuming.  As much as I would love to be able to update this site on a daily basis, I think I would get burned out and would probably quit within a month. 

In any case, enjoy the weekend and enjoy your (legal!) copies of HeartGold and SoulSilver.

New images for "Don't Touch That 'dile," "The Double Trouble Header"
September 11th, 2009

Dogasu @ 07:50 JST -- A lot of you noticed that the raw images in the comparison for "Don't Touch That 'dile!" weren't loading and needed fixing.  Well, the thing is...I never had any images to upload in the first place.  That comparison was done from a file that had multiple language tracks (Japanese, English, and Russian) on a single video file.  That video file, as it turns out, came from the Russian dub, which itself uses the video from the English dub.  So, any paint edits done to the English dub were carried over to the Russian one.  I knew this, so I made an effort to get up early last Sunday and watch the Pokemon Sunday broadcast of that episode while having the English version running on my computer at the same time.  The downloaded file I had with the Japanese audio was useful for those dialogue edits, but they weren't any good for the paint edits.

So, I went to the  Japanese Amazon site and ordered that first Jouto DVD that was released in Japan.  I had actually expected it to arrive on Tuesday, but some address issues postponed its arrival to last night.

So now, with a new DVD in hand, I went through and got those raw images up for the first Jouto episode.  While I was at it, I took nicer, cleaner screencaps for "The Double Trouble Header" as well.  See the difference?

In other news...I've finished taking my notes for "Illusion Confusion!" and will be writing that up later today.  That episode didn't have too much done to it, so it should be a fairly quick one to get through. 

"Roll On, Pokémon!"
September 10th, 2009

Dogasu @ 23:50 JST -- Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver's been leaked?  Old news!

This one was kind of a rush job, but I'll iron things out over the weekend.  In the meantime, here's "Roll On, Pokémon!"

Come back tomorrow for the fifth and final Johto Journies comparison!

"A Sappy Ending," "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" information
September 9th, 2009

Dogasu @ 23:34 JST -- Screw "Dogasu's" Backpack.  I'm changing this site's name to "Morio's Backpack."  Because a character that awesome deserves recognition!!!

All kidding's the comparison for "A Sappy Ending."  It took a lot less time to finish than the one for "The Double Trouble Header," so it almost feels like I've been given a breather after yesterday's super labor-intensive entry.

In other news, the official Pokmon website has been updated with an English teaser poster for the third DP movie, "Arceus and the Jewel of Life."  We've known that title for a few weeks now, but it's still nice to get an English poster and confirmation that both Michina and Sheena will be keeping their names intact.

"The Double Trouble Header"
September 8th, 2009

Dogasu @ 23:37 JST -- Thank you, Nanako.  Your stupid Elebuus song has been stuck in my head all freakin' day. 

Anyway, here's "The Double Trouble Header."  I didn't expect it to be as big a comparison as it ended up being, but I guess that's what happens when you have an episode with as many Japanese references / dialogue edits as this one.  I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out (it was definitely a bit of a rush job), so I'll probably go back soon and touch up a few things here and there.

I've also added some more information to the page for the original Gold & Silver games, while I was at it.

"Don't Touch That 'dile!"
September 7th, 2009

Dogasu @ 23:49 JST -- A week of Johto Journies comparisons begins today.  Here's the one for "Don't Touch That 'dile!"

Tomorrow will be "The Double Trouble Header." 

"The Punchy Pokmon"
September 5th, 2009

Dogasu @ 11:15 JST -- Well that took forever and a day, didn't it?

Here's the comparison for "The Punchy Pokémon."  I feel like I've been working on this comparison for ages - and really, there was no reason for it to take as long as it did - so I'm happy to finally have it ready to post.  I'm also happy to have the new version out because the older one hadn't been updated in so long that it still used those little icons that I have a guide for on the main Episode Comparisons page.  Talk about embarrassing.

Also, as you probably know by now, I'm back in Japan.  Goodbye, hectic summer vacation; hello, predictable daily grind. 

Anyways, please give me feedback through the usual means.




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