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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | September 2003

Bideo Geemu
September 23rd, 2003

I've got a ton of homework this week, so this update's gonna be quick.

The Fire Red/Leaf Green page has some new pictures up (it's nothing you guys haven't seen elsewhere) and about a sentence's worth of new information.  I've also updated the FAQ page slightly.  And that's really about it.

Insert mental images of Kenta spitting eggs out at Shy Guys
September 20th, 2003

I have a new rant up, "I Want More!  I Want More!," so if you read it then I'll be happy.  I've also updated the Comparison Links page (with a link to the Cooler's Revenge edit list) and the bios for Hazuki, Kenta, Marina, and Jun'ichi so that you can look at their horrible dub names.  Quite honestly, they all suck more than a hooker at a bachelor's party.  Especially Kenta and Marina--one's Japanese name was changed to another Japanese name (what sense does that make?) while the other gets a boy's name.  Dubbers are strange, strange people.

By the way, I was asked by Blackjack Gabianni to give you guys a link to the backup for Bulbagarden's forums.  So here it is.  I don't know why the site is down or anything, but at least we can still post in their forums. 

And just so you know...the system is down, so I'm off to my lightswitch rave. 

So what do you think of the new font?
September 19th, 2003

So I'm watching all this news coverage of Hurricane Isabel and I have to wonder about the intelligence of some of these news stations.  They have access to all this meteorlogical equipment capable of detecting exactly when and where the hurricane will hit.  They have everyone in the area evacuate to higher ground.  With everyone out of the city and complete knowledge of what the hurricane is capable of, what do they do?  They send field agents out there to stand in the storm to tell us that yes, their thousand-dollar equipment was telling them the truth.  I mean, they couldn't just report from inside some sort of shelter and point out the window, nosiree--they have to stand out in the rain and 50mph wind, shouting at us about how it's "really bad out here."  And then what gets me is that the people who stay in the newsroom, with its dry and wind-free environment, can only think of the most ridiculous questions to ask.  I actually saw one news report where the field agent was holding on to a guard rail to keep his ass from being dragged across the pavement (you should have seen the way the cord to his microphone was dancing around in the wind), and the only question the person back in the newsroom could ask was "wow, it sure is windy out there, huh?"  Seriously, I'm not making that up.  I can't understand why any of those field agents would put up with that kind of crap, I honestly can't.

So my trademark mini-rant is done, so of course now I get to list all the updates.  First of all, you'll noticed that I changed the font on this front page.  What do you think?  Should the rest of the site look like this or what?  Secondly, I've added a bunch of sites to the Comparisons Links page.  Thirdly, all the current Episode Guides (Jouto, Houen, and Housou) have been updated with new titles.  And finally, I did a major overhaul to the Techniques page while adding a few new attacks here and there.  Ain't it purdy now?

Next time (maybe as early as tomorrow) I'll have a new rant up, written by me. 

What do you wanna bet that "Leaf Green" becomes "Ocean Blue" for the U.S.?
September 13th, 2003

Not to start the update off with a downer or anything, but what's with everyone dying this week?  First, Harry Goz, voice of Captain Hank Murphy of Adult Swim's Sealab 2021 died, then we had 9/11 to make us sad about all the lives lost two years ago, then John Ritter died, and now Johnny Cash is dead.  I know that the families of all these people are going through some tough times, and I just wanted to give my condolences.

Alright, serious time is over.  First of all, a synopsis for another chapter of the Chamo Chamo manga (the manga done by the same lady who did Magical Pokémon Journey, this one starring Achamo) has become available thanks to ClearTarun.  Secondly, some new episode titles, both American and Japanese, have been added to their respective guides.  It seems that Kids' WB! is trying to hurry up and rush through the end of the Jouto League, which means that we'll be getting a bunch of reruns come next summer.  But nobody cares, right?  Anyway, I've also updated the Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire page and have added a page for Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf GreenFire Red/Leaf Green are GBA remakes of the original Red and Green games, and we really don't know anything about it except for what little information the Dengeki website has been able to provide. 

Well, depending on my ability to get home sometime next week, I should be able to get my VCR from home and bring it with me to college.  Why is that worth mentioning?  Because, if I am able to do that, I'll be able to do Episode Comparisons of the Pokémon Advance episodes as they air.  I'm crossing my fingers...

Oh yeah, and if you look below, you'll notice the TV-Tokyo list has changed.  I guess Prince of Tennis wasn't canceled after all.  Ah well.

Titans!  Go!
September 6th, 2003

This update has been brought to you by all the people who e-mailed me over the past few months.  I looked in my Inbox this morning, saw how far backed up my work was, and decided to delve into the various submissions you guys have sent me.  So if you sent me any submissions/questions between mid-July and the end of August, send it again because I either lost it or accidentally deleted it.

First up, the Grand List of Pokemon Video Game Clichés has some additions, thanks to Minna, Jinjojess, and Craig.  Secondly, some of the links in the CD Guide have been fixed, and I corrected some information on the first page (basically, it turns out that the CD Pokemon Ieru Ka Na?  Pokemon Kakeru Ka Na? was a Video Disc instead of a CD, so I took it off the CD Guide).  There's a new rant up about the Sonic X dub (4Kids' newest acquisition), and Uchikido-Hakase's bio has been updated with the correct spelling of her English name.  Speaking of Human Bios, I went and updated Satoshi's and Tohru's bios to reflect the new romanization of Tohru's name (see the update below for more about that).  And finally, I have a new dub episode, this time for the episode that introduces Hazuki (the Hiroshi of the Silver Convention) up in the Episode Guide.

Well, time to play Advance Wars, the hardest game ever :P

Poke Poke Poke Pokemon Ondo~
September 5th, 2003

I've got two more episode comparisons everybody--Episode 56 (the Gardie/Police Dog episode) and Episode 57 (the first episode with Tohru).  As you may have noticed, I've decided to change my romanization of To-o-ru from Toru to Tohru, and I'll update the other pages with this change soon enough.  I would have done a comparison for Episode 55 as well (the Children's Day episode), but I didn't have the dubbed version on tape.  I'll just have to wait for Cartoon Network to get around to it.

There's also a new dubbed episode title up in the Episode Guide.  Only ten more episodes in the series left and we'll have dubbed titles for every episode in the series (except, of course, the skipped episodes).  Enjoy!




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