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Dogasu's Backpack | Old Updates Archive | September 2002

Small Update
September 30th, 2002

This one's gonna be quick.  I got a bigger image of the American Pokemon 4Ever poster, so that's over in the fourth movie section (thanks Blue Hiker 2000!).  I also fixed two links--one on the Pokemon Zensho page, and the link to Episode 21 on the Episode Comparisons page.  And finally, I got a dub title that I forgot to put in, the one for Episode 247,"Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?"  Yes, that's a real episode title, folks.   I also put all those movie 4 & 5 pictures on my Envy account (instead of having them all on my Tripod one), so everything should show up now.  Other than the ad at the top of the page (really, if Miramax isn't going to promote their movie, someone may as well do it), that's about it.

I've recently been having problems with my computer--it won't upload anything.  Or if it does, it's very rare and takes a long time.  So, I'm having to save everything on a disk and go to the library to upload everything.  A small inconvenience, but if updates seem a little spaced apart until I can get this problem fixed, you'll know that I probably didn't get a chance to go to the library that day. 

Something to read on a sunny afternoon
September 29th, 2002

OK, that big thing that a lot of you will like is going to have to wait until I can sit down and figure some of these programs out.  But I think this update should be big enough to hold you over until then:

  • New episode titles are up, both for the dub and for the Japanese version.  As Japan gets closer to the end of the Jouto League, America's showing its episodes out of order.  Again.  Apparently not learning from their mistakes during Season 2 (when they aired all the new episodes they had in three months and left fans with about nine months of reruns), Kids' WB! aired a new episode a day this past week.  They're showing all these episodes that occur after the Whirl Cup, so fans are going to wonder where Misty got her Corsola from.
  • I've added pictures of all the American Magical Pokemon Journey manga, as well as pictures of the covers of several of the Japanese tankoban. 
  • I've also added pictures of all the American Pokemon Adventures manga. 
  • I've looked over the Pokemon Zensho page, rewording a few sentences to aid comprehension.  And while I was at it, I went ahead and listed the pokemon that both Satoshi and Shigeru had in the manga.
  • I tweaked the Pokemon Dengeki Pikachu page a little bit, but most of you won't notice the small changes I made.
  • I've added covers of Volumes 2-5 of the Pokemon Getto Da Ze manga, as well as fixed all those pictures that haven't been working for a while.  And I put the summary of the first tankoban on its own page--I think it's easier to navigate this way. 
  • Gee...notice all these manga updates?  Well, now I have a page up for a manga I hadn't had anything about, Pokemon Card ni Natta Wake.  I don't have much, but it's a start...
  • The American poster for the fourth movie can be seen on the fourth movie page.  It's not too bad, I must say.  I only wish we could read the text at the top, but that's the biggest image I could find.  Y'know, I remember Miramax saying that they were going to have some new advertising campaign that would "rejuvinate the franchise," yet so far advertising has been very few and far between.  I mean, we have less than two weeks before the movie comes out, yet we've yet to have any advertisements on TV, no big magazine articles, nothing.  Pokemon 4Ever might end up having as little publicity as Pokemon 3 the Movie.
  • While talking about movies, I now have synopses up of the fifth movie and its mini-movie.  They were gotten from (don't worry, I got permission to use them!) and are great for those of you who can't wait until the movie comes out over here in some form next year.
Whew...that's a pretty big update.  It's a good thing I have the extra space on Envy...I doubt I could do an update this big if I was still using their free service.  This update would've been up DAYS ago, but envy has been slow as sh*t.  I mean really, it would take like ten minutes for a single htm file to upload when it should have only taken a few seconds.  And with those big manga pictures I had to upload, it just took a really long time to get everything up.

By the way, some more Japanese episodes of the anime have been delivered to my house for me to compare.  The only thing is that I have to go home to watch them, which won't be until mid-October.  So once I get back, expect some new comparisons.  Until next time!

Small Stuff Tonight
September 23rd, 2002

OK, I've got a big French test in the morning, so I'll make this quick--first, I've fixed some of the links on the main Episode Comparisons page (mainly the link to Sailor Moon Uncensored) and have even added a few links.  Secondly, I've added a few things to the Movie 1 Video Edits page (thanks to King Dedede for the information).  And lastly, I've added a link to the Movie 4 Soundtrack page to a website that has the entire soundtrack available for download.

I'll update soon with something I know you guys will like.  I'll give you a hint:  the contents of the update are something that I used to have on this site, but I've taken them down since.  Well, they're returning, but what "they're" is will be a secret for a few more days.  Later!

It's Pokemon Advance Day!
September 20th, 2002

For no reason at all, I decided to do a bunch of updates regarding Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.  First of all, I've updated the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire page with new information (well, new to this site) about the games' storyline, ability to keep track of time, items, and the Pokemon Contest.  Thanks to Palette and for some of the information.  I've also added a bunch of pokemon names from the Ruby/Sapphire games to the big pokemon list, bringing the grand total up to 30 new pokemon that we know of.  I've also added a character bio for Hazuki (the male trainer in Ruby/Sapphire who recently made an appearance in the anime) and I've updated the Jouto League pictures page.  See ya soon!

Let the world know that Arc the Lad 2 is the WORST GAME EVER!!!
September 16th, 2002

Hey, it's hard coming up with update titles...

Anyway, I have some more bios up for you guys, this time for the heros of the Pokemon Crystal Special.  So head on over to the Humans' Bios section to read the bios for Kenta, Marina, and Jun'ichi.  They took me a long time to do (especially Jun'ichi, since I had to reconstruct a bit of his body for the main picture of him), but I hope you think that they're worth it.  There's also a new Japanese episode title, as well as several dub titles

Speaking of the dub, I got a chance to catch Pokemon:  Master Quest yesterday.  The episode itself was pretty good (it actually had a plot!) and it seems that 4Kids is sticking to the same format as they did for the last season (with the akward commercial breaks).  There are two things I want to comment on--first of all, the new opening theme.  4Kids' fifth opening theme shows scenes from the fourth and fifth Japanese opening themes (sans the katakana over each pokemon's name, of course), as well as several episode clips that really stick out because of the difference in animation quality.  As for the was ok-ish, I guess.  I don't like it as much as the other two Johto openers, but they're not as bad as the Indigo/Orange Island opening themes either.  Of course, the dub can't hold a candle to "Ready Go!" but what do you expect?  The other thing I wanted to comment was the title screen.  4Kids is now using the title screens that the Japanese have been using since the first Jouto episode--a text box with slots for each of the eight gym badges.  Whey they're starting to do it NOW is beyond me, but I guess it's better late than never, huh? 

I also heard a rumor that Pokemon Encore (reruns of Pocket Monsters that airs Tuesday nights in Japan) will be put on hiatus for a while.  Can anyone confirm this?

Anyway, I want to keep going with these bios for a while until I can get some more Japanese episodes in the mail.  Yes, that's right, steps have been taken to get more episodes so that I can do more Episode Comparisons.  Once I confirm that my PayPal thingee works, I'll start selling stuff on e-bay to pay for more episodes, so don't think I've forgotten about them.  I also haven't forgotten about adding stuff to the Movie 5 section like I said I would--I'll get to it eventually.  Anyways, I'm off to study--I've got four exams this week!!!!

Attack of the Rocket's Parents!
September 9th, 2002

Sorry I haven't been able to update for a while, but I hope this will make up fo rit.  I've got a whopping four new bios for ya--Mondo, Miyamoto, On'na Boss, and Kojirou's Parents.  Other than that, I've added a small note in the Episode 38 comparison and the title of the next American episode.  That's it for now!

Edit 12:07pm ET:  Whoops, seems that the Mondo picture didn't work.  I fixed that, so all the pictures should work now.

Post-Labor Day Update
September 2nd, 2002

Have a good weekend?  I did, even though it was kinda boring.  Got to see a filler episode of Pokemon that wasn'tthe same as the others (no "trainer-of-the-day!"), the premiere of Inu-Yasha (not bad, not great, and very different from Rumika Takahashi's other works), and the hilarious special premiere of 4Kids' "Fox Box."  Anyway, here's your update:

  • Domino, 009, the Black Tulip--whatever you want to call her, she now has a bio up.  Yay.  It was kinda interesting doing research for the character and finding out that the person who does her voice in the Japanese version is the same woman who does the voice of the Japanese Tsukino Usagi/Sailor Moon. 
  • Made a small correction on the "Pokemon Turning Children Into Idiots!" page.
That's about it.  One more comment before I'm done--I've checked the schedules for the next few weeks, and happily Kids' WB! has been airing the series in order.  No complaints.  They've been doing that for the past few months, and for that I commend them.  However, I do have a bit of a problem with their schedule.  Look at the episode that's airing September't Kids' WB! have chosen an episode that didn't have the phrase "Balloon Blow-Up" in the title?  I mean, the network went so far as to rename one of the episodes because of September 11th ("A Scare in the Air" was changed to "Spirits in the Sky"), but they're going to air this episode on the one-year anniversary of the greatest terrorist attack our nation's ever faced?  Bad decision, Kids' WB!--I hope you get some angry phonecalls.  *gets off soapbox* Anyway, I hope to be able to update tomorrow.  See ya!




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